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Sun rolls out OpenSolaris 2009.06 release

As odd as it may seem, the OpenSolaris development release of Sun Microsystems' Unix operating system has only been available officially on x64 PCs, workstations, and servers. The OpenSolaris distribution has not been packaged up for Sparc workstations or servers. Starting today, with the OpenSolaris 2009.06 release, both x64 …

Solaris 11 due mid-2010

The number and gee-whizness of features Sun Microsystems is putting into updates to both the Solaris 10 commercial operating system and the related OpenSolaris development release of Solaris are slowing. That's the best indication that Nevada - the code name for Solaris Next or Solaris 11 or whatever you want to call it - is …
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Microsoft ready for an open-source skoolin'

Sam Ramji wants more input from the open-source community, hoping to make Microsoft more responsive to their needs. The director of the open-source development lab at Microsoft has told a Linux Foundation event he's trying to educate Microsoft and slowly change its ways. The only way he can do that, Ramji said, is to hear from …
Gavin Clarke, 10 Apr 2009

Sun software - Does it make diddly?

Comment With Sun Microsystems on the block - and perhaps on the chopping block - for the past several weeks, it is probably a good time to take a gander at the family jewels: Sun's software business. Sun likes to count downloads and the size of installed bases because the company's top brass believes this a kind of leading indicator …
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Sun's OpenSolaris chief leads cloud-strategy hunt

Sun Microsystems has tasked its former OpenSolaris chief Ian Murdock - the founder of the Debian Linux distro - with devising a cloud-computing strategy for the company. Ian Murdock has been quietly named vice president of cloud-computing strategy following the re-organization last November that created Sun's cloud group and …
Gavin Clarke, 28 Jan 2009

Sun boosts OpenSolaris on Atom

Intel has announced that the OpenSolaris variant of Unix is now better supported on its Atom processors. The Atom support is being positioned to bring the joys of x64 computing to netbooks and other low-power computing devices, and it offers some of the best performance/watt in processing these days. Sun Microsystems, which …

The Year in Operating Systems: No battle of big ideas

In a mature IT market, it becomes hard to make any significant changes in hardware architecture or software design without upsetting the installed base of legacy users. This, of course, makes the evolution of a product somewhat troublesome. Change must fit within the strict confines of compatibility, ensuring both hardware and …
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Sun closes 'future' pay-per-use utility computing service

Sun Microsystems has killed its once high-profile utility computing experiment,, which let customers buy computing power by the hour. The company revealed it's no longer accepting new customers after four years, saying parts of the business and technology model "were not in the sweet spot". The 13 customers and 48 …
Gavin Clarke, 10 Dec 2008
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IBM authorizes OpenSolaris on mainframes

A month ago, Sine Nomine Associates, the mainframe consultancy that has done most of the porting work on the "Sirius" variant of Solaris Unix to IBM's mainframe platform, said that the code was available for people to try out on the OpenSolaris project site. And now IBM has come around to actually authorize the use of …

Company without a name unveils mainframe Solaris

The OpenSolaris project and Sine Nomine Associates have announced that Sirius - a Solaris port for IBM mainframes - is ready for action. The Sirius variant of Solaris runs atop IBM's z/VM operating system, which is also one of the pioneer virtualization environments for servers. The Sirius code is a 64-bit implementation of …
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Sun: OpenSolaris 'pretty freaking amazing'

While the top brass at Sun Microsystems might seem to be clueless about the company sometimes, there are plenty of people who know where the bread gets buttered - or doesn't. They know that Solaris and the servers that run it are what really matter at Sun. And that means Sun's OpenSolaris project and its related Solaris …

Next year critical for Sun's 'Project Copy Linux'

The next year will be a critical time for OpenSolaris, according to Ian Murdock, the founder of Debian brought in by Sun Microsystems last year to lead its OS operation. Success will be measured by the creation of complementary software packages that extend the usefulness of OpenSolaris, and the ability to tempt developers …
Gavin Clarke, 13 Jun 2008

Sun juggles love of code with need for cash

CommunityOne The relationship between business, vendors and coders has been tested at a Sun Microsystems conference in San Francisco intended to express oneness with open source. Ian Murdock, Sun vice president of developer and community marketing, and Marten Mickos, head of Sun's database group, used CommunityOne to outline Sun's ideals …
Gavin Clarke, 6 May 2008

Sun's 'Project Copy Linux' goes commercial

The first supported first version of Sun Microsystems' OpenSolaris, AKA Project Indiana, makes its debut today with additional backing from Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud. Sun is introducing three levels of paid support for the OpenSolaris 2008.5 code drop for developers and end users. Support starts at $49 per incident for …
Gavin Clarke, 5 May 2008

Reality crashes Google hippie code fest

You've almost got to feel sorry for Google. It tries to do something cool with its annual Summer of Code program, but some sourpusses just have to spoil the idyllic 60's vibe. Google this month announced the 174 project organizations it is supporting in the 2008 GSOC. Inevitably, there were omissions and some disgruntled …
Phil Manchester, 27 Mar 2008

Apache daddy walks out on OpenSolaris

AMD and Microsoft should take note that open source strategies bring painful problems. Sun Microsystems knows this all too well. Just as Microsoft said it’s opening its APIs and AMD made its latest contribution to open source, controversy again bubbled up for Sun’s much-vaunted OpenSolaris project. Apache Server co-founder …
Phil Manchester, 22 Feb 2008

Sun's OpenSolaris gets CIFS-ilis

Forty years of darkness. Earthquakes, volcanoes... The dead rising from the grave. Human sacrifice, CIFS and Solaris living together — mass hysteria. The open-source folks at Sun Microsystems have put the polish on an in-kernel CIFS service, which will allow Microsoft users to store and retrieve files on an OpenSolaris system …
Austin Modine, 20 Nov 2007

Sun Solaris upgrade snuggles with Linux

Sun Microsystems upgraded the Solaris 10 operating system today, most notably enabling its OS to run Linux and its applications on x86 systems. The company has also announced virtual desktop software that can transform desktops and laptops into thin client devices. With the Solaris 10 8/07 update, Sun accommodates for the …
Austin Modine, 11 Sep 2007

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