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Met: We shan't scrap Form 696

The Metropolitan Police is congratulating itself for removing a question from Form 696, the controversial initiative "risk assessment" that allows London police to demand information from promoters. The police have also dropped the requirement that every performer and musician provide a phone number 14 days in advance of every …
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Met hires Twitter consultancy

Police worried about the force's reputation are scouring Facebook and Twitter for criticism and rumours, ahead of the imminent Climate Camp protest. The force has hired 6 Consulting*, a firm of "social media monitoring and engagement specialists" for a one-month pilot to monitor the web for relevant chatter. It follows a …
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The Quick - and the Dead in the Water

Comment Quick by name, and for once, quick by nature. The speedy resignation of assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, following his inadvertent public exposure of secret documents detailing a highly sensitive counter-terror operation, has probably saved the Police and Home Office an Easter of recriminations and back-biting. As a result of …
Jane Fae , 9 Apr 2009
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More Tasers for cops: not in London

The Home Office's recently announced plan to issue Taser electric stunguns more widely to police has been endorsed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). However the extra Tasers have been turned down for now by the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), the governing body of London coppers. The Met already has …
Lewis Page, 25 Nov 2008

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