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Brit polar vessel christened RRS Sir David Attenborough

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) has announced that its shiny new £200m, 15,000 tonne polar research ship will be named RRS Sir David Attenborough, in honour of the Brit naturalist and broadcaster. The RRS Sir David Attenborough. Pic: NERC While a public vote overwhelmingly came down in favour of dubbing the …
Lester Haines, 6 May 2016
Orion on the launch pad

It was space vs boat at Orion launch. The boat won

Mars wannabe spacecraft Orion got stuck on the ground at Cape Canaveral after a number of delays to its scheduled launch. The first test flight of NASA’s new human-carrying space shuttle has been beset by problems, including a boat that wandered into the red zone, a “second stage propellant conditioning issue”, and finally, …
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Royal Marines' semi-hovership prototype launched

A prototype high-speed landing craft - using a novel British design halfway between a catamaran and a hovercraft - has been launched. The "PACSCAT" (Partial Air Cushion Supported CATamaran) design is intended for service with the Royal Marines. The prototype PACSCAT hover-cat debuts. Credit:QinetiQ Per Mare Per Terram - …
Lewis Page, 12 Oct 2009
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ESA to develop cargo-lander space podule

The European Space Agency (ESA) is to build a space capsule capable of bringing cargoes down safely from orbit as well as taking them up, according to reports. A development of the current "Jules Verne" unmanned cargo module used to supply the International Space Station, the planned Advanced Reentry Vehicle (ARV) could lead in …
Lewis Page, 10 Jul 2009
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US sinks $0.5bn into electromagnetic aircraft-throwers

The Pentagon has awarded a half-billion-dollar contract for the building of a radical new electromagnetic catapult, intended to hurl US Navy jets off future aircraft carriers and into the sky. The new tech could also be used to hugely enhance Britain's planned new carriers - but it's becoming more and more likely that these will …
Lewis Page, 3 Jul 2009
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Blighty's jumpjets under threat in MoD budget wrangle?

The UK Ministry of Defence has declined to confirm that the nation's fleet of Harrier jumpjets will stay in service until their replacements arrive, fuelling speculation that the Harrier force will be the latest victim of ongoing defence budget problems. The Sunday Times reported again at the weekend that the head of the RAF, …
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2008
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NASA inks deal for ISS plasma drive tests

Plans to test a super-efficient plasma space drive aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have been confirmed. The Ad Astra Rocket Company, which is developing the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR), has announced the signing of an agreement for the tests with NASA. The view from the ISS The ISS - …
Lewis Page, 17 Dec 2008
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Germany tests tadpole airship

Vid A German-American company has successfully tested a prototype unmanned airship of weird and wonderful design. The so-called "Stratellite" craft is composed of gas-filled segments linked in a chain, so it can flex and bend with the wind. Here's a company flight-test vid (you need Flash and YouTube privileges to see it): …
Lewis Page, 12 Dec 2008
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MoD kit chief: Blighty unsure of supersonic stealth jumpjet

The head equipment purchaser at the UK's ministry of defence (MoD) has implied that Britain maintains an open mind on whether it will purchase the new F-35B supersonic stealth jumpjet to operate from its new aircraft carriers. General Sir Kevin O'Donoghue, Chief of Defence Materiel, seemed to confirm that there was a backup plan …
Lewis Page, 27 Nov 2008
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NASA: Soyuz 'ballistic' re-entries are fixed

Russian engineers believe they have rectified snags which have seen Soyuz spacecraft returning from orbit take up dangerous "ballistic" trajectories recently. The Soyuz is likely to be the only craft capable of carrying humans into space for the first half of the next decade. Aviation Week reports that NASA associate …
Lewis Page, 23 Sep 2008
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Miracle airship tech sustained by DARPA pork trickle

A Ukrainian airship visionary based in California has won further US military funding to develop his miraculous "Aeroscraft" sky-leviathan design. However, some question marks remain over the craft's unique - almost miraculous - buoyancy-control technology. Aeros Aeronautical Systems Corp announced last week that it had been …
Lewis Page, 22 Sep 2008
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NASA chief blasts US space policy in leaked email

An internal email from NASA chief Mike Griffin has been leaked to the media. It expresses Griffin's frustration with recent US space policy, says that White House oversight offices have waged a "jihad" against the space shuttle, and offers a gloomy view of the future. The email was obtained at the weekend by the Orlando …
Lewis Page, 8 Sep 2008
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McCain: Keep Shuttle flying, don't trust Russia

Presidential contender John McCain and two other bigshot Republican senators have written to George Bush urging that NASA keep the Space Shuttle fleet alive beyond 2010. The politicians are concerned about US reliance on Russia for manned space transport in the early years of the next decade. According to the Orlando Sentinel …
Lewis Page, 27 Aug 2008

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