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Scheming copyright scam lawyer John Steele disbarred in Illinois

Notorious copyright troll and scammer John Steele of Prenda Law has been disbarred by the Illinois Supreme Court. The decision is not surprising, given the law firm's long history of legally dubious efforts to extract money from people – something that culminated in Steele pleading guilty to mail fraud, wire fraud, and money …
Kieren McCarthy, 22 May 2017

Smut-scamming copyright chaser 'fesses up, will do hard time

One of the architects of the notorious Prenda Law copyright-porn scam, John Steele, has admitted that he and Paul Hansmeier made US$6 million out of the operation. Steele's and Hansmeier's approach to wealth creation was ingenious, if nasty: they arranged for smutty films to be seeded onto pirate sites, then pursued …

Crim charges slapped on copyright trolls who filmed porn, torrented it then sued downloaders

More than a dozen criminal charges have been filed against Prenda Law lawyers, who are accused of using porno movies to extort millions of dollars from victims. Attorneys Paul Hansmeier and John Steele have each been charged in a US federal indictment with ten counts of wire fraud, five counts of mail fraud, and one count each …
Shaun Nichols, 16 Dec 2016
A bad day for Prenda Law

Prenda Law's copyright-trolling shakedown scam slammed AGAIN

A Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals judge has tossed an appeal by the masterminds behind the notorious Prenda Law copyright trolling activity. The appeals court agrees with other courts that Prenda operated a “national trolling scheme” that engaged in “abusive litigation” in trying to sting people for copyright violations. …
Toilet roll printed with fake US $100 bills

Smut-seeding Prenda Law ringleader must sell home to pay $2.5m debt

One of the key players in Prenda Law, a troll group that seeded smutty films onto file-sharing networks and then harassed the downloaders for payment, has been told he must sell his home and possessions to cover his creditors' bills. In 2013, the civil courts found that Paul Hansmeier and two associates had set up Prenda Law …
Iain Thomson, 5 Dec 2015
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US Feds investigating Prenda Law, say Pirate Bay co-founders

It looks like there's more trouble approaching for the notorious copyright trolls, formerly of Prenda Law. TorrentFreak says the FBI is taking a more active interest in the operation, saying that Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij were questioned about Prenda's notorious “honeypot” operation while they were in prison. …
A bad day for Prenda Law

POW: Smut-seeding copyright troll slammed as 'extortionate'

Video Prenda Law – the copyright troll whose exploits included seeding smut onto torrents, seeing who downloaded them, and threatening them with exposure if they didn't pay up as infringers – has been described as “crooked” and “extortionate” by a 91-year-old judge. The company wants the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn $237 …

Smut-spreading copyright trolls told to return cash extracted from victims

The team behind Prenda Law's copyright-trolling business took another hit when a judge ordered it to pay back money to the people it accused of downloading hardcore pornography – AND pay their legal costs. The ruling, from the district court of Minnesota, was made against AF Holdings, a shell company set up to manage the …
Iain Thomson, 8 Nov 2013

Comcast court docs show Prenda copyright trolls seeded smut then sued

Top copyright troll Prenda Law has been caught red-handed seeding torrenting sites with pornographic films in an effort to drum up business for its copyright lawyers. The attorneys at Prenda Law specialize in firing out letters to internet users accusing them of pirating luridly-named pornography (Alexis Texas sucks and fucks …
Iain Thomson, 20 Aug 2013
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Copyright troll Prenda Law accused of seeding own torrents

Prenda Law – whose odious scam was to find porn downloaders, and humiliate them into a payoff with the threat of exposure – may have been dismembered by the US legal system, but there's still some fun to be had dancing on its grave. Prenda's attorney principals John Steele, Paul Hansmeier, Paul Duffy, and Brett Gibbs have …
Troll in cross hairs

Prenda lawyers miss sanctions deadline

Lawyers ordered to pay more than $US81,000 in the Prenda Law copyright trolling smackdown are now racking up new liabilities at the rate of $US1,000 a day. The four had been sanctioned by Judge Otis Wright when their legal strategy finally came unstuck earlier this month. As part of that judgement, the four were required to …
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Judge hands copyright troll an epic smack-down

In a judgement peppered with criticism for the various entities clustered around the troll-machine known as Prenda Law, a US judge says the court “went to battlestations” and has passed information to various US agencies for investigation. The judgement is peppered in equal parts with Star Trek references and unflattering …

Copyright troll Prenda refuses to explain legal strategy

Notorious copyright troll Prenda Law was seemingly dealt a fatal blow on Tuesday, when the company's top attorneys invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to avoid answering questions from a federal judge. US District Judge Otis Wright II of the Central District of California had summoned the Prenda …

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