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Brits seek rousing name for polar research vessel

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is inviting Joe Public to suggest names for its forthcoming polar research ship, due to hit the world's oceans in 2019. The £200m, 15,000 tonne vessel - to be built at Merseyside shipbuilding yard Cammell Laird - is hailed as Blighty's "largest and most advanced research ship yet …
Lester Haines, 17 Mar 2016

Fans demand 'Lemmium' periodic table tribute

Inevitably, and agreeably, an online petition is demanding that one of the four heavy metal elements coming soon to an engorged periodic table near you be named "Lemmium", in honour of recently departed Motörhead frontman Ian Fraser Kilmister, aka Lemmy. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has …
Lester Haines, 6 Jan 2016

Vote now to name HPE's London boozer

POLL The moment has arrived for you, our beloved readers, to name Hewlett Packard Enterprise's private London drinking club - a members-only establishment in the computer outfit's new HQ at 1 Aldermanbury Square. Here's the building last month, before HPE moved in, and when we spotted a licence application taped to the facade …
Lester Haines, 17 Dec 2015

Wheels come off parents' plan to dub sprog 'Mini Cooper'

A French couple's plan to dub their daughter "Mini Cooper" looks to be heading for the breaker's yard after officials referred the matter to court. According to L'Indépendant, the town hall in Perpignan alerted the public prosecutor's office to the name, which in turn asked judges to rule against the moniker. French law allows …
Lester Haines, 16 Oct 2015

NZ bloke's drunken poker bet ends in 99-letter name

A New Zealand lad is finally feeling the full effect of a lost poker bet some five years after he was obliged to change his name to "Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova." According to the New Zealand Herald, the 22-year-old Normanby local duly registered his new …
Lester Haines, 12 Mar 2014
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Boffins: Dolphins call each other NAMES. Not RUDE ones!

Boffins have piled on yet more evidence that dolphins call each other by name when they whistle to each other. Dolphins play in the water Scientists have reckoned for some time that dolphins have a unique whistle that acts as a distinctive name. Research by marine biologists Stephanie King and Vincent Janik from the …
The Register breaking news

Name that donkey: Barbarella battles Bathsheba

We at the El Reg Iberian bureau's Donkey Affairs Department are very much obliged for all your suggestions as to how we might name the latest member of our asinine fold – the splendid jenny seen here* yesterday challenging kittens in baskets for a slice of the 2012 cute creature calendar market: Our unnamed jenny seen …
Lester Haines, 3 Jun 2011
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El Reg receives message from planet 'Female Pigeon'

Our suggestion yesterday that exoplanet HD 43848 b in the constellation Columba would probably benefit from a name other than "Female Pigeon" (Peristera) prompted the planet formation expert responsible for the idea to beam over a mild email protest. Wladimir Lyra writes: Dear Mr Haines, I just saw the text you wrote about …
Lester Haines, 27 Oct 2009
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Swedish parents win right to name sprog 'Q'

The parents of a Jämtland boy have emerged triumphant from the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court, aka Regeringsrätten, and may henceforth legally refer to the sprog as "Q". The powers that be didn't much like the couple's choice of name, and both the county administrative court (Länsrätten) administrative court of appeal ( …
Lester Haines, 1 Oct 2009
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Kraft cans Vegemite iSnack2.0

LogoWatch Kraft has announced that it's dropping the name Vegemite iSnack2.0 for its cream-cheese-impregnated Vegemite following a severe shoeing from outraged Aussies. Just a few days after the company trumpeted that 27-year-old web designer Dean Robbins had beaten off over 48,000 rival suggestions from fellow Australians to brand the …
Lester Haines, 30 Sep 2009
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Vegemite unscrews lid on iSnack2.0

LogoWatch Kraft Foods has announced the result of a three-month competition to name its new cream-cheese-adulterated Vegemite, and has decided it's a really bright idea to brand the spread "Vegemite iSnack2.0". The man responsible for the outrage is West Australian web designer Dean Robbins. The 27-year-old saw off over 48,000 rival …
Lester Haines, 28 Sep 2009
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Bus driver becomes Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov

Norwegian bus driver Andreas Jankov has officially become "Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov", thereby apparently claiming the country's longest name crown. We're certain that Reg readers will be able to spot where film lover Elessar-Jankov got most of the inspiration for his makeover, but …
Lester Haines, 16 Sep 2009
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Vote now to name El Reg space plane

Reader poll Our announcement yesterday, that El Reg would be giving the UK's moribund space programme a touch of the defibrillator with its audacious space paper plane project, certainly seems to have caught readers' imagination. We're obliged to all those who submitted initial technical comments/suggestions. We'll look at those over the …
Lester Haines, 31 Jul 2009
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Weary locals scratch Butt Hole Road

Residents of Butt Hole Road in Conisbrough, South Yorks, are hoping that 300 quid will put an end to the pilgrimage which has seen sniggering crowds flock to the internationally-famous road sign, including Yanks in search of a Beavis and Butt-Head moment: According to the Sun, the four families living on the road stumped …
Lester Haines, 26 May 2009
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Swedish couple demand right to name baby 'Q'

A Swedish couple's battle to name their son "Q" will shortly arrive on appeal at the Supreme Administrative Court, aka Regeringsrätten, which will determine if current regs allow single-letter first names. The parents insist the sprog is not named in honour of the James Bond gadgetmeister, but is rather the victim of a wayward …
Lester Haines, 6 May 2009
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Naming the Palm Prē: Strategy Boutique OD's on joss-sticks

We're sure you were all wondering just how Palm came up with the paradigm-busting name for its much-anticipated, iPhone-annihilating Prē smartphone. The answer is it didn't - it asked a Strategy Boutique to do it. Cue the heady fug of joss-sticks and the sound of whalesong - in this at Catchword. Here are a few extracts …
Lester Haines, 9 Apr 2009
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Sofia Dark Knight Englundh protests footie chant slur

Our piece yesterday on Stockholm lass Sofia Englundh, prevented by the authorities from adopting the middle name "Dark Knight", prompted an email from the 19-year-old Heath Ledger fan protesting her treatment at the hands of the El Reg Bootnotes department. To recap, Ms Englundh's pitch to the Swedish National Tax Agency, aka …
Lester Haines, 12 Mar 2009
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Swedes say nej to Sofia 'Dark Knight' Englundh

The powers that be have decreed that a 19-year-old Stockholm lass may not change her name to Sofia "Dark Knight" Englundh, The Local reports. Sofia Englundh (evidently surnamed in honour of the famous drunken England footie fan chant), told the paper: "I love the film and the actors, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger. Also I don …
Lester Haines, 11 Mar 2009

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