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Smartphone SatNavs to get centimetre-perfect GNSS receivers in 2018

Broadcom is now sampling silicon it says will make smartphones' SatNav systems accurate to a centimeter in 2018. The company announced the new "BCM47755" chipset at the ION GNSS+ conference in Portland, Oregon, and says it will deliver 30cm accuracy even in the concrete canyons of cities where today's GPS can struggle. The …
University of California Riverside assisted-GPS model

Location boffins demo satellite-free navigation

With both the US and Russia researching Global Positioning System (GPS) jamming, it's heartening to see boffins working on navigation systems that don't rely solely on satellite signals. Research led by the University of California Riverside (UCR), and presented at a navigation system conference in mid-September, demonstrated …
Dog using a satnav, Mark Robinson

Flash chips for flash cars: SanDisk dives under your bonnet

SanDisk has made its flash products car-friendly, devising SD cards and embedded flash drives (EFD) that auto-makers can stuff into their infotainment systems. The iNAND embedded flash drives store up to 64GB of data, not much by data centre standards, and the little beggars should cope with rough driving conditions better …
Chris Mellor, 2 Feb 2015

Hardened Hydrazine the source of Galileo satnav FAIL

A “shortcoming in the system thermal analysis performed during stage design” (for the Fregat launch vehicle’s fourth stage) was the reason two of Europe's Galileo satnav craft ended up in the wrong orbit following a launch earlier this year. As we reported back in August, two failure meant two Gallileo sats landed in the wrong …
Simon Sharwood, 13 Oct 2014

Nokia drives cars into the clouds: Hear HERE, you're here, hear?

Nokia will assault car manufacturers next week, using the International Motor Show to launch HERE Auto, an updated platform intended to carve Nokia a home in the dashboard. The Finnish phone-maker will be adding an improved platform for car manufacturers willing to embed its technology – one which comes with live traffic …
Bill Ray, 2 Sep 2013
ChinaRemote-sensing satellite "Yaogan V" is launched with a Long March-4B

China shoves Beidou intro tractors, trucks and buses

The Chinese government has mandated the use of its new satellite navigation system Beidou (BDS) in several classes of vehicle across nine provinces, as the sat nav war between it and the United States' GPS heats up. The Ministry of Transport made the decree on Tuesday – covering Jiangsu, Anhui, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hunan …
Phil Muncaster, 16 Jan 2013
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Is that a truncheon in your trousers, officer, or ... an antenna, you say?

An EU project to create wearable tracking devices for cops has recruited Sofant, a mobile tech startup spun out of Edinburgh University last year. The plan is to slip Sofant's antennas into uniforms to receive Galileo satnav signals. And it's not just for the police: the ARMOURS* project will spend €1.5m developing prototypes …
Bill Ray, 15 Nov 2012
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New Chinese space plans are all about security and strategy on Earth

Analysis Chinese officials have published a new white paper detailing China's aspirations in space for coming years. Most media have chosen to focus on Beijing's vague aspirations toward deep-space and manned exploration, but in fact the concrete details given all point toward a primary emphasis on strategic advantage for China here on …
Lewis Page, 30 Dec 2011
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TomTom Oz to repeat Netherlands data sale

Hard on the heels of its apology for flogging customer data to police in The Netherlands, satnav maker Tom Tom is set for a repeat performance in Australia. TomTom attracted universal flack last week for admitting that local and regional governments in the Netherlands had used TomTom’s GPS data to help police set speed traps …
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Chicken Little report: Sat-nav dependency spells DISASTER!

Analysis A heavyweight UK tech body has just issued a report claiming that growing dependence on satellite navigation systems poses serious economic and safety risks to society. There's some truth in the report, but unfortunately it verges on scaremongering at times and appears to have been unduly influenced by organisations which can't …
Lewis Page, 10 Mar 2011
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Galileo euro-satnav 'driven by French military', says sacked CEO

The classified US diplomatic cables allegedly leaked to the world by American private soldier Bradley Manning have caused ructions in Europe this week: the CEO of a German firm building satellites for the Galileo satnav project has been fired for apparently telling US diplomats that Galileo is a waste of taxpayers money and …
Lewis Page, 18 Jan 2011
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Crowdsourced maps take inspiration from Pac-Man

Free mapping service Waze is hoping to fill gaps by providing users with virtual rewards for real work. "Cherries", "hammers" and "small gifts" will be awarded to users driving down a specific street or across a junction where Waze finds a disconnect in its crowd-sourced maps, the idea being to speed up completion of some …
Bill Ray, 26 Nov 2009
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Google navigates Android to turn-by-turn directions

Google has slipped turn-by-turn navigation into the latest version of Android, giving away one of the few mobile services for which punters were still prepared to pay. The application, which will only be available on the yet-to-be-launched devices using Android version 2, provides all the functionality that one might expect …
Bill Ray, 28 Oct 2009
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Flying car & roboplane-worthy air traffic digi-net go for 2025

Moves to replace conventional air-traffic infrastructure - at present reliant on slow and inaccurate radar and voice comms - with modern satnav and digital networking tech are reportedly "on the right track". Present-day air traffic is handled primarily by ground controllers using radar, either primary (where the pulse from …
Lewis Page, 1 Oct 2009
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S60 knows where you're at

A new application for S60 phones opens the possibility of making every application location-aware, in a very primitive form, and promises to demonstrate the potential of today's GPS-enabled devices. Satellite navigation in a phone is a very nice thing to have, if you get lost a lot, but other than finding your way around and …
Bill Ray, 3 Dec 2008

Satnav hacking made simple

CanSecWest A pair of hackers have demonstrated a way to spoof travel information messages displayed on satellite navigation systems used by Italian drivers to bypass accidents, traffic jams and plot the most efficient routes from one point to another. The hack is so simple it's hard to believe no one has shown it off before. It uses …
Dan Goodin, 20 Apr 2007
Medion UMPC Rim 1000

Medion muscles into UMPC market

Medion has officially launched its debut device in the ultra-mobile PC arena: the UMPC RIM 1000, first seen at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. At the same time the manufacturer announced its latest sat nav GPS device - the GoPal S2310. Medion UMPC Rim 1000 The the UMPC RIM 1000 incorporates a VIA C7-M 770 ULV processor …
Scott Snowden, 20 Apr 2007
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Galileo PFI delayed by revenue fears

Galileo, the planned European rival to America's Global Positioning System (GPS), is in trouble. Much of the ambitious project's construction is supposed to be privately funded, and plans call for a united pan-European company to oversee the set-up and running of the Galileo network. But the various private companies involved …
Lewis Page, 15 Mar 2007

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