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Metropolitan Police at Notting Hill Carnival

London's top cop isn't expecting facial recog tech to result in 'lots of arrests'

The commissioner of London's Met Police has insisted the public "expect" cops to trial the facial recognition tech that is subject to two legal challenges in the UK – while admitting she doesn’t expect its use to result in “lots of arrests”. In a hearing at the London Assembly today, Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police …
Rebecca Hill, 4 Jul 2018

Biometrics watchdog breaks cover, slams UK cops over facial recog

The UK Biometrics Commissioner has condemned the Home Office and police forces over their failure to address critical issues surrounding facial recognition. As well as noting the growing database of mugshots that Brit coppers possesses, many of which are illegally held, Professor Paul Wiles has criticized the government for …
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Aug 2017

Ofcom finds 'reasonable grounds' that KCOM failed to maintain 999 services

UK comms watchdog Ofcom has today said it has "reasonable grounds" for believing operator KCOM failed to maintain emergency services access in Hull. KCOM notified Ofcom in February 2016 that its phone service in the region had suffered a “temporary reduction in availability.” In an update today the regulator said: "Ofcom has …
Kat Hall, 7 Oct 2016
police in body armour doing a raid

Met cops shop for £150m IT system. Must have: Data centre ops

London's Met Police is seeking a supplier for a 10-year contract for an integrated IT system worth up to £150m in its latest attempt to update its clunky technology. That system is intended to be a commercial off-the-shelf solution that will boost coppers' operational policing via a system that manages all their end-to-end …
Kat Hall, 11 Apr 2016
police in body armour doing a raid

Met Police cancels £90m 999 call command-and-control gig

The Met Police has canned its £90m command-and-control system responsible for handling 999 calls with Northrop Grumman following major delays to the contract. In January it emerged that a three-year delay to the 17-year contract awarded in 2014 would result in an extra £25m being tacked on to the cost. The Met's current system …
Kat Hall, 16 Mar 2016
Mac malware

Ex-NSA bloke: 'I love Apple products, I just wish they were secure'

QuoTW The first full week of May saw Uber size up Nokia's map biz, while a Tiversa employee claimed he went rogue and Tesla caught flack for its new home battery pack. Here are some of the last seven day's choice quotes: Infosec bod Patrick Wardle laid into Apple for its lame security practices. The former NSA, researcher when …
Team Register, 10 May 2015

UK cops: Give us ONE journo's phone records. Vodafone: Take the WHOLE damn database!

Blundering Vodafone leaked the phone records of 1,760 Brit journalists and their colleagues to London's Met Police, a UK watchdog confirmed on Tuesday. The cops had used surveillance laws to demand information on one particular journo's calls. But after realizing Vodafone had handed over records on hundreds of journalists, …
Shaun Nichols, 26 Nov 2014
London BMW 5-Series police car

UK fuzz want PINCODES on ALL mobile phones

Exclusive The Metropolitan Police has spent more than two years lobbying phone manufacturers and the government in a bid to introduce mandatory passwords on every new unit sold in Blighty, The Reg has learned. Senior officers from the Met's National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPCU) have met with firms including Apple and Samsung to …
Jasper Hamill, 19 Aug 2014
The Register breaking news

Look out, fanbois: One in two nicked mobes is an iPhone - cops

Half of the phones stolen in London over the summer were iPhones, the capital's cops reported this week. According to new statistics, phone-related crime, particularly snatching, was up year on year. Between April and September, 28,800 mobes out of 56,680 nicked handsets in London were Apple pocket strokers. That's an average …
Anna Leach, 16 Jan 2013
The Register breaking news

Phone-hack saga: Police cuff man in southwest London

Scotland Yard officers cuffed a 46-year-old man this morning in connection with its investigation into alleged phone-hacking offences at Rupert Murdoch-owned News International. The unnamed suspect was arrested at his home on Wednesday at an address in southwest London. He was manacled on suspicion of perverting the course of …
Kelly Fiveash, 19 Dec 2012
The Register breaking news

Assange's Ecuador asylum bid has violated £200k UK bail, say cops

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange™ – who is currently holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London - has breached his UK bail conditions, Scotland Yard confirmed this morning. As we reported yesterday, the 40-year-old Australian is seeking political asylum in Ecuador, after his attempts to appeal against extradition to Sweden …
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Jun 2012
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Met cops get new pocket-sized fingerprint scanners

Met bobbies will soon be able to scan suspects' fingerprints on the street and pull up their records in seconds using internet-connected handheld gadgets. London's top cops ordered 350 phone-size devices, which will be used to run identity checks on anyone believed to have committed an offence or potentially wanted for a crime …
Anna Leach, 24 May 2012
The Register breaking news

Scotland Yard cyber-crime squad 'saved £140m'

The Metropolitan Police’s e-crime busting squad claims to have saved £140m in its last six months of fighting cybercrime. The figure, based on the theoretical earnings of the ne'er do wells collared by the team of cybercops, is ahead of the unit's full year target and 30 per cent of its four-year £504m goal. The Cabinet …
John Leyden, 4 Oct 2011
The Register breaking news

Cyber cops crush plod-snapper site following Millbank riot

The Metropolitan Police have tried to ban an anti-police website in the wake of the student protests against spending cuts last week. The Met's public order branch, CO11, contacted web host Just to request the site be removed because it was: "being used to undertake criminal activities". The host was then contacted …
John Oates, 16 Nov 2010

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