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Commbank shouts free beer, meals, to promote NFC

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank is buying beer or paying punters ten Australian dollars to endure a brief lesson in its Kaching wireless payments app. Launched in late 2011 and since downloaded more than 110,000 times, Kaching allows peer-to-peer payments between smartphone owners. Users don’t need to know each other’s account …
Simon Sharwood, 28 Feb 2012
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Update Facebook by thrusting your hips to, er ... 'Like' things

Seventies throwbacks who like big belt buckles, and pelvic thrusting in public, can now check into a location, or "Like" a friend, with no more than a flick of the hips. The innovation comes from self-described "innovation studio" Deeplocal, which extended the NFC antenna from a Nexus S phone and mounted it on the largest belt …
Bill Ray, 27 Jan 2012
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RFID pioneer taps out one last time

Obit Pioneer of radio tagging Charlie Walton has died, aged 89, having successfully predicted – and popularised – the technology, although he saw the potential too early to reap the reward. The first patent to mention RFID, for a "portable radio frequency emitting identifier" was filed by Charlie Walton and issued to his company, …
Bill Ray, 28 Nov 2011
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NFC in a SIM: They might just have done it

It's not the first time the claim has been made, but this time it's backed, and demonstrated, by a reputable manufacturer, so every phone could be getting NFC soon. Inside Secure is an established player in the smart card industry, and promises to demonstrate a SIM with embedded Near Field Communications circuitry at the …
Bill Ray, 16 Nov 2011
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Fanboys find way to NFC an iPhone

iPhone 4 users have discovered they can slip a Bank of America NFC card under the covers of an iPhone, sharing the NFC goodness previously restricted to the competition. iPhones don't support Near Field Communications, at least not yet, while the latest handsets running Symbian, Android, and even Bada have the short-range …
Bill Ray, 1 Aug 2011
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Nokia punts NFC touch-data biz cards at £11 each

Nokia has set up an NFC Hub to sell NFC to businesses, both figuratively and literally, offering everything you need to wirelessly enable your PR material. Not that such enabling comes cheap, at least not from Nokia. An A4 poster will set you back £20, while NFC-enabled business cards come in at £11 each, which seems a bit …
Bill Ray, 25 Jul 2011
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Google Wallet left on margins by ISIS tap-pay hookup

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express have all signed onto US operator consortium Isis, leaving Google Wallet with just MasterCard as a payment partner. The US operator consortium – set up by AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Verizon – has announced that the four biggest payment processors will create mobile payment …
Bill Ray, 20 Jul 2011
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Denmark gets its own NFC consortium

The four Danish network operators have banded together to create a standard NFC platform, and admitted that it is the threat from Google that has driven them to do so. The four networks – TDC, Telenor, TeliaSonera and Three – have banded together to create a standard, SIM-hosted, platform for NFC applications, much like the …
Bill Ray, 27 Jun 2011
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Schmidt sees NFC terminals everywhere

Eric Schmidt reckons a third of shops will be NFC enabled in 2012, but Google won't pay for the terminals – that's up to the credit card companies. According to Google's executive chairman, credit card companies will pay for the new terminals, with the critical mass of one in three to hit sometime next year and enabling Google …
Bill Ray, 23 Jun 2011
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NFC pioneer packs in proximity payments

Having failed to find a business model that worked, the pioneering proximity payment company Bling Nation has stopped processing payments – although it claims the move is temporary while it finds a workable business model. The pay-by-sticker system was launched in 2009, striking deals with community banks and under cutting …
Bill Ray, 14 Jun 2011
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El Reg pays by phone – mmmm, free cookies!

The UK's first pay-by-phone retail service launched last week, but based on our experience we won't be dumping our coins and notes any day soon. Orange kindly sent us a Samsung Tocco Quick Tap – a spin-off of the feature-phone Tocco with added NFC to handle the payments. But before we could use Quick Tap to pay for something …
Bill Ray, 1 Jun 2011
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Rampaging Android takes over Main Street America

The latest Texan tourist attraction is a residential street, but one that invites visitors to tap an Android tablet against anything in the "neighbourhood" to be shown more details about the object, as well as its price. Main Street America isn't your typical theme park; instead of featuring rollercoasters or showgirls, the …
Bill Ray, 30 May 2011
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Google Wallet phone-pay is coming - but how will it work?

Analysis In six hours Google Wallet will be announced, but we don't know if Google wants to get into payments itself, or just plans to make money from someone else's service. We do know that Google Wallet will be announced this afternoon (Thursday mid-day, New York time) and that the service will go live in September - whatever that …
Bill Ray, 26 May 2011
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US operators shelve banking plan for Isis

US operators' initiative Isis won't be an NFC payment system as originally planned, just a wallet to hold payment cards and without a revenue stream to call its own. The scaled-back plan will see Isis verifying payment applications from Visa, Mastercard and anyone else rather than creating anything new. That removes the need …
Bill Ray, 4 May 2011
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Google taps Ingenico for retail terminal expansion

NFC kit manufacturer Ingenico has confirmed it is developing retail terminals for Google, but the search giant won't be running its own banking service just yet. Ingenico told French journalists that Google wants (US) customers to be able to redeem coupons and discounts using an NFC-enabled phone, tapping it against the till …
Bill Ray, 3 May 2011
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That's the frequency, Kenneth

Last November we kicked off a competition to identify the radio frequencies used by various bits of kit around the modern home, and now we have a winner, and some explanatory notes. No one managed a clean sheet – of the 18 questions the maximum score was 16 and only a handful of readers managed that. But from the random hat we …
Bill Ray, 25 Apr 2011
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Angry Birds Magic up some NFC love

Nokia has finally discovered what Near Field Communications is for – unlocking new levels of Angry Birds by tapping Nokia handsets together. Angry Birds Magic will come preinstalled with the NFC-enabled C7, and distributed as part of the Symbian update to those handsets – enabling players to unlock additional levels by tapping …
Bill Ray, 19 Apr 2011
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Oracle tests find NFC lags in execution

Oracle has been looking at NFC, and decided that the technology needs to be a good deal faster if it is going to have any hope of going mainstream. In Oracle's tests it took two seconds to open and read the three files required by their proposed application. That time could be reduced by combining the data into a single file, …
Bill Ray, 18 Apr 2011

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