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after-party mess

Intune makes an appearance at the Android Enterprise Zero Touch party

Microsoft’s Intune device and PC management suite has scored support for Android enterprise purpose-built device management, meaning admins can lock down biz devices before users get their sticky fingers near them. Intune, a cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) platform, was …
Richard Speed, 11 Jul 2018
Cat sleeps on laptop

Azure Dev Spaces has hit public preview, so El Reg took it for a spin

Azure Dev Spaces is one of those technologies that looks great in demonstrations, but can end up being infuriating when introduced to real life. Shown off at this year's Build conference and subsequently released in private preview, the toys were released to public preview this week, and The Register was keen to get its talons …
Richard Speed, 11 Jul 2018
Swarming bugs

Intel, Microsoft, Adobe release a swarm of bug fixes to ruin your week

IT admins face a busy week ahead as Microsoft, Intel, and Adobe have issued bundles of scheduled security fixes addressing more than 150 CVE-listed vulnerabilities. Surprise, surprise, Microsoft has a ton of browser fixes For Redmond, the July Patch Tuesday will bring fixes for 53 individual bugs, 25 of those allowing for …
Shaun Nichols, 11 Jul 2018
Microsoft Surface Go

You're indestructible, always believe in 'cause you are Go! Microsoft reinvents netbook with US$399 ‘Surface Go’

Microsoft has revealed its long-rumoured smaller Surface device – and to The Register’s mind it looks a lot like the re-invention of the netbook. The new US$399 “Surface Go” has a ten-inch screen and comes in a tablet form factor. A Surface Go Signature Type Cover will set you back another $99, but includes a touchpad so you …
Simon Sharwood, 10 Jul 2018
android logo

Google’s Android Emulator gains AMD and Hyper-V support

Google’s given its Android Emulator a tickle to add support for AMD processors and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Android product manager Jamal Eason said the new features are “two long-standing user requests from the Android developer community that we are happy to address with this Android Emulator update.” It’s not hard to see why …
Simon Sharwood, 10 Jul 2018
Goats, image via Shutterstock

Hardware rumours, goat-spanking search engines and plenty of Azure. It's last week in Redmond

New builds, no outages and a few brokenhearted fanboys. It's the week at Microsoft. While plucky little America celebrated its liberation from the might of the British Empire, Microsoft was busy devising ways of liberating budget-conscious Surface fans from their cash as new hardware was sighted at the FCC. Unfortunately, …
Richard Speed, 9 Jul 2018
Downloading a patch

Microsoft slows Dynamics 365 update cadence

Microsoft’s announced a new twice-annual release cadence for Dynamics 365, its cloudy CRM/ERP service. Corporate veep and COO for business application engineering Mo Osborne has pitched the change as “modernizing” Microsoft’s efforts by making a new release every April and October. “Our new update cadence aims to lower …
A child unhappy with her cash stash

We might be skimming the Surface, but it looks like Microsoft's readying a wallet-friendly device

Microsoft fans hoping to sate their desire for a Surface device without selling a non-vital organ to fund it may have taken a step closer to realising their dreams this week. German hardware site WinFuture spotted a filing made by Microsoft with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that pointed towards new hardware. …
Richard Speed, 5 Jul 2018
Crying baby in autumn. Photo by shutterstock

Hoping for Microsoft's mythical Andromeda in your Xmas stocking? Don't hold your breath

Finding a new form factor for personal computing is harder than Microsoft thought. Reports suggest Redmond has gone back to the drawing board for its "Andromeda" handheld device due to incomplete software. So the mythical computer looks like the victim of another Redmond reorg. In March, the Windows and Devices Group (WDG) was …
Lloyd's Horse logo on building

Brit bank Lloyds carves out role for ex-Microsoft design guy Dan Makoski

UK banking giant Lloyds has hired former Microsoft design guru Dan Makoski and plonked him in the newly created role of Chief Design Officer. The bank is keen on "designing great experiences for our customers," according to Lloyds' Zak Mian, group transformation director. Presumably this will involve a bit more than changing …
Richard Speed, 4 Jul 2018
Penguin drinks a bottle of wine

A fine vintage: Wine has run Microsoft Solitaire on Linux for 25 years

Though it may not have managed to bring Linux to the desktop in any meaningful sense, 4 July marks 25 years since the first stable release of not-a-Windows-emulator, Wine. Created in 1993 as a way of inflicting Windows 3.1 applications on the then positively pristine Linux world (mastermind Linus Torvalds had only just emitted …
Richard Speed, 4 Jul 2018
image of race with one running slowed by gender

As far as the gender pay gap in Britain goes, IBM could do much worse

It appears that IBM's Human Resources department has skills that extend beyond the laying off of large swathes of staff. It has emerged that the boys and girls at Big Blue enjoy a gender pay gap that is better than average (in the UK at least), although HR could take some lessons from Microsoft. An internal report (PDF) …
Richard Speed, 3 Jul 2018
swiss mountainside

While you were basking in the sun, the relentless march of the Windows-maker continued

Seven days is a long time in the Microsoft world, although possibly not long enough to complete an April 2018 Update of Windows 10. This week brought both good and bad news from the bowels of Redmond. Windows giveth and taketh away While Microsoft quietly did away with support for older CPUs in Windows 7, Windows 10 saw fixes …
Richard Speed, 2 Jul 2018

Git365. Git for Teams. Quatermass and the Git Pit. GitHub simply won't do now Microsoft has it

Poll In all the furore around the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft, no one has asked the obvious question: what should the service be called after its Redmondisation? At Vulture Central, we live in constant fear of mixing up GitLab and GitHub. Two letters are all that stand between an amusingly snarky story and a grovelling …
Richard Speed, 29 Jun 2018
Businessman holding USB stick

With this USB stick as my witness: Microsoft's Storage Spaces cluster pool now Olympic-sized

Microsoft has quadrupled Storage Spaces capacity and made other improvements for IoT edge use. Storage Spaces is a way of virtualising disk capacity by aggregating drives in a pool from which virtual disks can be provisioned. These virtual disks can have RAID-like protection such as two and three-way mirrors, parity, which is …
Chris Mellor, 28 Jun 2018

Google Cloud CEO admits: Yeah, we wanted GitHub too. Whatevs

So it's official – Google was also keen on acquiring GitHub before Microsoft swooped in with its $7.5bn purchase. Speaking at an event in San Francisco, Diane Greene, CEO of Google Cloud, said ruefully: "I wouldn't have minded buying them, but it's OK." There was no word on what offer Google was thinking about. There had been …
Richard Speed, 28 Jun 2018

Ready, get Sets... no? App-grouping whizzery for Windows 10 killed

Microsoft dropped another Insider build of Windows 10 last night. Hidden away among the long list of tweaks in build 17704 was news that the anticipated Sets function is unlikely to see the light of day. Sets was one of the more visible changes expected in the next version of Windows (currently known as Redstone 5). It allowed …
Richard Speed, 28 Jun 2018
Microsoft's three containerised Windows Server options

Microsoft releases new containerised cut of Windows Server

Microsoft’s released a new version of Windows called “windows” that ships as a container image. Why does the world need a new Windows? Because Microsoft’s chats with developers have taught it that they want something with more functionality than either Nano Server or Windows Server Core. Microsoft’s Lars Iwer, a program …
Simon Sharwood, 28 Jun 2018

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