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US Navy aims to make jetfuel from seawater uranium

Analysis Coverage of recent US Navy research into producing jet fuel from CO2 and hydrogen has been widely reported under headlines such as "making jet fuel from seawater". The coverage illustrates not only declining modern understanding of science and technology, but also the sad eclipse of proper science fiction by vampire-lust …
Lewis Page, 20 Aug 2009
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US sinks $0.5bn into electromagnetic aircraft-throwers

The Pentagon has awarded a half-billion-dollar contract for the building of a radical new electromagnetic catapult, intended to hurl US Navy jets off future aircraft carriers and into the sky. The new tech could also be used to hugely enhance Britain's planned new carriers - but it's becoming more and more likely that these will …
Lewis Page, 3 Jul 2009
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Obama weighs into Raptor stealth superfighter fracas

The White House has signalled that President Obama may veto plans by Washington politicians to maintain production of the F-22 Raptor stealth superfighter. The move has important implications for the British arms industry, and even for the future of the Royal Navy. US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, backed by the president, …
Lewis Page, 25 Jun 2009
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MPs slam 'disgraceful' Type 45 destroyers

Analysis The Royal Navy's new billion-pound Type 45 destroyers are back in the news again for unfortunate reasons, with the head of an influential parliamentary committee saying it's "disgraceful" that they will enter service without their French-supplied primary weapons ever having been fired from the ships. HMS <em>Daring</em> during …
Lewis Page, 23 Jun 2009
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Royal Navy warship almost fires on UFOs

A Royal Navy warship may have come within seconds of opening fire on Unidentified Flying Objects above Merseyside, possibly narrowly avoiding the precipitation of an interstellar war and the extirpation of humanity by testy aliens. Reports have it that the UFOs - speculated to have been visiting spacecraft from beyond the solar …
Lewis Page, 3 Jun 2009
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Royal Navy trials 'paging system' for submarines

US arms behemoth Raytheon says that the Royal Navy has tried out its new Deep Siren satcomms "paging system" for submarines, and was very impressed. The company quotes an unnamed UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) spokesperson as saying that Deep Siren is "the first step toward a transformational capability that will change the way …
Lewis Page, 2 Jun 2009
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Flying-rifle robocopter: Hovering sniper backup for US troops

Flying killer robots are numerous these days. The machine flyboys are mostly armed with relatively light and precise weapons, but still in the tank- or anyway vehicle-busting league. Now, however, there's a droid whirlybird in development which is armed only with a sniper rifle intended to fire single aimed shots. The new …
Lewis Page, 21 Apr 2009
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New Navy SEAL minisub's IT-system specs released

The secretive US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has revealed the data-handling features it would like to see on its planned new fleet of mini submarines for use by elite US Navy frogman-commandos. At the moment, the famous yet hush-hush Navy SEALs use the Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Mark 8 Mod 1, a large electrically- …
Lewis Page, 10 Apr 2009
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Blighty orders first 3 supersonic stealth jumpjets

The UK has ordered its first three Joint Strike Fighter (aka F-35 or "Lightning II") supersonic stealth jumpjets. The initial trio of UK planes will be prototypes built as part of the F-35's development phase, giving Blighty access and input to the jet's final design. The supersonic jumpjet flies: no jumping until 2009 The F …
Lewis Page, 19 Mar 2009
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Speeding, driverless Nissan finally stopped by US bombers

Vid Conversion kits have been developed which can upgrade any normal car for autonomous driverless operation. Video is now available from such a car, driving without human input in the Nevada desert, showing fruitless attempts by US navy bombers to destroy the self-directed machine. The vid comes courtesy of Kairos Autonomi, …
Lewis Page, 20 Feb 2009
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US Navy orders new electric hyper-kill railgun

Globe-straddling weapons megacorp BAE Systems is pleased to announce that it has inked a deal with the US Navy to build a new electromagnetic hypercannon. "This EM Railgun contract is a continuation of BAE Systems’ dedication to delivering advanced technology for tomorrow's Sailors,” said Jim Schoppenhorst, BAE veep in charge …
Lewis Page, 18 Feb 2009
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Sub-prang panic: Calm down, it happens all the time

Analysis There's widespread media panic at moment over the news that French and British nuclear-missile submarines collided beneath the Atlantic earlier this month. But in fact atomic-powered and -armed submarines have been bumping into each other - and sometimes sinking - for decades with no significant effects. No, seriously. They …
Lewis Page, 17 Feb 2009
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Royal Navy to be first running-jump-jet force

Senior Royal Navy aviators have said that the successor plane to the famous Harrier jumpjet will probably not land vertically on British aircraft carriers. Rather, the F-35B "Lightning II" will employ the "Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing" (SRVL) technique as routine: it will be a running-jump jet, as it were. The F-35B …
Lewis Page, 16 Feb 2009

US Navy SEALs buy twin-screen laptops, refuse Vista

You know how it is. You're a power user, an alpha nerd. You just aren't happy without multiple screens - a puny one-screen desktop isn't enough for the multiple video feeds, apps and so forth that are essential to your working life. But that's too bad, because you are also a deadly US Navy SEAL supertrooper. Your video feeds …
Lewis Page, 10 Feb 2009
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US Navy spends $12m on electric hypercannon

The US Navy has handed out a $12m contract to Texan academics to carry out research into electromagnetic hypervelocity railguns. According to the Pentagon contracts feed: The Institute of Advanced Technology at the University of Texas, Austin [will] perform railgun assessment including laboratory testing and scalability …
Lewis Page, 5 Feb 2009
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R2-D2 robots with frikkin lasers on them in development

Momentous news from the world of rayguns today. While the keenly anticipated hat-mounted laser cannon for pool sharks has yet to hit the consumer market, the Reg can reveal that the US military is working on a deadly beam weapon mounted on an R2-D2 robot. The Phalanx robotic gun-turret in action Not all that much like R2-D2 …
Lewis Page, 23 Jan 2009
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Retired army generals: Spend Trident money on the army

Comment Three long-retired British army generals have written to the Times, expressing their opinion that the UK should not - as the government has said it will - renew the Trident nuclear weapons programme. The three ex-soldiers are Field-Marshal Lord Bramall (87, retired as head of the armed forces in 1985); General Lord Ramsbotham …
Lewis Page, 16 Jan 2009
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Royal Navy warships lose email in virus infection

The Ministry of Defence confirmed today that it has suffered virus infections which have shut down "a small number" of MoD systems, most notably including admin networks aboard Royal Navy warships. The Navy computers infected are the NavyStar (N*) system, based on a server cabinet and cable-networked PCs on each warship and …
Lewis Page, 15 Jan 2009

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