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F-Secure gobbles up Zdziarski's Little Flocker, spits it into antivirus kit

Updated F-Secure has completely absorbed Little Flocker, the macOS security tool built by computer forensics boffin Jonathan Zdziarski. Financial terms of the deal, announced Thursday, were undisclosed. Zdziarski just recently joined Apple on its security engineering team, so the handover of the paid-for software to F-Secure makes a …
John Leyden, 6 Apr 2017

Shhh! Shazam is always listening – even when it's been switched 'off'

A security researcher has discovered that when the Mac version of Shazam is switched off, it simply stops processing recorded data. The recording itself continues. The music identification service admits the behaviour but says it only keeps recording purely for technical reasons. Patrick Wardle, a former NSA staffer who heads …
John Leyden, 15 Nov 2016

Ex-NSA security expert develops generic Mac ransomware blocker

An Apple security expert has developed a free-of-charge standalone ransomware defense tool for OS X. Patrick Wardle, a former NSA staffer who now heads up research at crowdsourced security intelligence firm Synack, has built RansomWhere?, a generic ransomware detector. The utility works by suspending untrusted processes that …
John Leyden, 20 Apr 2016
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Mac security packages range from peachy to rancid – antivirus tests

Updated Independent tests of Mac antivirus products have discovered that the effectiveness of these security packages runs from a risible 20 per cent to an unimpeachable 100 per cent. German security lab put 18 free and paid-for Mac OS X security products and services to the test, discovering widely differing performances …
John Leyden, 4 Sep 2014

Apple fanbois warned: No, Cupertino HASN'T built a Bitcoin mining function into Macs

The denizens of internet horror-forum 4chan have come up with a hoax designed to trick Mac fans into deleting all the files on their machines by running commands supposedly needed to turn on hidden Bitcoin mining features. Apple's so-called secret mining feature, which 4channers claim has been present in Macs since 2009, can …
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2013
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Security biz scoffs at Apple's anti-Trojan Gatekeeper

Security watchers are expressing reservations about whitelisting security that Apple plans to integrate with OS X Mountain Lion this summer. The security feature, dubbed Gatekeeper, restricts the installation of downloaded applications based on their source. Users can choose to accept apps from anywhere (as now) but by default …
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2012
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Tsunami Trojan: First Mac attack based on Linux crack

Malware writers have derived a new Trojan for Mac OS X by porting an older Linux backdoor Trojan horse onto another platform. The newly discovered Tsunami Trojan is derived from an earlier Linux-infecting backdoor Trojan, called Kaiten, which phoned home from infected machines to an IRC channel for further instructions. …
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2011
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New Mac fake-defenders similar to Windows scareware

Researchers at Microsoft have discovered striking similarities between the recently emerged wave of scareware packages targeting Mac fans and the longer established rogue anti-virus applications for Windows. MacDefender falsely warns that Mac OS X machines are infected with malware in a bid to trick prospective marks into …
John Leyden, 20 May 2011
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F-Secure Mac security scanner bug bins benign files

F-Secure has apologised about a bug in its consumer-focused Mac security software that left surfers fighting against their own browsers as clean files were wrongly classified as malign. A faulty definition in the beta version of F-Secure Mac Protection meant that the software had been wrongly identifying some benign files as …
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2011
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Lily Allen sues Apple over hacked Macbook

Lily Allen, the British pop star, has issued a writ against Apple, in an attempt to find out who hacked into her Macbook. So says the Sun, which reports the pregnant songstress (25) is taking action after Apple told her it would co-operate only if ordered to by a court. We doubt that she will get anywhere, but you never know …
Drew Cullen, 20 Sep 2010
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Mac art project game destroys aliens files

A Mac game that deletes users' files has sparked a debate about whether it's malware or not. The Space Invaders-style game deletes a file from the Mac home directory every time a user destroys an alien ship. The application, released as part of an art project, clearly warns this is what it does... in big red letters (link to …
John Leyden, 4 Nov 2009
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Apple fans targeted by smut-punting malware

VXers are targeting Mac fans via a pair of new malware-themed attacks, one of which is on offer through what purports to be a portal for adult videos. The Jahlav-C Mac-specific Trojan poses as an ActiveX update needed to watch grumble flicks, as explained by ParetoLogic here. The same booby-trapped website, which runs code to …
John Leyden, 11 Jun 2009

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