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IBM furloughs hardware workers for a week to cut costs

New IBM System and Technology Group chief Tom Rosamilia and his boss, CEO Ginni Rometty, are tightening the belts of Big Blue's hardware business so that it can make its numbers in the current or future quarter. Rumors were going around that IBM was going to put employees working in the Systems and Technology Group on furlough …
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VCE collective takes integrated systems battle down to the midrange

It is safe to say that the effort by Cisco Systems to break into the server racket with its Unified Computing System blade and rack servers nearly four years ago has succeeded much more than its rivals in the business had expected. And the Virtual Computer Environment partnership between Cisco, storage juggernaut EMC, and its …

Dell borgs CIT financing partnerships in Canada, Europe

Being an IT giant, as Dell wants to be, means controlling your own leasing and financing arm. And so Dell is taking control of the financing arms that it ran in conjunction with CIT Group in Canada, and of Dell-related assets for CIT Group's operations in Europe. CIT Group's Vendor Finance operation is one of the big names in …
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Oracle cash grows on new licenses, hardware

It looks like Larry Ellison's net worth is set to go up some more. And maybe yours too, if you own Oracle stock. The software giant and recent hardware company turned in its numbers for its third quarter of fiscal 2011 today, and the numbers were solid. Oracle said that overall revenues in the quarter ended February 28 rose by …

Oracle defies HP and IBM with 47% revenue leap

If you were thinking that that acquisition of Sun Microsystems was going to drag Oracle down financially, you were wrong. That means you, Hewlett-Packard. And especially you, IBM . In the quarter ended November 30, Oracle's overall revenues were up 47 per cent, to $8.58bn, and not just because of the addition of Sun's hardware …

Oracle outlines Ellisonized Sparc roadmap

Oracle unveiled an overview of its Sparc plans on Tuesday, and in doing so proved to anyone not yet convinced that things are different in the Sun Microsystem universe now that Larry Ellison & Co have taken charge. If the past decade has taught us anything, it is that Sun Microsystems was a little too cavalier and ambitious …
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Grey beards seize power at Big Blue

In the wake of reporting IBM's second quarter financial results yesterday afternoon, Sam Palmisano, the company's president, chief executive officer, and chairman sent an email to all the employees saying that Big Blue was reorganizing its operations to better reflect the modern IT world. In the moves announced yesterday, a …
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Using systems management tools in IT security

Workshop Every IT professional recognises the importance of securing the IT systems that are now at the heart of many business processes. This recognition goes beyond simple deployment of security technologies. As Register readers have told us, drivers such as compliance with regulatory pressures, minimising financial risks, securing …
Tony Lock, 11 May 2010
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Fujitsu puts systems chief at helm

Since last September, struggling IT supplier Fujitsu has been trying to right itself and do so without a president, with double-duty falling on the shoulders of Michiyoshi Mazuka, the company's chairman. But Fujitsu has now tapped an executive who has run several Fujitsu divisions and who currently runs its systems business, …
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Ellison: Sunacle is an IBM killer

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison plans to combine Sun Microsystems hardware - all of it - with Oracle software to take over the enterprise-computing world. "I would like us to be the successor to IBM," he told a business and technology forum Monday night in San José, California. But not today's IBM, he emphasized. "We want to be T.J …
Rik Myslewski, 22 Sep 2009
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IBM iron predicts the future

Back in May, at its annual day to preach to IT and Wall Street analysts, IBM laid out is vision for providing real-time, predictive analytic systems that will allow managers to take longer lunches and take credit for ideas that are not their own. Well, something like that. IBM wants to take control over the business analytics …
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DARPA working on inertial-nav 'Smart Boot' tech

Elite Pentagon deathnerds have just awarded a contract for development of a highly accurate inertial navigation module which will fit in the heel of a shoe. Massachusetts sensors'n'tracking company Intersense were chuffed to announce the deal this week, in which the firm will work with Case Western university to deliver tiny …
Lewis Page, 14 May 2009
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DARPA to develop anti-Credit Crunch software

DARPA, the famed Pentagon boffinry bureau occasionally beset by marble-localisation issues, has struck again. This time, the agency seems to be seeking new mathematical tools which could - among other things - prevent any future collapses of global capitalism. The new project comes to us under the name "Survivability of …
Lewis Page, 7 May 2009
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Sun: Let us now praise the ponytail

The end of Sun Microsystems as an independent systems company has been met with a mixture of "I told you so" and "good riddance". But as someone who spent plenty of time at Sun over the past decade - including the dot com years - I wonder if anyone could have played a better hand? Schwartz and McNealy succeeded in stemming the …
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Apr 2009
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Hefty IT prof develops robot to check that robots are safe

A Turing-awardwinner* boffin in the States says he has developed new software which can test the safety of computer-controlled railways, air-traffic systems, hospital intensive-care monitors, enormous 600-tonne godzilla lorries and such like - all the many kinds of smart machinery which can kill people. Automated "roundabout" …
Lewis Page, 21 Apr 2009

Apple muffles PC noisemakers

A pair of Apple filings published Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office aim to lessen the annoyance provoked by your PC's various and sundry noise-making components by letting you take control of how it sounds. The first filing focuses on determining a user's opinion of various annoying sounds, then ameliorating them …
Rik Myslewski, 10 Apr 2009
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Brit forces get hoverstare ducted-fan droid

The British armed forces are purchasing innovative backpackable ducted-fan hoverbots, intending to use them for checking ahead of ground convoys on the dangerous roads and tracks of Afghanistan. In you go, little guy - we're right behind you. The machines in question are the well-known Honeywell Micro Air Vehicle (MAV), …
Lewis Page, 15 Jan 2009
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Demise of British tank industry foretold admitted

Comment Oh woe! The country which invented the tank (Blighty) may soon no longer have a tank industry! The end of yet another era is at hand. It's just like Concorde! And the Vulcan, Lightning, etc. Let gloom be unconfined - Santa won't be bringing any more British tanks for Christmas in years to come. Or so says the British tank …
Lewis Page, 30 Dec 2008

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