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Hash-tag CompSci: FBI grooms pre-weed teens

The FBI is launching a pilot programme to groom teenage hackers for "the mission" before said hackers start hitting the bong – or get well-paid positions at private sector companies. The pilot programme will be rolled out next autumn, reports the Financial Times (behind paywall), and will see the agency offering computer …

Computer Science GCSE male dominated, but geekettes are ready to rise

More teenagers than ever are studying computing, with a growing proportion being female, ladies, or persons of the contradictory gender. Figures from the Joint Council for Qualifications show that the new GCSE subject of Computer Science is enjoying rapid growth. It was brought in to supplement ICT (Information and …
Simon Rockman, 20 Aug 2015

South Korea mandates spyware installation on teenagers' smartphones

A law requiring the mass installation of spyware on teenagers' smartphones suggests that the frightening level of population control exercised by its neighbours in "Best Korea" has rubbed off on the Republic's administrators in Seoul. The Republic of South Korea's Communications Commission, a media regulator modeled after the …

MPs to grill Facebook: You're going to let our teens do WHAT?

Britain's MPs are set to grill Facebook after the free content ad network confirmed last week it would modify controls on the service to allow teens to share posts and photos with a much larger audience than they had done before. The move inevitably sparked concerns about the safety of youngsters online, with children's …
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Oct 2013
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Facebook TEENS EXPOSED to entire WORLD

Facebook has once again tweaked its privacy settings, so if your teenagers use the social network, it could be time for you to sit them down for a little talk. From Wednesday, Facebook users aged 13 to 17 will have the option to set the audience of their posts to "Public," meaning anyone can see them. That's something they …
Neil McAllister, 17 Oct 2013

Boffinry breakthrough OF THE DECADE: Teens 'influenced' by friends

Social networking turns teens into cigarette-smoking, booze-swilling party monsters, researchers have claimed. Groundbreaking eggheads at the University of Southern California surveyed more than 1,500 high-school students and found that they were more likely to drink or smoke if they saw pictures of their friends doing so. …
Jasper Hamill, 5 Sep 2013
Two teenage girls - one whispering in other's ear

DreamWorks spends millions on teen YouTube network

DreamWorks Animation has inked a deal to slurp teen YouTube network AwesomenessTV for up to $150m. The firm said it will hand over $33m in cash straight up for the network and make additional cash payments of up to $117m if certain agreed earnings targets are met in 2014 and 2015. Both DreamWorks and AwesomenessTV hinted that …
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Another investor pulls out of Habbo Hotel after grooming claims

Investors are pulling out of Finnish social networking firm Sulake and its teen-aimed website Habbo Hotel after revelations that Habbo was hosting illicit content. Private equity firm 3i announced today that it had left Sulake's board and was ditching its 16 per cent stake in Habbo Hotel, a social gaming network and online …
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Ofcom boss warns of low interest in 'superfast' broadband

Ofcom chief Ed Richards has warned that cash-strapped UK consumers lack enough incentive from ISPs in the country to upgrade to "superfast" broadband packages. Richards said that the virtual form of Local Loop Unbundling, dubbed VULA, needed to meet a variety of "key requirements" in order to "open up as much of the network, …
Kelly Fiveash, 9 Nov 2011
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Teens who spend time online not dorks after all – study

News today which upsets the stereotype of teenagers who spend a lot of time online or otherwise fooling with computers: rather than being lonely dorks with poor social skills who seldom leave their bedrooms, such kids are in fact more likely to get squiffy, have sex and even to take drugs than their less tech-savvy peers. The …
Lewis Page, 27 Apr 2011
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Teens who listen to music a lot are at high risk of depression

In a development which confirms what many of us perhaps knew all along, research has shown that listening to music all the time as a teenager turns you into a doleful depressive (or alternatively that being a doleful depressive teenager makes you listen to music all the time). Youngsters who read, by contrast, tend to be in …
Lewis Page, 5 Apr 2011
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Youth of today demand mobile payments

Old fogies might worry about wireless pickpockets and dead batteries, but the next generation is crying out to be able to buy stuff on their mobile phones, according to Alcatel-Lucent. The company's Youth Lab - a research arm limited to those born between 1977 and 1998 - found that almost 90 per cent of youth would happily pay …
Bill Ray, 29 Sep 2010
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American teens love texting

For years, Americans were bemused by the rest of the world's obsession with texting. After all, they had free local calls on their landlines, unlike elsewhere, and sucky cell phone calling plans. These days, SMS messages cost no more than anywhere else - and America's teenagers are fast catching up with their overseas …
Drew Cullen, 21 Apr 2010

Teen blogging is sick! (and not in a good way)

Teenagers are bored with blogging and are moving onto other public confessionals forms. In 2006 28 per cent of US teen internet users were bloggers. Now only 14 per cent blog today, with 52 per cent commenting on friends' blogs, down from 76 per cent in 2006 (source: Pew Research Center, Feb'10). Is this such a surprise? …
Drew Cullen, 4 Feb 2010
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US mums sue anti-sexting crusader

The mothers of three high-school girls threatened with child-pornography charges have fired back with a lawsuit that accuses their district attorney of retaliating against them for refusing to attend a "re-education program." The crime that George Skumanick, Jr., district attorney of Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, believes …
Rik Myslewski, 26 Mar 2009
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Shiny phones lead to rash of rash

The British Association of Dermatologists is warning that excessive mobile phone use can lead to an unsightly rash across the face and ears and wants doctors to look out for it. The problem is caused by metal cases, which are increasingly popular as fashion becomes more important than function. Rubbing nickel-heavy alloy …
Bill Ray, 16 Oct 2008
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American girls love to talk: Official

A new study of US teenagers puts mobile phones into the hands of 91 per cent of 17-year-old girls, while only 78 per cent of their male compatriots can make a mobile call. The study comes from MultiMedia Intelligence, working with Experian, and draws on data from interviews, consumer surveys and handset usage databases, …
Bill Ray, 17 Sep 2008
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Profs: Teacher-student relationships key to sex education

Researchers from Ohio and Kentucky looking into sex education in schools have discovered that "teacher-student relationships are key" to making sure that kids achieve a healthy sex life. Eric Anderman, educational-psych prof at Ohio State, and colleagues including Pamela Cupp of Kentucky carried out the research on some 700 …
Lewis Page, 5 Aug 2008

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