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Tech giants flash Russia their code blueprints in exchange for access

Cisco, IBM, HP, McAfee and SAP are among plenty of western technology companies that have been showing their source code to Russian authorities in exchange for the right to sell their products in the country. Documents seen by Reuters state that in the past three years, the Russian FSB (what used to be called the KGB) and its …
Iain Thomson, 24 Jun 2017
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Big Blue lets Chinese government eyeball source code – report

IBM has reportedly granted Beijing controlled looking rights to its proprietary source code to allow government officials to scrutinise the software for spook backdoors. The move comes some 12 years since Microsoft brought in its Government Security Program, to allow nations outside of the US to eyeball its code. According to …
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Oct 2015
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Facebook: Your code sucks, and we don't even have to run it to tell

Facebook has released the source code to Infer, its static analysis tool, under the open source BSD license. Static analysis tools like Infer are used as a complement to traditional dynamic software testing by scanning the source code of software to spot trouble spots without actually executing the code. In a Thursday blog …
Neil McAllister, 11 Jun 2015

Proprietary OS source code LEAKED to web – from 40 years ago

Forty years after Gary Kildall released the first version of CP/M, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California has made the source code to several versions of the landmark eight-bit OS available as a free download from its website. The code, which is written in a combination of assembly language and Kildall's …
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As WinXP death looms, Microsoft releases its operating system SOURCE CODE for free

Retro-computing fans got a treat on Tuesday when Microsoft donated the source code of MS DOS 1.1 and 2 to the Computer History Museum (CHM), along with the first version of Word for Windows. "Version 1.1 fits an entire operating system – limited as it was – into only 12KB of memory, which is tiny compared to today's software …
Iain Thomson, 25 Mar 2014
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Robbing a bank? Carberp toolkit now available for just $5k

Cybercrooks are selling the source code for the Carberp banking Trojan toolkit through underground forums - at just $5,000 a pop. The sale of the building blocks for the banking Trojan toolkit is a sign of "conflict within the team", according to Andrey Komarov of Russian security firm Group-IB. "Some of the members would …
John Leyden, 18 Jun 2013
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Symantec source code leak becomes torrent

Hacktivists once again poked fun at Symantec after previously leaked source code for Symantec's Norton Utilities 2006 software was made available as a torrent on Monday. Symantec downplayed the significance of the leak, saying it only involved obsolete code that had already been exposed. AntiSec tacked a mocking note onto the …
John Leyden, 26 Sep 2012

VMware confirms ESX source code had been stolen and published

VMware has confirmed that software posted online is part of the source code for its ESX hypervisor and has warned that more code could be released. The code was posted by a hacker calling himself Hardcore Charlie and may come from military contractor China National Import & Export Corp (CEIEC), which he claimed to have …
Iain Thomson, 25 Apr 2012
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Symantec downplays source-code trophy theft

Symantec has confirmed earlier versions of its anti-virus source code have leaked, following a security breach of what the company said was the network of a "third party entity" rather than their own. The admission follow claims by an Indian hacking group that it had accessed source code used in the company's flagship Norton …
John Leyden, 6 Jan 2012
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Nearly half of top UK firms do not use software escrow

Almost half of the 350 most valuable listed companies in the UK do not have software escrow agreements in place to give them access to technology if a supplier goes bust, according to an escrow services company. NCC Group has said that just 189 of the FTSE-350 group of listed firms have escrow agreements in place, meaning that …
OUT-LAW.COM, 27 Oct 2010
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1984's MacPaint source code hits web

Apple has donated the source code of the groundbreaking graphics app, MacPaint, to Silicon Valley's Computer History Museum, located in Mountain View, California. Accompanying MacPaint is the source code for its underlying graphics-display library, QuickDraw. You can download both from the Computer History Museum here — and …
Rik Myslewski, 21 Jul 2010
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Software engineer demands source of his speeding collar

Updated A US software engineer hopes to beat a speeding ticket by challenging the accuracy of the computerized radar gun used to snare him. Michael Felch has been granted a request by a Florida court hearing his case for the source code on the LTI 20/20 radar gun that was used in his collar to be turned over for his examination. …
Gavin Clarke, 2 Apr 2010
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German developers forge Iron from Chrome

German developers had developed a cut-down version of Chrome that doesn't send usage data back to the Google mothership. Iron is aimed at punters who like Chrome's fast JavaScript engine but baulk at the search giant's policies for collecting usage data. SRWare forged Iron by taking out all the features privacy-sensitive …
John Leyden, 26 Sep 2008
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Mule sought for mysterious Chinese delivery

The Free Software Foundation is asking for someone travelling back from China to bring a small package back with them, presumably leading to some interesting questions at airport security. The request, posted at the top of the web site, simply asks if anyone travelling to Boston from Shanghai or Beijing could possibly …
Bill Ray, 7 Aug 2008
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Facebook throws open developer fund compo

Facebook is offering grants to developers making applications for the social networking site - entries must be in by 29 August. A total of $10m is available in grants of $25,000 or $250,000. Round 1 will give 25 applicants grants of $25,000. Round 2, contested by the winners of Round 1, will give grants of $250,000 to the top …
John Oates, 5 Aug 2008
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Multics source code released into the wild

M.I.T.'s Information Services and Technology organization has released the source code of MULTICS, a decades-old OS and important forebear of modern day operating systems. Although there are no systems in operation today that could run MULTICS, the code release may serve as a fascinating research tool for computer scientists …
Austin Modine, 14 Nov 2007

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