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Warning! Black Helicopters

SILENCE of the OWLS may mean real-life 'Whisper Mode' for Black Helicopters

Topflight boffins say they may be able to plumb the secrets of silently-flying owls and use them to make all sorts of wing and propeller machinery - planes, helicopters, wind turbines, even submarines - much quieter than they are today. "Owls possess no fewer than three distinct physical attributes that are thought to …
Lewis Page, 25 Nov 2013
The X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System at its rollout ceremony

Top guns doomed as US Navy demos first carrier-launched drone

The US Navy has successfully completed the first carrier launch of its unmanned X47B drone, a programmable stealth strike aircraft with a range of 2,100 miles and the skills to allow automatic in-flight refueling, which could give it global reach. #BREAKING: #USNavy history is made! Was airborne at 11:18A. More to come. MT @ …
Iain Thomson, 14 May 2013
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UK's first stealth jumpjet rolls off line – but we don't want it

The first ever supersonic stealth jumpjet to be built for the British armed forces has rolled off the assembly line. There's just one snag: Britain decided last year that it would no longer have jumpjets, meaning that the aircraft will never serve with the Royal Navy or RAF. Regular readers will no doubt recall that ever …
Lewis Page, 24 Nov 2011
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Secret US 'Jedi' ghost-copters kept out of bin Laden raid

The top-secret "Stealth Hawk" helicopters aboard which elite US Navy SEAL operatives travelled into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden were by no means the most sophisticated aircraft available, according to a new book on the operation. Apparently, even stealthier "Ghost Hawks" - also known as "Jedi rides" - were kept out of the …
Lewis Page, 8 Nov 2011

Unisys gets 'stealthy' with secure virtual terminal

Rich people and public sector workers can now get the kind of network security that used to be reserved for military organizations. Unisys is known mostly for its ClearPath mainframes and various outsourcing and other services that it sells to financial, transportation, and retail companies and various governments that buy its …
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Sweden rolls out invisible infrared tank

Engineers in Sweden have announced the development of a prototype tank which is covered in "pixels" that enable it to disappear from thermal images – or to disguise itself as something else. The "Adaptiv" system, funded by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), covers the test vehicle in hexagonal panels whose …
Lewis Page, 5 Sep 2011
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US Air Force in a seriously stealthless state

The US Air Force has been left seriously short of stealth capacity following the grounding of its F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters (JSFs), while its F-22 Raptor fleet has been stuck on the tarmac since May. The US's entire stealth aircraft capability currently comprises just 20 operational B-2 Spirit bombers. The USAF …
Lester Haines, 10 Aug 2011
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Massive US rocket sends top-secret cargo into space

The US intelligence services have launched a large secret payload into space using one of the most powerful rockets currently available, a mighty Delta IV Heavy, which took off for the first time from the west coast last night. Detail of Delta IV Heavy NROL-32 awaiting launch from Vandenberg AFB SLC-6. Credit: ULA Soon to be …
Lewis Page, 21 Jan 2011
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Supersonic stealth jumpjet in first hover-system flight test

Vid The world's first supersonic stealth jumpjet, the F-35B, has belatedly begun flight tests of its vertical-thrust technology - much of which is from Blighty. The radical plane is intended to replace the famous Harrier in the services of many nations, including the UK. Here's a vid of the test aircraft trying out its downward- …
Lewis Page, 12 Jan 2010
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Nuke-bunker-nobbling US megabomb delayed

Efforts by the US military to equip the batwinged B-2 "Spirit" Stealth bomber with a huge penetrator weapon - suitable for use against underground Iranian nuclear facilities - have been delayed. B2 stealth bomber Flying the unfriendly skies in 2011? The Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) is a huge, 14-tonne steel pencil …
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2009
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V-22 Osprey, stealth jumpjet 'need refrigerated landing pads'

It's now official. The new generation of high-tech hovering aircraft - namely the famous V-22 "Osprey" tiltrotor and the upcoming F-35B supersonic stealth jump-jet - have an unforeseen flaw. Their exhaust downwash is so hot as to melt the flight decks of US warships, leading Pentagon boffins to look into refrigerated landing …
Lewis Page, 17 Nov 2009
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Latest Navy carrier madness: 'Sell 'em to India'

Analysis Yet another scheme by the MoD for cutting costs on the Royal Navy's new aircraft carriers has surfaced in the media, with claims now being aired that one of the two ships might be sold to India. The Guardian reports that India "has recently lodged a firm expression of interest to buy one of the two state-of-the-art 65,000 …
Lewis Page, 17 Nov 2009
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First ever supersonic stealth jumpjet starts hover tests at last

The world's first supersonic stealth jumpjet, intended to replace the famous Harrier in British, US and other forces worldwide, has arrived at the American airbase where it will finally begin to flight-test its vertical-lift and hover capabilities. F-35B doors open from below. Credit: JSF Program Doors open - but nothing …
Lewis Page, 16 Nov 2009
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'F-22 Raptor stealth coatings are crap' case goes to court

Updated A former Lockheed stealth-tech engineer has alleged that radar-invisibility coatings on the USA's F-22 "Raptor" ultrasuperfighter are "defective", and that Lockheed supplied them knowing that this was the case. It has now been confirmed that Darrol Olsen's whistleblower lawsuit will be heard in federal court. An F-22 Raptor …
Lewis Page, 13 Nov 2009
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UK to build robot stealth raygun jet/copter

Aerospace firms are competing for a "classified" UK MoD contract to build a robotic military stealth aircraft which would be able to hover like a helicopter or fold its rotors and fly as an aeroplane. The "novel air concept" would be able to operate "within urban canyons" and deploy radical new weapons such as microwave or laser …
Lewis Page, 10 Nov 2009
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Royal Navy to get two carriers - but only one air group?

Analysis The British press is full of reports today that the Royal Navy has agreed to "give up" one of its planned two aircraft carriers - or, more accurately, to give up one of the planned air-groups of F-35 stealth fighters which are intended to fly from them. The revelations stem from a story in the Times, which claims that a firm …
Lewis Page, 26 Oct 2009
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Ford says new Taurus 'is fitted with stealth fighter radar'

US motor mammoth Ford have made a bizarre claim to have incorporated radar technology from the renowned F-22 Raptor - the most secret, most expensive fighter plane in the world - into a new mid-range family car. Amazingly the claim has been accepted without question by the BBC. An F-22 Raptor carries out a supersonic flyby …
Lewis Page, 15 Sep 2009
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Earthquake-squelching, sonar-invisible 'active cloak' unfurled

Boffins in America have violated every rule of Invisibility Club by stating that their astounding new "active cloaking" research has nothing to do with Harry Potter or Star Trek. "It's a brand new method of cloaking," says Utah Uni maths prof Graeme Milton. "Real objects could be cloaked. It's called active cloaking, which …
Lewis Page, 17 Aug 2009

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