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Boffins build magnetic field cloak 'wormhole', could help MRI scanners

Alvaro Sanchez, (left), with Carles Navau, and Jordi Prat-Camps (right). Scientists have created what is being dubbed a 'wormhole' that can split a magnetic field and lead to better MRI scanning. The wormhole allows a magnetic field to be transported across space but it is not the kind of cosmic tunnel popularised by …
Darren Pauli, 4 Sep 2015
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Mind-reading MRI reads letters in the brain

Researchers from Radboud University Nijmegen are claiming that with a sufficiently-sensitive MRI and decent mathematical modelling, they can reconstruct images of the brain recognising letters seen by the test subject. Specifically, the researchers say they have “used data from the scanner to determine what a test subject is …
One of the newly-uncovered photos of Albert Einstein's brain

Japanese boffins READ YOUR DREAMS with MRI

Japanese boffins say they can tell what you are dreaming about by analysing magnetic resonance imager (MRI) scans. Researchers at Kyoto’s ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories published their breakthrough findings in Science magazine in a paper titled Neural Decoding of Visual Imagery During Sleep. The boffins used …
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Scan your branes LIVE IN REAL-TIME, thanks to GPU-surfin' boffins

GTC 2013 Let’s say you’re at a gathering – maybe a cocktail party or a crowded club – and some buff athlete shows up on crutches. He immediately becomes the center of attention as he recounts the story of his injury. “Dude, it was gnarly," he bellows so that everyone can hear. "A totally sick shred. Now I’m waitin’ on the MRI results. …
Dan Olds, 27 Mar 2013
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Japan firm offers mums-to-be 3D printed unborn infants

If your partner is up the duff, and you want to record the pregnancy for posterity, you could keep the ultrasound pictures and even get a cast made of your missus’ extended abdomen. Or, if you live in Japan, you can get a 3D printed foetus. For a mere ¥100,000 (£764), one Japanese company will squeeze your partner into a MRI …
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2012
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Brain boffins: 'Yes, math CAN make your head hurt – LITERALLY'

When someone says that math makes their head hurt, they may not be speaking metaphorically. A new study has shown that math anxiety can cause actual, physical pain. "We show that, when anticipating an upcoming math-task," the researchers explain, "the higher one's math anxiety, the more one increases activity in regions …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Nov 2012
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Boffing boffins create 3D map of orgasmic female brain

A team at Rutgers University claims that women use up to 80 different points in their brain when orgasming, a discovery achieved by mapping the moment in 3D using a MRI scanner. The team, which presented their research at the recent Society for Neuroscience conference in Washington DC, persuaded female volunteers to achieve …
Iain Thomson, 6 Dec 2011
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Pacific rare-earth discovery: Actually just gigatonnes of dirt

There has been a lot of excitement over a recent paper by Japanese researchers who have discovered billions – hundreds of billions – of tonnes of rare earths under the Pacific Ocean. Those rare earths, you will recall, are essential to so much of modern technology, from those sweet little earbuds of your iPod and the magnets in …
Tim Worstall, 4 Jul 2011
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Brainscan boffins build blunder-warning hat

Brain brainboxes in America and the Netherlands have come up with two significant pieces of research this week. Doubt is cast on any hopes for an early recovery from the present global economic crisis: but then a ray of light appears from another direction. Magnetoencephalogram (MEG) scanner in action A clue as to why the …
Lewis Page, 24 Mar 2009
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CERN Proton-smashers: We are economically valuable

International atomsmasher lab CERN has rubbished UK science minister Lord Drayson's suggestion that research funding should focus more on areas which directly benefit the economy. The Minister particularly favoured areas where he made his large personal fortune: med-tech and drugs. Here are a few highlights of Drayson's speech …
Lewis Page, 13 Feb 2009
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Nature moves into 3D publishing

Astronomers, publishers and computing experts claimed a "significant milestone" in the New Year's Day edition of heavyweight boffinry journal Nature, saying it is "the first time a major scientific journal has used a 3-D PDF of graphics in an article". The 3D pdf format, which can be displayed by any computer with up-to-date …
Lewis Page, 6 Jan 2009
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Tri-corders, alpine oxy-pills: Acropocalypse at DARPA

It's been a busy few days for the renowned US military crazytech research bureau, DARPA*. The Pentagon wack-profs have announced plans to develop a new drug which will acclimatise troops to thin mountain air very fast, and unveiled plans to make small, portable magnetic-resonance Tricorder-style scan gizmos. They have also …
Lewis Page, 3 Oct 2008

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