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$6,000 for tours of apocalyptic post-Brexit London? WTF, NYT?

Stuffy American broadsheet the New York Times is offering disaster tourism-style package holidays of Westminster for $6,500, capitalising on Britain’s popular vote to leave the European Union. The incredible (and we mean that literally) “Brexit Means Brexit!” tour lets excessively well-heeled Americans delude themselves into …

Secretive Apple's super-secret university is full of BULL chic – leakers

Loose-lipped peeps have provided a rare glimpse into Apple's internal training college. A trio of employees, none of whom were willing to go on the record with a name or position, described the top-secret university Apple uses to indoctrinate new hires. According to their whispers to the New York Times, Apple maintains its …
Shaun Nichols, 11 Aug 2014

New York Times, Twitter domain hijackers 'came in through front door'

Updated Hacktivist collective the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) – or someone using its name – has claimed responsibility for hijacking the, and web addresses. At the time of writing, many of the domain names the SEA claimed to have seized were back under their owners' control. In some …

Tesla's Elon Musk v The New York Times, Round 2

There's no love lost between Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and New York Times reporter John Broder this Valentine's Day, with the debate over the accuracy of Broder's recent review of the Tesla Model S having devolved into a bitter display of online "he said, she said." The public spat first erupted on Monday, when the paper …
Neil McAllister, 15 Feb 2013
Tesla Model S

Journo says Elon Musk apologized for Tesla battery fiasco

A New York Times journalist has hit back at Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk's charges that he botched a review of the company's Model S electric car, claiming that Musk had even acknowledged his troubles with the vehicle before the review went to press. In a detailed post to The Times' "Wheels" blog on Tuesday, John Broder argued …
Neil McAllister, 14 Feb 2013

Symantec: Don't blame us for New York Times hack

Symantec has taken the unusual step of commenting on a story about a customer, issuing a robust statement denying its anti-virus products were to blame for sophisticated targeted attack on the New York Times. The Gray Lady revealed yesterday that it had been persistently attacked for four months by China-based cyber insurgents …
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New York Times probes China's Premier, gets hacked by Chinese

Hackers "persistently" attacked The New York Times to swipe its passwords after the newspaper claimed Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's family had amassed a vast fortune. During the four-month assault, miscreants linked to China's military broke into the email accounts of the NYT's Shanghai bureau chief David Barboza and former …
Screengrab of a New York Times article about Syria, that appears to illustrate the story with a stil from a Game

New York Times uses palpably fake pic to illustrate Syrian warfare

The New York Times has used an obviously faked image with a strong resemblance to videogame visuals to illustrate the conflict in Syria, an eagle eyed Reg reader has pointed out. The story 'Ordering More Airstrikes, Syria Calls French Recognition of Rebels 'Immoral' ' carries a picture of a fighter holding a gun and firing …
Anna Leach, 14 Nov 2012
Great Wall of China

China tosses New York Times into shredder in family fortunes row

China’s censors have blocked the New York Times website after the paper ran a story alleging relatives of outgoing prime minister Wen Jiabao amassed a $2.7bn fortune. The article, which became unavailable in the country just hours after publication, claimed members of Wen's family benefited from regulatory and government …
Phil Muncaster, 29 Oct 2012

NYT fights back against links-in-texts patent

A patent covering sending HTML links in text messages is to get a legal workout, with the New York Times telling the patent holder “see you in court”. According to the Associated Press, a company called Helferich Patent Licensing, vehicle for inventor Richard J Helferich, has followed a successful strategy of filing against …
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Yahoo! Microsoft! merger! back! on! after! NDA! signed!

A merger between Microsoft and Yahoo! could be back on the cards, after Redmond reportedly signed a non-disclosure agreement as a prelude to serious talks about their future together. A source close to the deal told the New York Times that Microsoft had signed the pledge, including provisions not to discuss terms with third …
Iain Thomson, 23 Nov 2011
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New York Times tucks skirt behind stilted paywall

Regular readers of the online version of the New York Times will be asked to pay for a monthly subscription to the newspaper after perusing 20 articles on the site for free. On 28 March the Gray Lady will begin charging frequent visitors to its website. The newspaper described the "loyal readers" paywall as a "bet" based on …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Mar 2011
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Google ends 'do be evil, if you want a top ranking' policy

Google has responded to a New York Times story which revealed the search engine was rewarding websites that have dozens of complaints and negative reviews with high rankings. This is because of the way the search engine rates sites according to how many other sites link to them. First the back story: the paper followed the …
John Oates, 2 Dec 2010
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New York Times bans 'tweet'

Writers at the New York Times were recently requested to stop referring to Twitter updates as "tweets" by the Gray Lady's standards editor, Phil Corbett. With the internet causing radical upheavals in newspapers across the world, it is reassuring to find at least one that's prepared to stick to its guns. In an electronic mail …
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Jun 2010
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Steve Jobs in secret NYT meet

Apple boss Steve Jobs had a secret meeting with New York Times' publisher Arthur Sulzberger and other executives to show off the iPad and explain what he thinks it means for publishing. Jobs ordered a mango lassi and penne pasta, neither of which are on the Pranna restaurant menu, New York magazine reported. Jobs, apparently …
John Oates, 5 Feb 2010
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New York Times builds paywall - very slowly

The New York Times has confirmed widespread reports that it is to start charging for access to its website. As we reported Monday, readers will get free access to a certain number of stories before being hassled into paying up. But don't panic just yet - despite considering the move for over a year the paywall will not …
John Oates, 20 Jan 2010
graph up

New York Times set to charge, again

The New York Times is set to return to charging for access to its website. The site went free in 2007 presumably in the belief that the firm could make more money from advertising than it could from subscriptions. This is set to change - a spokeswoman for the paper confirmed changes were coming but said it was still working …
John Oates, 18 Jan 2010
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Microsoft courts customers for search help

Microsoft is turning to customers for advice on how to build an online advertising platform - four years after it started. The company has announced its Publisher Leadership Council, whose members will consult with Microsoft on the construction of a "next-generation" advertising platform called PubCenter. Microsoft announced …
Gavin Clarke, 24 Feb 2009

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