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Want access to mobe users' location, camera, phone ID? EXPLAIN YOURSELVES - ICO

Software developers should consider deploying "just-in-time notifications" to inform users about the imminent processing of personal data in mobile applications (apps), the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has said. The UK's data protection watchdog said that the pop-up disclosures were one way companies could explain …
OUT-LAW.COM, 24 Dec 2013

Ofcom: Parents, here's how to keep grubby tots from buying Smurfberries

Ofcom has posted video guides to turning off in-app purchasing on all the popular mobile platforms, but ads serving premium-rate numbers continue to proliferate uncontrolled. Users, and regulators - the OFT today launched a probe into whether kids were being pressured into buying in-game goodies - are getting wise to in-app …
Bill Ray, 15 Apr 2013
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Wouldbe Apple App Store killer WAC disappears into GSMA

The Wholesale Applications Community has been voluntarily subsumed by the GSMA, selling off its technology and giving up its independence. The app store which never was will now never be. The technology owned by the WAC, a platform-independent JavaScript-based runtime and a billing API with hooks into various network operators …
Bill Ray, 17 Jul 2012
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Apple will only reinstate mute kids' app if makers win patent case

Apple will not choke off sales of an iPad application that helps disabled children talk from its App Store if the speech therapists behind the app win the patents case that has been brought against them, The Register understands. Parents of speech-impaired kids using the iPad app 'Speak For Yourself' were distressed when Apple …
Anna Leach, 26 Jun 2012
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Bye, bye Apple. Now Facebook's the global app kingmaker

Analysis Facebook is helping Apple to solve the biggest problem facing mobile app stores: sorting through the quagmire of mediocrity endemic in the industry. But more importantly Facebook has found a way to turn mobile punters into profit. The Facebook App Center (launched last week) isn't just about mobile apps, it's also a place …
Bill Ray, 12 Jun 2012
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New London Bus API arrived at approximately ... 15.00

This afternoon, Transport for London opened up an API to share the data normally displayed in bus shelters with one and all, so expect a deluge of route-planning apps just in time for the Olympics. The API joins up existing data feeds for Boris-bike availability, vehicle traffic and waiting times for trains, and is already …
Bill Ray, 7 Jun 2012
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Amazon offers cloudy app test drives

Amazon is extending its cloud-based Test Drive to its on-device store, offering browsers a quick shot at an Android app, on their own phone, as a prelude to closing the sale. The service doesn't require developers to do anything, it just pops up as an option in the application's details (assuming you are in the USA), allowing …
Bill Ray, 22 May 2012
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Facebook launches App Store Center

Facebook is launching an App Center to recommend mobile applications based on demographic preferences as well as user ratings, just as long as they're tied into users' Facebook credentials – with a view to monetising the process eventually, of course. The App Center won't just recommend mobile apps, it will also showcase web- …
Bill Ray, 10 May 2012
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It's all in the wrist: E-ink smartwatch Pebble bags $2m

A group of people who designed an e-ink watch and were looking for $100,000 to fund its production raised that in a couple of hours – and they're now well on their way to having $2m to spend. The "Pebble" watch comes from the team that created the smartphone-on-a-watch inPulse. The Pebble is a smaller version of that product, …
Bill Ray, 13 Apr 2012
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Phonedeck pushes out web 'n' mobe app for Android

Phonedeck's promises to integrate an Android phone with a desktop computer though PIM synchronisation could yet prove its downfall. The service launches today, with an Android application and an HTML5 control panel. The application enables the control panel to make and answer calls (on the mobile) as well as manage SMS …
Bill Ray, 3 Apr 2012
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Facebook logins easily slurped from iOS, Android kit

Exclusive Facebook's iOS and Android clients don't encrypt users' logon credentials, leaving them languishing in a folder accessible to other apps or USB connections. A rogue application, or two minutes with a USB connection, are all that's needed to lift the temporary credentials from either device – a problem compounded by Facebook's …
Bill Ray, 3 Apr 2012
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'Social' TV app Zeebox goes live

As of this morning anyone can try Zeebox, the new interactive TV venture from Anthony Rose. Rose rescued the BBC's iPlayer and was chief techie behind YouView, formerly Project Canvas – prior to that he was Kazaa's CTO. Zeebox works both as a TV remote control and a mobile app, providing a backchannel to live TV via the web. …
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2011

Return of native: HTML5's enterprise battle

Open ... And Shut Consumer smartphone apps may get all the press, not to mention $15bn in market size by 2013, but enterprise smartphone apps may well prove to be the bigger market. This may be particularly true of HTML5 apps, which have been all the rage at Facebook, the Financial Times, and other consumer-facing app developers. The reason? …
Matt Asay, 26 Oct 2011

Can the iPad save newspapers?

Some obituaries of the late Steve Jobs praised the Apple founder as saviour of the newspaper industry. That’s hard to justify. While one of Jobs’ achievement was undoubtedly exploding the idea that people won’t pay for digital stuff, a newspaper business “saved” by the iPad won’t look anything like the old newspaper business. It …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Oct 2011
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Windows Marketplace goes webby

Windows Phone users, happily getting their Mango update, can now buy apps using a website as well as the Windows-only Zune client. The web-based version offers access to the same range of applications, and pushes them directly out to a registered handset, or sends an email with a suitable link if push isn't operable for some …
Bill Ray, 28 Sep 2011
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Rubbing an iPhone on your face won't cure acne - FTC

The Federal Trade Commission has fined two developers who claimed their mobile apps could cure acne with flashing colour, but there's still plenty of snake-oil on sale. Colour therapy for acne does have medical credentials, but the FTC's ruling is clear that the frequencies generated by a smartphone screen aren't even close to …
Bill Ray, 12 Sep 2011

iPhone app tracks Android-equipped Surrey cops

Residents of Runnymede can now follow the goings-on of their local plod on a free iPhone app, assuming plod decides to record his location on his Huawei-supplied handset. The pair of apps were developed by UK-based Multizone, and the public component is being launched on the iPhone today. That free app can be used to pick up …
Bill Ray, 23 Aug 2011
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Networks, handset makers vie for mobile dominance

WebOS is all but dead, and died without apparently leaving a gap for its competitors to fill, but the bloodbath of mobile platforms isn't over despite the clearing field. LiPS, LiMo, Moblin, Maemo and MeeGo are all dead or dying, while Symbian fights on like some jungle soldier who has not been told of the surrender. Access is …
Bill Ray, 22 Aug 2011

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