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Amazon staffers protest firm's 'support of the surveillance state'

Amazon workers have reportedly called on their bosses to stop selling facial recognition kit to cops and spies, and slammed its links to data analytics biz Palantir. Amid the tech industry's intense efforts to prove to the public that they are not corporate monsters, Washington DC publication The Hill has reported that Amazon …
Rebecca Hill, 22 Jun 2018
This is the blockchain. Yes, THE blockchain

Amid 'idiotic blockchain phase,' EY and Microsoft tout smart contracts

In an effort to demonstrate there are actual uses for blockchain technology, global professional services biz EY and Microsoft have teamed up to offer companies a way to manage rights and royalties. Though the system is designed to serve any industry that deals with intellectual property licensing and royalty payments, the …
Thomas Claburn, 22 Jun 2018

Amazon tweaks its word processor for easier online Office edits

Earlier this week we reported that Amazon Web Services appears to be planning the launch of a new end-user computing service that we speculated could be a competitor for Office 365. And today Amazon has given a hint we might just have been right with news of an update to its US$5/month-with-a-terabyte-of-storage WorkDocs …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Jun 2018
Cheque, photo via Shutterstock

Accountants HATE them: Microsoft's Xbox harnesses blockchain to pay games publishers

All aboard the blockchain hypewagon – Microsoft announced today that it has begun using the technology to deal with royalty and digital rights contracts. While the shiny toy, which runs on Azure (of course), is interesting, lurking within the excited ramblings was an admission of how Xbox game publishers used to get their …
Richard Speed, 21 Jun 2018

Microsoft open-sources UI Recorder tool for Windows 10 developers

Microsoft has given Windows developers a helping hand by releasing a new UI recorder. Fresh up on GitHub, "WinAppDriver UI Recorder" is described by Microsoft's Hassan Uraizee as helping users “easily create automated UI tests”. For developers using WinAppDriver, Microsoft already offers a tool called “Inspect”, which allows …

You've seen the hype. Now you're curious. Why not have a crack at AI using this online lab...

Microsoft has thrown open the doors to its AI Lab, a suite of beginner projects to help developers learn machine learning. There are five different experiments that cover computer vision, natural language processing, and drones. “Each lab gives you access to the experimentation playground, source code on GitHub, a crisp …
Katyanna Quach, 20 Jun 2018
Image by ART production

Microsoft Edge bug odyssey shows why we can't have nice things

Updated Earlier this year, Jake Archibald, developer advocate for Google Chrome, found a bug affecting Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge – and had two very different experiences trying to get the problem fixed. Mozilla, he said this week in a blog post recounting the saga, responded within three hours. And because the browser maker …
Thomas Claburn, 20 Jun 2018
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO wades into ICE outcry: Cool it, we only do legacy mail

Updated Microsoft's continued efforts to distance itself from a clumsily worded blog post continued today with the publishing of an email from CEO Satya Nadella. US govt photo of children detained Microsoft shoves US govt IT contract where ICE throws kids: Out of sight in a chain-link cage READ MORE The email follows an open letter …
Richard Speed, 20 Jun 2018
lava lamp

Microsoft: Blobs can be WORMs in the new, regs-compliant Azure

Microsoft emitted a preview of immutable storage for Azure Storage Blobs yesterday in an effort to win the hearts and minds of industries weighed down by regulation. The feature, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Amazon's Glacier Vault Lock, is the latest move in a series of tit-for-tat feature updates as …
Richard Speed, 20 Jun 2018

Azure admins free to sync their teeth into database-spreader tool

Microsoft announced general availability of its Azure Data Sync tool this week, which allows data to be synchronised between cloudy Azure SQL databases and on-premises servers. Just in time for Azure to go for a good long lie down, in Northern Europe at least. Microsoft Azure on show at Ignite in Orlando Microsoft Azure …
Richard Speed, 20 Jun 2018
Microsoft Azure on show at Ignite in Orlando

Microsoft Azure Europe embraced the other GDPR: Generally Down, Possibly Recovering

Updated Microsoft Azure tumbled over in northern Europe – and services have effectively stayed down for unlucky customers for around five hours. The disruption was caused by problems within the cloud platform's storage and networking systems, we're told. Today, from 1744 UTC to now, at time of writing 2115 UTC, according to the …
Chris Williams, 19 Jun 2018
Cloudy fork in the road

Adobe’s e-signature service to go bi-cloud: Adds Azure to AWS

Adobe is taking its “Sign” electronic signature service into Microsoft’s Azure cloud, in addition to its current arrangement that sees the service run in Amazon’s cloud. Sign is an electronic signature service that allows users to sign documents by scrawling their sign on a screen or with a mouse, then using that signature in …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Jun 2018
Illustration of a circuit board

Now Microsoft ports Windows 10, Linux to homegrown CPU design

Updated Microsoft has ported Windows 10 and Linux to E2, its homegrown processor architecture it has spent years working on mostly in secret. As well as the two operating systems, the US giant's researchers say they have also ported Busybox and FreeRTOS, plus a collection of toolkits for developing and building applications for the …
Chris Williams, 18 Jun 2018
US govt photo of children detained

Microsoft shoves US govt IT contract where ICE throws kids: Out of sight in a chain-link cage

Microsoft removed and then replaced a reference to its work for the US government's immigration authorities in the wake of a national outcry over a new policy of separating children from their asylum-seeking parents at the border. Back in January, Microsoft published a blog post that covered new contracts it had signed with …
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Jun 2018
Woman with red roses and coffin at funeral in church

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mark the life of Slack for Windows Phone

Users of the Windows Phone incarnation of the popular collaborative messaging platform Slack have been advised to look elsewhere. The latest update of the application arrived last week, with a message warning that this was it. There would be no further tweaks. Slack's support site agreed. Though it'll remain available in …
Richard Speed, 18 Jun 2018
Javascript photo via Shutterstock

'No, we are not rewriting Office in JavaScript' and other Microsoft tales

E3 aside, the team at Redmond were busy last week with a smattering of the good, the bad and the frankly odd. Windows ups and downs Dishwasher comparison pros Which? weighed in on user grief over Windows 10 while Microsoft killed off a bunch of support forums for old versions of the OS. Microsoft also insisted that everything …
Richard Speed, 18 Jun 2018
Two beer glasses clash and splash frothy beer into the air. Cheers! Photo by Shutterstock

Office 365 celebrates National Beer Day by popping out for a pint

Office 365 is suffering a stuttering start to the weekend with UK users complaining this morning that the service has slowed to a crawl or stopped altogether. The first hint of a problem came at 1004, UK time, with users complaining about connectivity issues with Office 365 and Azure. Anyone have issues with slow Office 365 …
Richard Speed, 15 Jun 2018
Man in blue shirt and tie raises face to the sky in bliss during double fist-pump. Photo by Shutterstock

Microsoft says Windows 10 April update is fit for business rollout

Microsoft’s decided that Windows 10 version 1803, aka the April Update, is now fit for consumption by business users or indeed anyone or anything capable of running Windows 10. The company’s declared the updated OS is now “fully available for all compatible devices running Windows 10 worldwide”, including business PCs. Have …
Simon Sharwood, 15 Jun 2018

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