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Japan's SoftBank teams up with... Saudi Arabia to launch $100bn London tech fund

SoftBank and Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund are preparing to launch a technology investment fund, to be based in London, which will invest as much as $100bn into the global tech sector. Tentatively dubbed the SoftBank Vision Fund, the investment vehicle will operate over the next five years and will be seeded with $25bn …

Saudi Arabia: They liked Hacking Team so much they tried to buy the company

The Saudi Arabian government came close to buying a majority stake in Italian surveillance software firm Hacking Team last year. Wafic Saïd – a UK-based, Syrian-born businessman who is friends with the Saudi royal family – and Ronald Spogli, a former US ambassador to Italy, who indirectly owned a stake in Hacking Team, tried …
John Leyden, 28 Sep 2015
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Exhibitionist Shamoon virus blows PCs' minds

While most malware these days tries to work under the radar to avoid detection, a new species has been reported that wipes the drives of the systems it infects. The Shamoon software carries out a two stage attack, according to an analysis by Israeli security firm Seculert. Once a system on a network is infected, the code …
Iain Thomson, 17 Aug 2012
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Saudi royals seek ban on .virgin, .sex, .catholic, .wtf and 159 MORE

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has objected to the proposed new top-level internet domains .virgin and .baby – applied for by Virgin Group and Johnson & Johnson respectively – on the grounds that they will encourage pornography. The bizarre claims are among 163 complaints about new dot-word gTLD applications that the Saudi …
Kevin Murphy, 14 Aug 2012
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Crash grounds RAF Eurofighters - for Battle of Britain Day!

The RAF was left eggfaced in recent weeks as its entire force of fighters - nowadays made up of new and horrifyingly expensive Eurofighter "Typhoons" - was grounded following discovery of faults in their ejector seats. The grounding was particularly embarrassing as it came into force on Battle of Britain Day, the 70th …
Lewis Page, 21 Sep 2010
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BAE Saudi 'corruption' case could go to US Supremes

A corruption lawsuit in the USA against UK-headquartered but nowadays primarily US-based arms globocorp BAE Systems may move to the Supreme Court, according to reports. Reuters quotes lawyer Patrick Coughlin, representing the city employees' pension fund of Harper Woods, Michigan, as saying that he and his clients "will …
Lewis Page, 5 Jan 2010
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Germans offer MoD hope of Eurofighter postponement

Germany may offer a cash-strapped UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) a temporary reprieve on the cripplingly expensive Eurofighter superjet programme, according to reports. German defence officials have suggested that the upcoming "Tranche 3" deal for the third and final wave of Eurofighter deliveries could be split into two waves, …
Lewis Page, 15 Dec 2008
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Gov approval given for Saudi Eurofighter sale

The US government has given its approval for the sale of sensitive military technology to the Saudis in the form of Eurofighter combat jets developed cooperatively by the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. A Tranche 1 Eurofighter in RAF service Headed for mothballs in the UK - and to the Saudis. Washington's approval is …
Lewis Page, 23 Oct 2008
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BAE's man in the MoD taken aside by feds in Miami

A third senior BAE Systems executive has been subpoenaed by US investigators in recent weeks, it has emerged. Alan Garwood, until recently seconded from BAE as head of the Defence Export Sales Organisation (DESO), the controversial Ministry of Defence arms-sales bureau, was served with legal documents while changing planes in …
Lewis Page, 5 Jun 2008
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US gov may forbid BAE Eurofighter sale to Saudis

A controversial British deal to supply Eurofighter jets to Saudi Arabia may have hit an obstacle. It appears that the Eurofighter - long touted as proof that the UK and its continental partners can make serious combat kit without American help - actually contains significant amounts of US technology, and that Washington may not …
Lewis Page, 18 Apr 2008

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