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Unusual cloud over the ocean. photo by shutterstock

Boffins name 12 new types of cloud in first Cloud Atlas since 1986

The World Meteorological Organisation has published the first new edition of its Cloud Atlas since 1986 and in so doing named eleven new types of cloud, some identified by digital-camera-wielding citizen cloud wonks. The new edition is also the first to be published online. The big new addition to the Atlas is “Volutus”, a …
Simon Sharwood, 27 Mar 2017

Tornado-chasing stealth Batmobile set to invade killer vortices

A pair of intrepid 20-year-old Iowans have constructed a tornado-chasing vehicle that looks for all the world like a cross between a Stryker M1126 ICV, F-117 Nightwhawk, and a Ford E-350 van. Iowa Storm Chasing Network's 'Dorothy' tornado-chasing vehicle Armored, equipped, aerodynamically and aesthetically enhanced – Dorothy …
Rik Myslewski, 22 Mar 2014
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Inside the new climate row as Mystic Met Office goes cool on warming

Analysis Britain's Met Office has come under fire for two pieces of crystal-ball gazing involving global temperature and British rainfall. On Christmas Eve, the Met's temperature prediction for the UK was quietly revised downwards, and only merited a press release this week after physics blog Tallbloke's Talkshop noticed the change. …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Jan 2013
Artist's impression of Envisat. Credit:ESA

Oz lays plans to cover possible US met sat gap

In the aftermath of Sandy-the-storm, a surprised America looked skywards and started wondering about Uncle Sam’s weather forecasting prowess. In particular, venerable organs like Time and the New York Times have voiced concerns that as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-and NASA-run polar weather satellite …

Taiwanese weathermen pick Fujitsu PrimeHPC super

Taiwan CWB map Fujitsu got a big wad of yen last year from the Japanese government to build the K supercomputer, which until this month was the fastest parallel supercomputer in the world. Now Fujitsu is on a tear to commercialize the supercluster, which it sells with upgraded processors as the PrimeHPC FX10. So it was quite …
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Toy Story: Mystic Met needs swanky new kit, swoon MPs

Analysis The Mystic Met has bewitched MPs who have recommended the forecasters are given the swanky new supercomputer they want. Despite the meteorologists getting 10 of their last 11 winter forecasts wrong, MPs say the Met needs to improve its communication and PR, rather than its scientific methodology. Amazingly, MPs even blame the …
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Feb 2012
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New Earth-observing satellite snaps 'blue marble' shot

The newly renamed Suomi NPP satellite has snapped a hi-res composite of the Earth from a number of swaths over the surface taken on 4 January. Image of Earth from the Suomi NPP Image of Earth from the Suomi NPP. Credit: NASA/NOAA/GSFC/Suomi NPP/VIIRS/Norman Kuring The National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental …
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US Navy invents 'Zero-Power Autonomous' ocean probe

US Navy and Marine Corps boffins are chuffed with themselves today, after inventing a crafty underwater probe podule which can be dropped into the sea, sink to a pre-programmed depth, remain there for weeks or months and then at some point rise to the surface again - all without using any electrical power. This last is a good …
Lewis Page, 28 Jun 2011
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Death, grit and climate: Met Office drama unfolds

If a hit West End play can be made out of Bohr meeting Heisenberg, there must be some promising dramatic material in the blame-game now unravelling in Whitehall. Airports, energy providers, local authorities and health trusts were caught short by record cold weather extremes this year, for the third winter running – raising …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2011
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Moses' parting of the Red Sea: New sim explains whole thing

Computer-modelling scientists say that there may be a factual basis for the passage in the Bible where God parts the Red Sea in order to allow through Moses and the Israelites and then allows the waters back again to drown the pursuing forces of Pharaoh. According to top boffins based at the US National Centre for …
Lewis Page, 22 Sep 2010
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Beeb storm cockup: Wrong day's shipping forecast read

Proof, if it were needed, that voice in general and the BBC in particular are foolish ways to transmit important information was provided by Radio 4 earlier this month when an announcer read out the shipping forecast for the wrong day - during one of the stormiest weekends of the year. Parts of the first shipping forecast …
Lewis Page, 25 Nov 2009
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Tories may cut Met Office funding

The UK's Met Office may receive far less cash - or none at all - from the Ministry of Defence under a Tory future government, the shadow defence minister has said. The BBC reports today that Liam Fox, Conservative spokesman on Defence, has said that funding for the Met Office may fall a victim to the need for cost-cutting at …
Lewis Page, 19 Oct 2009
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Boffins: Atlantic temperature ruled by dust, not CO2

American scientists say that variations in atmospheric dust levels affect the temperature of the Atlantic ocean far more than global warming. Research indicates that 70 per cent of the change in Atlantic temperature over recent decades has resulted from reduced dust, rather than climate change. The new analysis comes from …
Lewis Page, 27 Mar 2009
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Boffins monitor strato-weather from half-mile underground

Ever since there have been weather people, aviators and sailors have taunted them for failing to simply step outside - or go to the window - and look at the sky. But now meteorology boffins have struck back, saying that actually one of the best places to monitor weather conditions is a disused mine tunnel half a mile underground …
Lewis Page, 22 Jan 2009
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Aussie droid planes in Barbados hurricane probe

American weather boffins plan to send more unmanned aircraft plunging deep into the 2008 crop of Caribbean hurricanes, in a bid to find out more about the deadly rotating storm systems. Aerosonde heads into the hurricane When the going gets tough, the robots get going. ©Jon Becker, Aerosonde Pty Ltd. This year will see as …
Lewis Page, 27 May 2008
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Blighty to become old-time Inundation Nation

A top boffin has warned that Blighty may be headed into a "monsoon" period, possibly a decade or more in duration, in which we can expect much more flooding than has been the norm for the past generation or so. Interestingly, Professor Stuart Lane doesn't ascribe his predicted watery onslaught to climate change. He says the UK …
Lewis Page, 8 May 2008

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