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Our happy travellers surrounded by armed police at LAX

Governance the key if you don't want mobile workers escaping your control

Mobile computing is great. No longer are we chained to our desks when using technology and doing proper work. Not only are laptops getting smaller, lighter and cheaper, it is also possible to do real, productive stuff even more freely using phones and tablets. As is always the case in computing, though, the positives of …
Dave Cartwright, 21 May 2015
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Danger, Will Robinson! Beware the hidden perils of BYOD

When I first became involved with networked PCs, the company I was working with was upgrading its NetWare 2.0a installation to 2.15. We were pushing the boundaries of networking with our three-way gateway connecting Ethernet, Token Ring and PCnet. The only local storage on all but the most high-end PCs was a floppy drive, and …
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Laptop batteries made of jelly invented

Jelly could be the answer to the problem of cheaper batteries for electronics, according to some boffins over at Leeds University. They've come up with a type of polymer gel that could replace the liquid electrolytes used in rechargeable lithium cells. And of course, because it's jelly-like, it can be moulded into all shapes …

Most smartphone users breach employers’ security, says survey

More than half of mobile device users access their employer's networks every day without permission, a survey has found. More than 80 per cent of users of mobile devices, whose security is not controlled by a company, say they have accessed work information. Network systems company Juniper Networks surveyed 6,000 mobile device …
OUT-LAW.COM, 28 Oct 2010
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TapRoot gives up on Walking Hotspot subs

TapRoot, creator of the Walking Hotspot, has given up trying to take subscriptions or do deals with network operators in favour of simply charging punters $25 for the product. Walking Hotspot turns a Symbian or Windows Mobile handset into a Wi-Fi access point, allowing a Wi-Fi-equipped laptop to access the internet over the …
Bill Ray, 21 Oct 2008
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Nokia hands Qualcomm €1.7bn to close patent dispute

Nokia has finally revealed the price it paid to settle its acrimonious patent dispute with Qualcomm three months ago. The firms finally buried their long-running trademark dispute in July, but at the time refused to disclose the price of the deal. Yesterday Nokia finally confirmed that they had struck a 15-year agreement …
Joe Fay, 17 Oct 2008
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MobUI snaps up Action Engine

Interface-developer MobUI has picked up Mobile-shell development company Action Engine in something of a fire sale, though remarkably few details about the transaction are available. Action Engine was one of the more vocal companies involved in developing mobile shells - replacement interfaces for mobile phones. The market was …
Bill Ray, 14 Oct 2008
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China wins, Symbian loses in Sony Ericsson reorg

Sony Ericsson announced a company reorganisation yesterday, intended to rationalise its R&D investment. The 2,000 job losses had been announced after another brutal quarter back in July, so yesterday's announcement tells us where these will fall. User interface development will be centered in Beijing. The move also sees …
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Sep 2008
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Reding tells Euro MPs to back telecoms reforms

Telcoms commissioner Viviane Reding has told the European Parliament to back proposed changes to telecoms regulation across Europe. The speech called for quicker data portability, compulsory data breach laws if private information is lost, more transparent pricing structures to make life easier for consumers, and more wireless …
John Oates, 3 Sep 2008
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Motorola hires Jha to get handset biz out of a pickle

Motorola has finally found a new CEO for its ailing handset division, after tempting Sanjay Jha away from mobile chip giant Qualcomm. Jha takes also picks up the title co-CEO of Motorola, alongside Greg Brown, who will also head up its Broadband Mobility Business. Normally any hint of democracy at the top of a company spells …
Joe Fay, 4 Aug 2008
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Motorola accidentally makes a profit

Motorola wrong-footed the markets this morning when it turned in an unexpected profit for its second quarter and said it would be in the black for the year. However, the better-than-anticipated bottom line had nothing to do with its mobile devices division, which still managed to show sliding sales and increased losses. …
Joe Fay, 31 Jul 2008

MobileMe offers another free bite of the Apple

Apple has offered MobileMe users free month's trial to apologise for taking their money without asking, in addition to the free month they got for the misrepresentation of the service. However, users are still reporting that MobileMe keeps forgetting where they're supposed to be and when they should be there. Last week Apple …
Bill Ray, 21 Jul 2008
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Making the mobile web ubiquitous

Now anyone can have a mobile web site, thanks to Ubik: an idiot-proof toolkit released by Volantis that talks users through creating their own mobile web presence. Though it won't tell you why you would want to do so. Guildford-based Volantis' primary business is making servers to deliver content to mobile devices, but it …
Bill Ray, 10 Jun 2008
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Nokia shows an Orange face to the world

Orange and Nokia have signed a strategic deal involving ten new handsets across the Orange businesses. Most importantly, it means Nokia's Ovi media service is becoming part of the Orange customer's experience. The ten new handsets will come out over the next three years and will be part of Orange's Signature range, which has …
Bill Ray, 22 May 2008
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EU sets out mobile satellite services

The European Parliament has approved a proposal that demands mobile satellite services reach at least 60 per cent of every country in Europe, and 50 per cent of their populations, in order to get operating spectrum. The ruling relates to a couple of chunks of spectrum which have been handed to the EU by member countries, for …
Bill Ray, 22 May 2008
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BestBuy blasts into UK with Carphone Warehouse buy

Carphone Warehouse is selling a 50 per cent stake in its mobile phone retail business to US electronics retailer BestBuy, setting the stage for a heavyweight fight in the UK's retail electronics market. The deal will bring CPW £1.1bn in cash, enough to sort out its debt problems and could leave enough in the till to buy …
John Oates, 8 May 2008

Microsoft waves in Minority Report-style computing era

Microsoft launched Surface Computing last night, and with a new computing paradigm - the table-top. Surface Computing allows users to interact by waving their hands around. The technology, which Redmond has been working on for last five years, has been top secret until now. The basic premise is a PC built into a coffee table …
Bill Ray, 30 May 2007
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Motorola tells developers to think small

JavaOne Motorola executives yesterday portrayed a world where whole populations are bypassing the PC and fixed-line networks to experience the internet using broadband and mobile. This wireless utopia was sketched out as the firm detailed the challenges and opportunities software developers face building applications for mobile devices …
Gavin Clarke, 11 May 2007

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