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Toilet roll printed with fake US $100 bills

Well that went well: Polycom sold for the same figure it fetched two years ago

Lawyers are expensive at the best of times. Perhaps that’s why two acquisitions have closed just before the Easter long weekend? The bigger of the two transactions is Plantronics splashing US$2bn to acquire Polycom. The latter company was acquired by Siris Capital in September 2016 after a transaction the pair said reflected “ …
Simon Sharwood, 29 Mar 2018
Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones

Fancy a mile-high earjob? We've had five!

Review Yes, noise-cancelling headphones are useful in all manner of times and places, but they really shine during air travel by blocking some of the endless bass rumble that jet engines emit. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones Make your flights less hum-drum with some noise cancelling headphones …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Aug 2015
Logitech G430

Playing by stealth: Twelve gaming headsets to plonk on your noggin

Product roundup After receiving an email with the recommended specs needed to run Witcher 3, I reckoned that if I’m going to have to update my graphics card, then I might as well update my headset too. Experiencing immersive surround sound and can make a huge difference to enjoying high-intensity games where split-second decision-making means …
Lucy Orr, 3 Apr 2015

Hot, fit, SWEATY users stroke Backbeats model, beg: DON'T CALL US

While the new Plantronics Bluetooth sports headset does have a microphone and you can make phone calls – that’s really not the intention. The whole phonecall bit features is listed as the ninth item in a 10-item feature list – and even then with the phrase “BackBeat FIT headphones built-in microphone allows users to take and …
Simon Rockman, 5 Mar 2014
Astrogaming A50

Ten gaming headsets

Product Round-up Recently, I have battled underwater in Guild Wars 2 and fought through the Temple of the Jade serpent in The Mists of Pandaria. Luckily, during my adventures, I have had the opportunity to test some of the best gaming headsets money can buy, but which headset allowed me to hear every bubble burst and even the quietest Windwalker …
Lucy Orr, 10 Nov 2012
Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma

Ten... gaming headsets

Product Round-up I wish I had my own flat, but I don’t. Cue Slayer Reign in Blood thundering from upstairs. Six hours into a raid and my housemate comes home and turns the volume up on their shitty boombox above my head and I have completely lost any sense of immersion. Yes I could get into a ‘speaker-off’ with them but luckily I have some of …
Lucy Orr, 30 Aug 2011
Plantronics Voyager Pro UC

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC

Review Judging from the photos on Plantronics’ website, the system requirements for its Voyager Pro headset include a goatee (recommended) or some carefully cultivated designer stubble (minimum). Fortunately, we were in unshaven mode when the box landed on our desk and it seemed to work just fine with a basic two-day growth. …
Cliff Joseph, 16 Feb 2010

Plantronics touts 'world's best' Bluetooth headset

Plantronics has launched what it claims is currently the world’s most advanced noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset. Plantronics_voyager_pro_01 Plantronic's Voyager Pro: filters out noise and wind The firm claimed that Voyager Pro’s call clarity secret lies in its superior AudioIQ digital signal processing algorithms, which …
James Sherwood, 22 Jun 2009

Ten of the Best... Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Round-up The first Bluetooth headsets were simple mono devices, however as handsets developed into advanced accessories that can play music and video, so headsets have started to develop too. The first step was to add stereo capabilities using a technology known as A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). And, of course, the …
Cliff Joseph, 18 Aug 2008

The Bluetooth headset for your neck

Bluetooth headsets are well known for slipping from their position while you’re rushing around town jabbering into one. So an alternative design’s been drawn-up that wraps around your neck to connect up with your voicebox. RoadRunner RoadRunner collects sound from a microphone near your larynx The RoadRunner has a …

Plantronics talks-up military grade headset

Plantronics has declared war on the Bluetooth headset market. It’s launched a military grade unit that it claims stands up to the rigours of the communications adventurer. plantronics-exp370 Plantronics' Explorer 370 talks tough Dubbed Explorer 370, the headset has been certified by the US Army’s Developmental Test Command …
James Sherwood, 12 Feb 2008

Logitec reinvents the Bluetooth headset

If you really must broadcast your music to everyone whilst walking the streets, then at least you can do it with style now. Thanks to Logitec’s latest headphones/Bluetooth headset combo. Logitech_bluetooth_headphones_with_speaker Logitec's headphone and speaker combination also accepts incoming calls Called the DiAlive LBT …
James Sherwood, 26 Jan 2008

Plantronics talks up Bluetooth headsetage

Audio accessory maker Plantronics has showcased two of its latest headsets, each able to simultaneously connect to multiple phones. Voyager855_headset2 Plantronics' Voyager 855: morphs into a pair of cans The Voyager 855 and .Audio 920 feature multipoint technology, which the manufacturer said lets both connect to two …
James Sherwood, 23 Jan 2008

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