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Police get ready for body parts audit

UK police forces are steeling themselves for an audit of body parts. The grim task will enable forces to take stock of the parts collected as evidence over the years and release to relatives those parts no longer needed for legal purposes. The need arises first and foremost because body parts form are also evidence at a crime …
Jane Fae , 8 Nov 2010
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Met lab claims 'biggest breakthrough since Watergate'

Police scientists have hailed a new technique that recently played a pivotal role in securing a murder conviction as the most significant development in audio forensics since Watergate. The capability, called "electrical network frequency analysis" (ENF), is now attracting interest from the FBI and is considered the exciting …
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Murderous Brazilian crime show host does a runner

The host of a hit Brazilian TV crime show has disappeared after being stripped of the political immunity which prevented him being arrested on charges of arranging hits to boost his show's ratings. Former police officer Wallace Souza fronted Canal Livre, in which he "railed against rampant crime". So popular was the show that …
Lester Haines, 7 Oct 2009
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TV crime show host 'ordered ratings-boosting hits'

The host of campaigning Brazilian TV crime show Canal Livre has been accused of coming up with an extreme method of boosting his ratings: ordering the murder of at least five people. Suspicions that former police officer Wallace Souza had arranged the hits were aroused when his camera crews in Manaus, Amazonas, demonstrated an …
Lester Haines, 12 Aug 2009
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Personal data warning over web forum killing

Police have warned against posting too much personal information on the internet, after a German man was today sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering a British computing student he met online. David Heiss, 21, from Dauborn, near Limburg, developed an obsession with his victim's girlfriend, and used information the couple …
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Police charge suspected Craigslist murderer

Boston Police have charged a 22 year old man over the murder of Julissa Brisman, a Craigslist masseuse found dead at the Copley Marriott Hotel on April 14. Philip Markoff of Quincy, Boston, was charged yesterday with the murder and with the armed robbery and kidnapping of another victim four days before Brisman's death. He is …
John Oates, 21 Apr 2009
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London stab murder rate entirely normal, says top stats prof

A top statistician has thrown a bucket of cold water on the stab murder media hysteria which has gripped the UK - and especially London - during the past year. Professor David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at the University of Cambridge, has just published a study on the subject in …
Lewis Page, 18 Mar 2009
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New cleaning products erase murder stains

Thanks to a new breed of detergent, getting away with murder isn't the daunting task it once was. In the past, removing telltale murder stains was next to impossible. Even after multiple washes, blood-splattered clothing could still lead the police to your front door. But according to experts at the University of Valencia, …
Cade Metz, 5 Nov 2008
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Jezza Clarkson cops flak for 'truckers murder strumpets' gag

A quip from Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson suggesting that lorry drivers kill prostitutes has attracted 188 complaints to the BBC. Clarkson was "taking part in a lorry-driving task" on Sunday's pre-watershed show when he said: "Change gear, change gear, check mirror, murder a prostitute, change gear, change gear, murder. …
Lester Haines, 4 Nov 2008
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Indian chief exec murder 'a warning for management'

India's Minister of Labour and Employment has landed himself in hot water by describing the death earlier this week of the chief executive of Graziano Transmissioni India as "a warning for management”. Lalit Choudhary, 47, died on Monday of head wounds after being attacked by a mob at the Graziano Transmissioni car parts …
Lester Haines, 26 Sep 2008
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Sacked Indian workers beat chief exec to death

The chief executive of Graziano Transmissioni India was yesterday beaten to death by a group of former workers when a meeting called to settle the dispute which led to their dismissal "turned sour", as the Guardian puts it. Lalit Kishore Choudhary, 47, was attempting to resolve an extended industrial dispute at the car parts …
Lester Haines, 23 Sep 2008

Inquirer celebrates spammer murder-suicide

Comment There's an air of celebration down at The Inquirer at the news that fugitive spammer Eddie Davidson decided to do the decent thing and kill himself. Here's our take on the story, but check out the opposition's view on the whole sorry affair. Well, as an opener, this takes some beating: "Not all stories have a happy ending, …
Lester Haines, 25 Jul 2008
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File system killer Reiser rejected 3-year sentence

A judge said today that prominent Linux developer and convicted murderer Hans Reiser rejected a plea deal that would have sent him to prison for only three years for killing his wife, Nina Reiser. During what was supposed to have been Reiser's sentencing today, Judge Larry Goodman of Alameda County Superior Court revealed that …
Austin Modine, 10 Jul 2008
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Suicide website creator arrested for murder

Police in Japan arrested a man who ran an internet suicide help site for allegedly being a little too helpful. Kazunari Saito, a 33-year-old electrician, was taken into custody yesterday for allegedly giving Sayaka Nishizawa, 21, sleeping pills and afterwards suffocating her — all at the victim's previous request to die. Saito …
Austin Modine, 11 Oct 2007

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