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UK's planned copyright landgrab will spark US litigation 'firestorm'

Exclusive The UK faces a "firestorm" of international litigation if the government's copyright land-grab goes ahead, American artists and photographers have warned. In a letter to business minister Vince Cable seen by The Register, six groups representing US photographers and graphic artists say proposals in the Business and Enterprise …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Nov 2012
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EU greases up orphan works copyright loophole for Big Culture

The European Parliament has voted to approve new copyright rules on artistic works that can't be identified, so-called 'orphan works'. The proposals allows Big Culture to digitise works protected by copyright. The proposal does not permit commercial exploitations of the unidentified works, except by museums, archives and …
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Sep 2012
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British Library defends flogging of orphaned artwork

MPs heard a spirited debate about digital rights this week – including the digital rights you might or might not have as an amateur creator. Big media companies would like the freedom to use artwork they find on the web without having to worry about lawsuits or negotiating market rates with creators. The web is awash with …
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Digital copyright: Not much action, lots of talking shops

Games, music and movie industries are putting a brave face on this week's deluge of official IP announcements, while anti-copyright campaigners will be delighted a chunk of legislation passed by elected MPs has been struck down by a quango. Britain's permanent government, our bureaucracy, has dug its heels in and managed to …
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Competition Czar weighs into copyright, trademarks

The European Commission has published its blueprint on IP, in a document with suggestions for orphan works, music licensing, trademarks, counterfeiting and online liabilities. The Commission wants multi-territory licensing of music rights, rather than forcing users of copyright (in the traditional sense) to negotiate country …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 May 2011
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BBC, British Library empires expand under Tory 'growth plan'

Every time Conservatives come to power, they promise to invigorate fusty old state institutions. They vow to set them free of the mediocre, the time-markers and the empire-builders they've acquired over the years, and renew them with competition and fresh thinking. But by the time the Tories leave office, these gravy trains …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Mar 2011
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Google insists it couldn't have been British. Excuse me?

How curious. The Government's review into IP and growth may have been set up by mistake, or at least on a false premise. On announcing the review last November, Prime Minister David Cameron said something quite curious. Cameron explained that the review was a response to Google's concerns... "The founders of Google have said …
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Update copyright law for pre-industrial era, says law professor

UK copyright law needs an overhaul to bring it into line with pre-industrial cultures, says a top legal academic. It may strike you as the Most Imaginative Use of Politically-Correct Rhetoric you've ever heard, but the joke is ultimately on you: the project has won funding from the Department of Business. The study, Who Owns …
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Feb 2011
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EU wants to erect opt-in hurdle for creators

A potentially incendiary EU report released today recommends making changes to the Berne Convention – and creating several new layers of bureaucracy in order to deal with the digitisation of cultural stuff. Creators would have to "opt-in" to a new database before getting their rights, which have historically been guaranteed by …
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Jan 2011
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Mandybill: All the Commons drama

Live TV and internet coverage allowed the nation to feel grubby as the Mandybill was shunted through the House of Commons late last night. The government’s replacement for Clause 18 – a catch-all illiberal web-blocking measure that few in the music business ever expected to survive – was approved, and the photographers cemented …
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BBC, big business leer creepily at orphan works

Mandybill Big publishers and the BBC have come out to lobby for the controversial Clause 43, that part of the Mandybill that strips photographers of their historical rights. Is that surprising? It should be, because Clause 43 is the section that deals with 'orphan works' - and according to the Business department BIS, the only people …

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