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Victorian cops collar camera cooker

The E-Crime Squad of Victoria Police has arrested a 36-year-old man for tampering with infringement data from red light cameras and speed cameras. The police allege the unnamed man, from the suburb of Craigeburn, altered more than 67,000 infringement records. In its statement, the Victorian police says it was investigating …
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Oxfordshire cops switch speed cameras back on

Oxfordshire police have turned speed cameras back on as others throughout England switch theirs off, prompting questions as to whether senior police and county council figures are playing politics. Last August, following the withdrawal of central government funds, Oxfordshire made motoring history by being the first county to …
Jane Fae , 1 Apr 2011
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South Yorks police leads UK in use of ANPR cameras

Figures released by the government show large variations in the use of automatic numberplate recognition cameras by police forces. Home Office minister James Brokenshire released the figures in response to a parliamentary question from Labour MP Brian Donohoe. The numbers show that 4,225 cameras were connected by police forces …
Kable, 19 Jan 2011
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Labour moots using speed cameras to reward law-abiding drivers

The new shadow transport minister has suggested that the country's network of average speed cameras could be used to monitor and reward careful drivers with prizes, cheaper car tax, or by deducting penalty points from their licence. Conscious that her party was perceived as anti-motorist when in government, Angela Eagle …
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London tenders for speed cameras

Transport for London has published a tender for the provision of average speed cameras for a project it plans to trial. The cameras will be used to "enforce average speed limits in urban areas", according to the notice published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 10 August 2010. A spokesperson for the department …
Kable, 13 Aug 2010
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Northern Ireland gets upgraded spycams

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is planning to spend some of £12.9m in additional government security funding on automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras. A spokesperson for the service told GC News that due to security reasons it could not reveal the exact amount being spent on ANPR or any other details …
Kable, 12 Aug 2010
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Cutbacks strip speed cameras from Blighty's roads

The proposition that speed cameras improve road safety looks likely to be severely crash-tested this summer, as government cutbacks make the likelihood of some counties becoming camera-free zones a near certainty. According to the Guardian, all 72 fixed speeding cameras in Oxfordshire are likely to disappear as the county …
Jane Fae , 26 Jul 2010
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Highways Agency plans new speed cameras

England's road agency will spend around £58m over four years on digital cameras, primarily to monitor variable speed limits. The cameras ordered may also be used to measure average speeds, as well as monitor hard shoulder running, closed lanes and temporary speed enforcement. Equipment will have to undergo "extensive …
Kable, 22 Sep 2009
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Lies, damned lies and government statistics

Apparently statistics are all down to personal opinion. Except, of course, when you are a government spokesperson, in which case they are the gospel truth. Despite expert evidence – and public exposure - that the “official estimate” of casualty reduction due to speed cameras is seriously overestimated, the Department for …
Jane Fae , 8 Aug 2008
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El Reg tells you what the Highway Code can't

This week’s big motoring news has to be Swindon Borough Council’s decision to look again at the use of speed cameras. Or is it? El Reg is not so sure, as we explain below. Meanwhile, peculiar parking practices continue to hit the headlines. Red faces all round in Torbay, where one parking enforcement officer attempted to tell …
Jane Fae , 18 Jul 2008
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BMW helps nail 105mph V-sign biker

A 45-year-old biker who thought it was a bright idea to give speed cameras the two-finger treatment while travelling at up to 105mph, on the grounds that his visor was obscuring his face and he had no registration plate on the front of his BMW, has been banned for a year, The Telegraph reports. Bus driver Philip Coffey appeared …
Lester Haines, 17 May 2007
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'Traffic Taliban' moots speed cameras in cats' eyes

North Wales Police's anti-speeding campaigner Richard Brunstrom - aka the "Traffic Taliban" to those who oppose his zero-tolerance approach to excess velocity - has suggested the possibility of deploying miniature speed cameras in cats' eyes, the BBC reports. Brunstrom used a debate road safety at St Asaph Business Park, …
Lester Haines, 27 Apr 2007

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