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Artist's impression of Envisat. Credit:ESA

Oz lays plans to cover possible US met sat gap

In the aftermath of Sandy-the-storm, a surprised America looked skywards and started wondering about Uncle Sam’s weather forecasting prowess. In particular, venerable organs like Time and the New York Times have voiced concerns that as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-and NASA-run polar weather satellite …
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Boffins: Atlantic temperature ruled by dust, not CO2

American scientists say that variations in atmospheric dust levels affect the temperature of the Atlantic ocean far more than global warming. Research indicates that 70 per cent of the change in Atlantic temperature over recent decades has resulted from reduced dust, rather than climate change. The new analysis comes from …
Lewis Page, 27 Mar 2009
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Boffins monitor strato-weather from half-mile underground

Ever since there have been weather people, aviators and sailors have taunted them for failing to simply step outside - or go to the window - and look at the sky. But now meteorology boffins have struck back, saying that actually one of the best places to monitor weather conditions is a disused mine tunnel half a mile underground …
Lewis Page, 22 Jan 2009
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Aussie droid planes in Barbados hurricane probe

American weather boffins plan to send more unmanned aircraft plunging deep into the 2008 crop of Caribbean hurricanes, in a bid to find out more about the deadly rotating storm systems. Aerosonde heads into the hurricane When the going gets tough, the robots get going. ©Jon Becker, Aerosonde Pty Ltd. This year will see as …
Lewis Page, 27 May 2008

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