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Purdue University

SCC team profile In five years of Student Cluster Challenge (SCC) action at the annual Supercomputing Conference, Purdue has yet to hoist the championship trophy over their collective heads. (There isn’t a championship trophy, but there should be.) They’ve had an impact, winning the Green Award for most flops/watt in 2008 and 2009, but they …
Dan Olds, 1 Nov 2011
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University of Colorado

SCC Team Profile The Colorado Buffaloes are one of five teams returning to the fifth annual Student Cluster Challenge in Seattle next month during SC11. Like Purdue, Colorado has participated in every challenge but has yet to take home the gold medal. (There aren’t any gold medals awarded. Pity.) The Buffaloes have won some awards and plaudits …
Phil Mitchell, 1 Nov 2011

Boston University

SCC team profile Boston University is another first-time SC11 Student Cluster Challenge competitor. The application submitted by the BU Terriers made me laugh out loud – it was very well written and genuinely funny. This team has personality, and it’ll be great to have them in Seattle. They’re not so great on the follow through, however; not …
Dan Olds, 1 Nov 2011

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

SCC Team Profile: Lending a tropical air to the SC11 Student Cluster Challenge are the Rainforest Eagles from Costa Rica’s Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (ITCR-ITS). This is the first team from central America, and at latitude 10° north, the southernmost team to date. So if you wagered that Taiwan, at 25° north, would be the competitor …
Dan Olds, 31 Oct 2011

National University of Defense Technology, China

SCC team profile China’s National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) is the same organization that brought to life the 2.56 PetaFLOP Tianhe-1A supercomputer. This system, with more than 14,000 Intel Westmere processors (186,368 cores) and 7,168 NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, shocked the world when it came out of nowhere to take the top slot on the …
Dan Olds, 31 Oct 2011

National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

SCC team profile Student Cluster Competition time is fast approaching. Below is our first competitor profile and check out our introduction here. Last year, the team from Taiwan’s National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) overcame some adversity to take the 2010 Student Cluster Challenge (SCC) crown* as the overall winner. The team also won a blue …
Dan Olds, 31 Oct 2011

From Frogger to fluid dynamics

SC11 We’re closing in on SC11, the annual HPC love fest that kicks off this year in Seattle on November 12th. The SC (stands for Super Computing) events are different from every other industry gathering. They are part educational symposium, with hundreds of hours of sessions where researchers present their findings and HPC experts …
Dan Olds, 31 Oct 2011
Broken CD with wrench

University students chase cluster victory

SC11 The field is set. Eight student teams have been selected to compete in the ultimate computer sports event of our time – the Supercomputing 2011 (SC11) Student Cluster Challenge, aka the SCC… aka Cluster for Glory… aka Clusterbowl, Cluster Cup, and Cluster-geddon. I know that the vast majority of readers feverishly follow this …
Dan Olds, 31 Oct 2011
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Will world universities step to cluster challenge?

The April 15th team- application deadline for the SC11 Student Cluster Competition (SCC) is fast approaching. The SCC pits eight university teams from around the globe against one another in Seattle (site of Supercomputing 2011 - or SC11) to compete for clustering glory. Sponsors supply the equipment and advice, but it’s the …
Dan Olds, 21 Mar 2011

HPC student cluster WAR begins

SC11 The ultimate competition for student techies has begun. To be more precise, the starting gate is in sight: submissions for the 2011 Student Cluster Competition (SCC) are now open. The SCC is the ultimate challenge – pitting student teams against hardware, software, electricity, heat - and each other. This year, the SCC …
Dan Olds, 10 Mar 2011

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