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Microsoft 'restores' Sidekick contacts, sort of

Microsoft has told Sidekick customers who lost their data following an extremely humiliating server breakdown that some contacts have now been restored. However, the software vendor hasn't recovered photos, notes, to-do lists, high scores or other data for Sidekick users yet. Microsoft said it was working "around the clock" …
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Oct 2009
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Danger lurks in the clouds

Comment The failure of Microsoft to safeguard data synchronised from Danger's Sidekick devices on T-Mobile's network has thrown up important questions about cloud-based storage, along with insufferable smugness from iPhone owners. Most cloud-based services aimed at consumers are still on the backup side of things, offering to hold a …
Bill Ray, 18 Oct 2009
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MS says so sorry to Sidekick users

Microsoft has apologised for the failure of servers managing data on Sidekick devices, and promised that most customers will get their data back by Saturday. In an open letter Roz Ho, VP of Premium Mobile Experiences at Microsoft, apologises for the "recent problems". She then claims that "most, if not all" of the data has …
Bill Ray, 15 Oct 2009
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T-Mobile takes on patsy role in Microsoft Sidekick fallout

T-Mobile plans to compensate all Sidekick customers who lost their data following the extremely embarrassing server outage at Microsoft’s subsidiary company Danger on 2 October. The telecoms giant, which markets and distributes the device, is offering Sidekick users who suffered a “significant and permanent” loss of personal …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Oct 2009
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Microsoft sees no silver lining in Sidekick server snafu

A major server outage at Microsoft's subsidiary firm Danger, which provides Sidekick data services to T-Mobile customers, has forced the company to admit that many of its users have lost personal information that was stored on the system. T-Mobile published a miserable apology on Saturday, in which it said that Microsoft/ …
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Oct 2009

Microsoft mobiles spied online?

Images of two handsets purportedly designed by Microsoft have appeared online, fuelling rumours that the software giant is preparing to dip its mighty toes into the mobile phone market. Microsoft_Turtle Microsoft's Turtle - taking design cues from the Pré? One of the handsets – thought to be called Turtle – looks very like …
James Sherwood, 24 Sep 2009
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Paris loses her BlackBerry in Cannes hotel

The cream of Hollywood is living in fear of crank phonecalls and other virtual assaults after Paris Hilton lost her BlackBerry while cavorting at the Cannes film festival in the early hours of this morning. The telephonically-challenged heiress was spotted looking distraught by the Daily Mail in the immediate aftermath of the …
Joe Fay, 22 May 2009

Microsoft phone coming Zune?

Second only to Barack Obama's lack of US citizenship, the Rumor That Refuses to Die award rightfully belongs to the Microsoft Zune Phone - and today a date was finally ascribed to that elusive hardware's release. According to Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research, as quoted by Barron's, the release of the iPhone competitor …
Rik Myslewski, 9 Dec 2008

T-Mobile leak reveals latest Sidekick

The Sidekick handset's been released in so many versions that we’re starting to get confused. Now it’s come to light that another model’s set to slide onto the market within two weeks. According to a report by BGR, the latest model is called, ingeniously, the Sidekick 2008. The website’s managed to lay its hands on, what looks …
James Sherwood, 17 Jul 2008

Skateboarding Sidekick slated for release

It's rumoured that another Sidekick handset is being prepped for an unveiling tomorrow, with the latest design being hawked by legendary sidewalk surfer Tony Hawk. According to a story on website Boy Genius Report, the Motorola-made phone features a skateboarding look and feel. We don’t know if that means that some tiny wheels …

RIM out to patent BlackBerry slider

What do you get if you mesh a dual-orientation handset together with a slide-out keyboard and a tracker ball? Potentially, the next BlackBerry from Research in Motion (RIM), if its latest patent application is anything to go by. RIM Blackberry slider patent RIM to add a slide-out keyboard to the BlackBerry? The patent, …

MacBook Air not snazzy enough? Get it crystalised

Established bling merchant Crystal Icing has already added glass-made sparklies to many gadgets, so it was probably just a matter of time before it turned its glue-gun onto Apple’s MacBook Air. Macbook_air_bling Crystal Ice's Air: would you do this to your MacBook? The service is available to all, but the company told …
James Sherwood, 28 Feb 2008

T-Mobile suspends Sidekick Slide sales

T-Mobile has suspended sales of its recently unveiled launched Sidekick Slide handset, following reports of power faults on the device. T-Mobile Sidekick Slide mobile phone Sidekick Slide: its sliding face has been causing power problems Currently, the announcement has only been made by T-Mobile USA. The handset is still …
James Sherwood, 19 Nov 2007

T-Mobile UK slides out latest Sidekick

T-Mobile last night unveiled the Sidekick Slide, the first handset in the consumer-friendly email gadget range to appear since T-Mobile cut its ties with Sharp and signed up Motorola as a manufacturer. Sidekick_slide_closed T-Mobile's Sidekick Slide: big, slide-up screen The quad-band GSM/GPRS/Edge phone, pictures of …
James Sherwood, 25 Oct 2007

Sidekick-style Motorola handset spied on web?

Speculation surrounding the release of Motorola's alleged Sidekick -style handset, aka Zante, took a leap forward this week, following the release of some glamorous pictures and - it has to be said - a somewhat iffy spec sheet. According the Zante spec sheet currently doing the rounds online, the handset looks set to be …

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