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HTC forgets Norwegian alphabet

The letter Ø is missing in HTC Desire HD touchscreen keyboards intended for the Norwegian market. Ø dear. This language faux pas* was uncovered today by Eurodroid, whose Norwegian correspondent Jostein tells the site: I recently purchased the HTC Desire HD and quickly discovered that the Norwegian letter “Ø” is non-existent …
Drew Cullen, 4 Nov 2010
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Viking frogmen chase Street View spymobile

Last weekend saw the launch of Google's privacy-busting Street View in Norway, and it didn't take long for locals to spot a traditional Viking welcome for the Great Satan of Mountain View's spymobile on the streets of Bergen: Two men dressed as frogmen sitting on Bergen street The two men begin to chase the Street View …
Lester Haines, 10 Feb 2010
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Norwegians plan to harpoon Twitter

A battling consumer group has pledged to take on Twitter, accusing it of breaching privacy laws. The Norwegian Consumer Council, which has a legal battle with Apple under its belt, said social networking sites' terms and conditions are unfair. "None of the international social networks adhere to even the most basic …
Team Register, 4 Dec 2009
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Norway warns Amazon against Kindle launch

Norway's Consumer Council reckons the Kindle breaches Norwegian law, and will have to change radically before any local launch. It's not the first group to complain about Amazon's vice-like grip on the Kindle, not to mention its supporting services and customer information, but the Norwegian Consumer Council is able to impose …
Bill Ray, 30 Oct 2009
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Bus driver becomes Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov

Norwegian bus driver Andreas Jankov has officially become "Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov", thereby apparently claiming the country's longest name crown. We're certain that Reg readers will be able to spot where film lover Elessar-Jankov got most of the inspiration for his makeover, but …
Lester Haines, 16 Sep 2009
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Ballmer gives Norwegian students free love

Microsoft believes it has "lost" a generation of developers who might have embraced Windows and .NET, thanks to the Mac and open source frameworks and operating systems. In an ongoing attempt to woo the next generation Microsoft's rumbustious chief executive will next week announce the latest extension of a program offering …
Gavin Clarke, 26 Sep 2008
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Norway sends entire citizenry's ID info to media

Norway's national tax office erroneously sent CD-ROMs crammed with the 2006 tax returns of nearly four million people living in Norway to national newspapers, radios and tv stations, news agency AFP reports. Although tax statements have been open to public scrutiny in Norway since 1863, the social security number of each …
Jan Libbenga, 18 Sep 2008
Warning! Black Helicopters

Norwegians demo 10cm video & GPS pocket-chopper

"The world's smallest full authority helicopter", with rotors just 10cm across, has been successfully flight tested in Norway. Scandinavian microcopter developers hailed the debut of the prototype PD-100 Black Hornet as "a major success". Sceptical readers in possession of the small battery-powered remote-controlled …
Lewis Page, 24 Jul 2008

Apple swipes £121 for 'free' MobileMe trial

Europeans who signed up to a trial of MobileMe are finding mysterious charges on their payment cards of up to £121...for what they thought was a free look at Apple's answer to MS-Exchange. Anyone wanting to have a go on MobileMe must enter credit card details so they can pay for the service when their 60-days free trial …
Bill Ray, 17 Jul 2008
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Interpol publishes pic of another suspected child abuser

Interpol has taken the unusual step of posting an image of a suspected paedophile on its website. The international police agency is asking for help from the public in identifying a man it said was pictured sexually abusing young boys in a series of images found on the internet. Interpol said the images were retrieved from the …
John Leyden, 6 May 2008

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