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Latest F-35 bang seat* mods will stop them breaking pilots' necks, beams US

The American F-35 Joint Project Office says ejection seat and helmet modifications will stop emergency ejections from breaking petite pilots' necks. Pilots who weigh less than 62kg (9¾ stone, 136lb) are currently banned from flying the state-of-the-art F-35 fighter jet because an emergency ejection using the currently fitted …
Gareth Corfield, 20 Sep 2016

999 What's your emergency: Mega millions Met call handling IT muckup?

A major delay to the Metropolitan Police's new command-and-control system responsible for handling 999 calls will cost the tax payer £25m, it has emerged. The £90m contract to overhaul the Met's 30-year-old command-and-control system was meant to go live last year after Lockheed and Northrop Grumman won the 17-year " …
Kat Hall, 18 Jan 2016
Artist's rendering of the Orion spacecraft at the Moon

Orion: To Mars, the Moon and beyond... but first, a test flight through Van Allen belt

NASA’s Orion spacecraft, rescued from the chop by President Barack Obama and aimed at reviving the US’s dormant manned space exploration with trips to Mars, the Moon and asteroids, will have its first test flight this week. Youtube Video The Apollo-like ship has been seen by some as nothing more than a stealthy bit of …
A U-2 "Dragon Lady" takes off from the Osan Air Base, South Korea, flightline Oct. 21, 2009, during the base Air Power Day air show. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)

Cold War spy aircraft CRASHED Los Angeles' air traffic control

The Federal Aviation Administration has claimed a major glitch that grounded dozens of flights last week was caused by a Cold War-vintage reconnaissance aircraft. It claimed that a U-2 "Dragon Lady" flew into airspace controlled by the Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center in Palmdale, which uses a system called En …
Jasper Hamill, 6 May 2014
Mars One first landers

Mars One's certain-death space jolly shortlists 1,000 wannabe explorers

The Mars One project has whittled its 200,000 video applicants down to just 1,058, who will compete for a place on the entirely hypothetical one-way trip to the Red Planet to establish a human colony. The chosen few will be taking part in a reality-TV style competition to cut them down to the final 40 candidates hoping to be …
F-16 falcon fighter jet

Small software firm wins $28.4m after lobbing sueball at Lockheed Martin

Titchy software company Command Technology has managed to win $24.8m in a settlement from the mighty Lockheed Martin for unfair competition. In a David-and-Goliath story, Command sued Lockheed after being kept out of work making software for the 4,500 F-16 fighter jets that have been sold to US military and other countries. A …
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US robochopper cargo skyhook gets another $47m

The US Army and Marines' ongoing effort to get unmanned robot supply helicopters into service continues, with a further $47m contract award announced yesterday. The unmanned cargo version of the Kaman K-Max helicopter. Credit: Lockheed You can put a flyboy in there if you want one for some reason The deal, awarded by the …
Lewis Page, 17 Aug 2011
For Sale sign detail

Lockheed Martin suspends remote access after network 'intrusion'

Lockheed Martin has reportedly suspended remote access to email and corporate apps following the discover of a network intrusion that may be linked to the high-profile breach against RSA earlier this year. The manufacturer of F-22 and F-35 fighter planes has reset passwords in response to a "major internal computer network …
John Leyden, 27 May 2011
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NASA 'deep space' ship: Humans beyond orbit by 2020?

Analysis NASA has declared that its pork-tastic Orion moonship – whose primary mission disappeared with President Obama's decision that there will be no manned US return to the Moon – is now to be a "deep space transportation system", suggesting that the agency plans to send it on missions beyond Earth orbit. Concept pic showing Orion …
Lewis Page, 26 May 2011
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DARPA says surveillance vid-search tool is ready for use

US military warboffins claim that they have found one of the internet's holiest grails – that of true, tagless searchable-video technology. For most of us, searching a video archive is a chancy matter. The perfect piece of footage we want to see may well be in there, but the only chance of finding it is usually that a person …
Lewis Page, 3 May 2011

SpaceX unveils new Falcon Heavy rocket - WORLD'S BIGGEST

SpaceX, the famous upstart startup rocket company founded on PayPal hecamillionaire Elon Musk's internet fortune, has announced details of its latest and mightiest launcher - which will be the most powerful rocket in the world. “Falcon Heavy will arrive at our Vandenberg, California, launch complex by the end of next year with …
Lewis Page, 6 Apr 2011
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Missile Defence multikill space interceptor in hover test

Vid The US Missile Defence Agency and American aerospace behemoth Lockheed is chuffed to announce that they have carried out successful hover tests of a Multiple Kill Vehicle space interceptor system this week. Here's a vid of the test, courtesy of the missile-defence people and YouTube (remember you need Flash and a multimedia- …
Lewis Page, 5 Dec 2008
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Nuke-nobbling US laser jumbo fires test beams

America's famous nuke-toasting aerial ray cannon jumbo jet has at last fired its first energy beams in ground testing, according to prime contractor Boeing. The Airborne Laser (ABL) system is now complete, and testing will progress to a live intercept against a ballistic missile in 2009. Boeing's concept of an ABL in action …
Lewis Page, 9 Sep 2008
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Boeing chuffed with latest raygun-jumbo ground tests

US aerospace colossus Boeing has informed the world that everything continues to be fine with its plan to build an enormous nuclear-missile-blasting laser cannon inside a jumbo jet. According to the company, the business part of the ray weapon has now begun ground checks using its deadly, poisonous, corrosive chemical fuel - …
Lewis Page, 29 Jul 2008
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UK's future super-stealth jumpjet 'rock solid' - Brit test pilot

Farnborough One of the most avidly-followed aircraft now under development - the F-35B supersonic stealth jumpjet - is naturally on show here at Farnborough this week, and lead maker Lockheed has just given a press conference studded with air marshals and generals from the various armed forces around the world who hope soon to be operating …
Lewis Page, 15 Jul 2008
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Upgrade drags Stealth Bomber IT systems into the 90s

US aerospace heavyweight Northrop Grumman has revealed some details of a planned upgrade to the computing system of the famous B-2 Stealth Bomber, one of the most expensive and unusual aircraft in the world. According to reports, the well-known but seldom seen ghost bomber will be finally moving up to Pentium processors and code …
Lewis Page, 11 Jul 2008
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British pilot makes first supersonic stealth jumpjet flight

The world's first supersonic stealth jump-jet has made its debut flight, with a British test pilot at the controls. However, the F-35B "Lightning II" - intended to replace the famous Harrier in various armed forces including the RAF, Royal Navy and US Marines - isn't expected to show off its vertical-thrust abilities until next …
Lewis Page, 12 Jun 2008
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US: BAE 'could have' pirated our secret Stealth 3.0 tech sauce

Global arms and aerospace colossus BAE Systems this week released a high-profile audit into its internal ethics and served it up with a big slice of humble pie as it promised to be a better corporate citizen in future. But even as BAE sought to draw a veil over previous alleged indiscretions, it emerged that US officials have …
Lewis Page, 9 May 2008

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