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Scroogle: Dear Google, we're not bots, we're HUMAN

A not-for-profit search engine that serves up a privacy-friendly version of Google has been out of action for much of today. Scroogle, which has routinely been scraping the Chocolate Factory's search results since 2002 in very workmanlike fashion, sported an error message announcing that it was down for most of the day. " …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Feb 2012
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Plus is king now: Google shutters more products

Larry Page's first nine months as the second-time-around Google CEO has been defined by his attempts to cut out the rot at Mountain View while pollinating the company's entire online estate with social goo. That effort continued on two fronts late last week. First, Google confirmed it was axing six more of its products. …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Jan 2012
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Linux Mint moves to Gnome 3, keeps Gnome 2 MATEy

The forthcoming release of Linux Mint will see it shift to the Gnome 3 desktop for the first time, but it will continue to support Gnome 2 users with a separate root, and has a shell to ease the transition between the platforms. The Linux Mint team does see Gnome 3 as the way forward, it explained in a blog post, but …
Iain Thomson, 7 Nov 2011
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Google: We're not pushing our gear over rivals

Eric Schmidt claimed in a letter to the US Senate's antitrust subcommittee that Google's huge array of web properties are not "separate products and services" offered by the company. The Chocolate Factory's chairman made that assertion in a follow-up missive to questions lobbed at him during his testimony to on Capitol Hill in …
Kelly Fiveash, 7 Nov 2011
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Baidu rejigs business units, operations boss quits

China's number one search engine is restructuring its business operations and has let go of its senior veep Shen Haoyu for "personal reasons". It plans to shake up its sales, commercial operations, user products and technologies, and commercial products and technologies divisions. The company said in a statement that it would …
Kelly Fiveash, 8 Jul 2011
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Eight New Yorkers sue Baidu for $16m

Baidu is being sued by eight New York residents, who filed a lawsuit yesterday against the company accusing the search engine of censoring internet information in collusion with the People's Republic. According to Reuters, the complaint claims violation of the US Constitution. It names Baidu and, unusually, the Chinese …
Kelly Fiveash, 19 May 2011

Feds arrest man who juiced Google's 'just be evil' search

Federal authorities on Monday arrested a website operator accused of selling counterfeit eyeglasses who subjected customers to foul-mouthed tirades when they complained about the quality of the goods. “GO FUCK YOURSELF COCKSUCKER ... I pee on your negative [comments]” Vitaly Borker, 34, of Brooklyn, New York, allegedly wrote …
Dan Goodin, 6 Dec 2010
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Dutch twaddle-prof lambasts Google Scholar

A Dutch prof says that search engines - in particular Google's academic-paper search function, Google Scholar - have become "significant co-producers of academic knowledge", and that this is a Bad Thing because nobody knows how they work. "Automated search systems developed by commercial Internet giants like Google tap into …
Lewis Page, 26 Nov 2010
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Baidu begins search for Silicon Valley talent

Baidu reportedly plans to hire software engineers from the US in an effort to pick up more technology prowess outside of China where it dominates the local search market. The decision comes as Google agreed late yesterday to stop redirecting its China web servers to Hong Kong, after Beijing authorities threatened to pull the …
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jun 2010
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Google search piles on pounds of facts to score fat dollar

Google has tweaked how its results are displayed in its recently overhauled search engine in a move to keep users on its web pages for longer. Exactly a year since the company launched Google Squared, which is the Mountain View Chocolate Factory’s attempt at structured data search, Google has rolled out new features to take …
Kelly Fiveash, 13 May 2010
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Microsoft tickles Bing with feather duster

Microsoft has given its Bing search engine a spring clean and added status data from geolocation outfit Foursquare into its maps service as an app. This is Redmond's first big upgrade to Bing since it debuted in June last year, when it replaced Microsoft's clunky old Live Search offering. Since then the company has been …
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Mar 2010

Google graduates social stalking tool

Google's social network stalking aid has graduated from the company's experimental Labs site to prime-time on In the next few days, with its Social Search tool, Google will let English-language users scour for publicly-available content produced by friends and online contacts . To use social search, users need to …
Austin Modine, 28 Jan 2010
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Berserker Bing bots bring down Perl network

Misfiring Microsoft search bots managed to render a site used by Perl Testers almost unusable last week. A post on the CPAN Testers' blog reports that its servers were being scanned by "20-30 bots every few seconds", resulting in what developers likened to a denial of service attack. The IP addresses of the bots - which failed …
John Leyden, 19 Jan 2010
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EC sets deadline for Microsoft bid to buy Yahoo! search biz

Antitrust officials in Brussels have set a provisional deadline of 19 February to either greenlight or kibosh Microsoft's bid to buy Yahoo!'s search engine business. The European Commission confirmed the date in a list of planned mergers currently being mulled by competition watchdogs that was published yesterday. "The …
Kelly Fiveash, 19 Jan 2010
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Google deepens search pockets

Google has slotted anchor links into some search engine results to help users more quickly find what they’re looking for when looking up a complex query. "We've enhanced the search snippet with two new features that make it easier to find information buried deep within a page," said Google’s Chris Kern in a blog post on Friday …
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Sep 2009
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Microsoft's Bing in travel trouble

Microsoft's Bing has run in to trouble for allegedly looking too much like a smaller rival's search service., an airline search engine, has complained to Microsoft that the look and feel of Bing's travel service looks too much like its own, and that this will confuse users. "We have contacted them through official …
Gavin Clarke, 25 Jun 2009
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Bing zings, but for how long?

Microsoft’s Bing bubble apparently hasn’t burst yet - stats released yesterday show the firm’s revamped search engine upped its share of paid clicks by 13 per cent following its launch earlier this month. Analysis outfit Efficient Frontier spun out the data on Tuesday, but added the numbers didn’t really reveal all that much …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Jun 2009
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Bing boxes off mucky vids

Bing has altered the way it serves up video content to counter criticism that it was making it too easy to see unsavoury material. We know - unsavoury material on the internet? Who knew? But the difference with Bing is that it serves up preview windows when you do a video search. If your mouse passes over one of these windows …
John Oates, 15 Jun 2009

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