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Sydney University's zinc-air battery

Batteries that don't burn at the drop of a Galaxy Note 7? We're listening

Sydney University boffins reckon they've got a handle on how to stop batteries catching fire: quit using lithium ions. Apart from being the cheapest current technology with enough energy density to power your flaming hot Galaxy Note 7, fidget spinner, or laptop, Li-ion batteries' other notable characteristic is volatility. …

Your gadget batteries endanger planes, says Boeing

Boeing has decided that lithium-ion batteries, the engine-room of the tech gadget boom, are too dangerous to haul around in bulk on cargo planes. The company has warned operators of its aircraft not to carry bulk shipments of batteries until logistics companies design better transport packaging and shipping procedures. …

Brit boffins BLOW UP Li-On batteries and film the MELTING COPPER

Video UK boffins have taken a close-up of what happens with Li-ion batteries when they get hot under the collar, and it's not pretty. As Lenovo, Boeing, Tesla, Sony and others will attest, Li-ion battery fire-safety is worth researching. However, the University College London boffins say most analysis of battery fires has focussed …

Lithium cells take salt to extend life

Li-ion battery technology looks set to be given a new lease of life with the emergence of an improved electrolyte process that promises increased heat tolerance and a significantly longer lifespan. Li-Imide Today's Li-ion batteries have limited lifespans thanks to the build up of crystal deposits within the electrolyte that …
Caleb Cox, 28 Jul 2011
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DARPA aims to make renewable power practical at last

Pentagon boffinry bureau DARPA, which deals with established technology paradigms in much the same way as Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore dealt with clay in their 1990 supernatural romanta-flick outing - that is as material for squidging into improbable shapes so as to satisfy the squidger's raging occult lusts - has done it again …
Lewis Page, 13 Apr 2011

Exploding-battery epidemic caused by 'lithium moss'

Researchers at Cambridge University have proposed using nuclear magnetic resonance to work out why lithium batteries keep exploding. Lithium batteries are great - lots of battery life and relatively fast charge time: so it seems churlish to avoid using them just 'cos they blow up every now and then. But now researchers are …
Bill Ray, 18 May 2010
iphone Battery

Liquid electrocar batteries could be replaced at pumps

Remorseless German boffins have come up with a solution to long recharge times for electric vehicles. They propose the use of liquid-electrolyte batteries, so that a 'leccy car could have discharged electrolyte pumped out and replaced with fully-charged liquid at filling stations. The proposals come from the Fraunhofer …
Lewis Page, 14 Oct 2009

Sony to make rechargeable batteries last 4x longer

To read the Sony press release, you’d think that it had virtually invented the Lithium Ion battery in the first place, but now it has come up with a breakthrough next step – with a battery that will survive far more charges and discharges without its performance decaying. Sony says it has come up with a battery which will have …
Faultline, 20 Aug 2009

Superfast-charging batteries? Whoa there, MIT

New battery technology developed at MIT has made a big media splash today, supposedly offering Li-ion energy storage which could charge up fully "in seconds". However, no such capability has been demonstrated: in fact the kit doesn't seem very important. The ink storm results from the usual advance notices attendant on a …
Lewis Page, 12 Mar 2009

GM talks up EV battery longevity tech

'Leccy Tech With some of our media colleagues giving the distinct impression that the current cold snap is on a par with the one that stopped the Wehrmacht at the gates of Moscow in 1941, Green Fuels Forecast have had a timely chat with some senior General Motors staffers about battery lifespans and operating temperature issues. …
Alun Taylor, 5 Feb 2009
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Droid sub goes under Antarctic ice on 5000 D-cells

An autonomous British robot submarine has just set out on a mission which will see it plunge deep beneath Antarctic ice shelves. Interestingly, the "Autosub" has no truck whatsoever with li-ion, fuel cells, stirling engines, hydrogen peroxide or any other trendy undersea power system: it runs on ordinary torch batteries, 5,000 …
Lewis Page, 8 Jan 2009
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NYT scribe: No bailout for Tesla-buying 'centimillionaires*'

A New York Times columnist has launched an attack on the idea of electrocar poster-child firm Tesla Motors receiving "bailout" federal loans, saying that the company's products are toys for the super-rich. Tesla says that the only reason it wants the government money is to finance the production of more affordable cars; the …
Lewis Page, 1 Dec 2008
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Tesla Roadster safe after Musk-promised money arrives

Tesla Motors, the troubled California firm behind the famous "Roadster" battery supercar, says it now has finance in place which will carry it to the point of positive cash flow - though it remains coy as to who put up the money. The firm also insists that some development work is proceeding on its next model, the broader-appeal …
Lewis Page, 4 Nov 2008
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Elon Musk to bail out Tesla Motors with own money

Famous battery-supercar firm Tesla Motors has said that it expects to secure its financial position by raising further investment within a week, following rumours that it might not be able to deliver cars it has already taken deposits on. The company's new CEO and primary financial backer, PayPal multimillionaire and tech …
Lewis Page, 31 Oct 2008
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Europe's Tesla will be first with full performance

Tesla Motors, darling of the electric vehicle industry, has confirmed that it will produce a European "special edition" of the famous Roadster sports car. European buyers will be the first to get Roadsters with full-performance transmissions - early US cars now being delivered have "intermediate" lower-performance machinery …
Lewis Page, 28 Aug 2008
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Blighty's electro-supercar 2.0 uncloaked today

Updated Here at the British Motor Show in London, there are lots and lots of cars to see. Quite a few of them have electric or part-electric power trains. A few of these use or plan to use advanced battery technologies such as lithium-ion. Only one has moved on further still, to a technology which promises genuinely usable electric cars …
Lewis Page, 22 Jul 2008

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