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Tata for now: Marks & Spencer transfers 250 tech jobs to outsourcer

Middle-class nirvana Marks & Spencer – the British purveyor of classy date-night grub and frumpy clothes – is slashing its tech supplier base and sending 250 staff to Tata Consultancy Services under an IT outsourcing accord. The High Street giant will pay a one-time "implementation cost" of £25m to offload delivery and …
Kat Hall, 10 Jan 2018

Ta-ta, security: Bungling Tata devs leaked banks' code on public GitHub repo, says IT bloke

Staff at Indian outsourcing biz Tata Consultancy Service uploaded a huge trove of financial institutions' source code and internal documents to a public GitHub repository, an IT expert has claimed. Jason Coulls, CTO of food safety testing company Tellspec and a former banking software developer, said he stumbled upon the …
Iain Thomson, 12 Jun 2017
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British Airways, IT staff job cuts, an outsourcing biz ... you get the point

Techies working at British Airways are staging a protest at the airline's corporate HQ over plans to outsource and offshore work to Tata Consultancy Services. According to the GMB trade union, which is organising a 15-minute walk from the corporation’s head office in West London to a local hotel on 29 February, all 900 of BA’s …
Paul Kunert, 25 Feb 2016
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RSA chief uncans insurance giant's mega IT infrastructure review

Interview Zurich Insurance, Europe’s third-largest insurer with $70bn in revenue and 55,000 staff, hinted last week that it might buy RSA Group. Yet six major acts of M&A have saddled RSA with 15 data centres, managed and run differently and propping up a creaking architecture. Worth £4.5bn and with 19,000 staff and 20 million customers …
Gavin Clarke, 10 Aug 2015
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Nokia axes 300 IT bods, outsources 820 to Tata, HCL

Nokia will outsource 820 IT staff and make 300 more redundant, leaving a skeleton IT operation at the troubled phone maker. Up to 560 staff will transfer to Tata Consultancy Services and 260 to HCL Technologies, both of which are headquartered in India. Nokia says it has a relationship with the pair. Only small teams will …
Team Register, 17 Jan 2013
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Vodafone and DoCoMo bundle into India

Vodafone is to spend $5bn buying out local partner Essar for control of India's second-largest operator, while DoCoMo is spending $175m to improve 3G coverage in the country. Vodafone already owns a significant stake in Essar, having paid Hutchinson Telecommunications more than $10bn for a controlling interest back in 2007. …
Bill Ray, 31 Mar 2011
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Cheeky French hackers hijack Tata website

Top flight outsourcing firm Tata Consulting Services appeared to have lost control of its website to hackers today, with the domain apparently being touted for sale. The Washington Post reported that the site had fallen prey to a DNS hijack over the weekend. A report in Times of India this morning said that hackers had …
Team Register, 8 Feb 2010

Generators and UPS fail in London datacentre outage

Tata's datacentre in the east end of London went titsup for two-hours on Thursday evening, following a power cut. Backup power systems also failed, downing servers belonging to hosting providers throughout three floors of the Stratford facility at about 5.20pm. Firms including C4L, ServerCity and Coreix were hit by the outage …

Tata threatens govt over e-car loan decision

Leccy Tech The government’s relationship with Indian car maker Tata could be turning sour, following delays over a multi-million pound e-car loan. Tata_01 Tata wants a £10m govt loan to help it build a UK e-car production line Back in April Tata applied to the government for a £10m ($16.3m/€11.6m) loan to help set-up a UK production …
Alun Taylor, 23 Jul 2009
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Tata win Child Maintenance COTS IT deal

The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission has chosen Tata Consultancy Services to build its new IT system. The commission, which took over the role of the Child Support Agency in November 2008, advertised the £50m tender last September. Stephen Geraghty, the child maintenance commissioner, said the new system will use …
Kablenet, 8 Apr 2009

Jaguar-Land Rover to develop F1-style energy recovery tech

'Leccy Tech Reg Hardware has never really shared Formula One President Max Mosley's belief that the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) technology that will be allowed in the sport from this year will filter down to road cars. Just goes to show how wrong we can be. Today, Lancashire-based transmission expert Torotrak announced it is …
Alun Taylor, 18 Mar 2009
Tata Indica Vista EV

Tata to release UK's first 'serious' electric car

'Leccy Tech Though lacking the glamour of some of the other electric cars shown at the Geneva Motor Show Tata Motors' Indica Vista EV may be the first that you will actually be able to drive because, if the mutterings around the Tata stand are to be believed, the car will be launched in Norway in September and be available to buy in major …
Alun Taylor, 10 Mar 2009

Tata launches 'public' Cisco video conferencing

Tata Communications and Cisco have opened public video conferencing rooms in London and California, meaning people in existing public rooms in India now have someone to talk to. They're working with luxury hotel group Taj and hope to rent the rooms by the hour to business people. Yesterday rooms opened in London and Santa …
John Oates, 16 Oct 2008

Capita wins NHS website contract

The Department of Health has named Capita as its preferred supplier for the NHS website - NHS Choices. The site was set up in June 2007 by Dr Foster Intelligence but the contract is up for renewal in August. It is expected that Capita will take over in Autumn this year. The site,, offers general health advice, advice …
John Oates, 17 Jul 2008
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Indian gov denied BlackBerry snoop

Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian company behind the BlackBerry handheld, has refused to give the Indian government special access to its encrypted email services. Indian authorities have previously evinced concern that terrorists or criminals might use BlackBerries to communicate free from government interception. …
Lewis Page, 27 May 2008

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