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Google routing blunder sent Japan's Internet dark on Friday

Last Friday, someone in Google fat-thumbed a border gateway protocol (BGP) advertisement and sent Japanese Internet traffic into a black hole. The trouble began when The Chocolate Factory “leaked” a big route table to Verizon, the result of which was traffic from Japanese giants like NTT and KDDI was sent to Google on the …
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We wanna give IoT folk kilobit data rates, beam NB-IoT telcos

MBBF2016 Mobile operators are quite comfortable with NarrowBand Internet of Things and hope it will funnel more and more IoT customers into their arms – but not all of them understand the market, it seems. Speaking at last week's Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum, the GSMA's Graham Trickey, the mobile talking shop's "head of connected …
Gareth Corfield, 28 Nov 2016
VoLTE compatible: LG Revolution

Korean telco LG Uplus launches first ever 4G voice roaming service

Comment More than two decades after the first digital roamed voice calls, 4G has caught up with what GSM was invented for. You can now speak to someone using 4G when you are not in your home country. There are some limitations: you can only make a call if you are a subscriber to LG Uplus – the number-three operator in Korea – and the …
Simon Rockman, 13 Apr 2015
FASTER cable route

Trans-Pacific: Google spaffs cash on FAST undersea packet-flinging

Google plans to contribute to a $300m project that aims to traverse the Pacific with a new high-capacity submarine cable. The FASTER project will have a design capacity of 60 Tbps on six fibre pairs, each carrying 100 wavelengths of 100 Gbps, as this NEC media release says. The cable will connect two landing points in Japan …

World's first waterproof, solar phone unveiled

Whether the market’s been crying out for phone that's waterproof and solar-powered or not, wacky Japanese phone firm KDDI and Sharp have put their heads together to create one. KDDI_solar_waterproof World's first waterproof and solar-powered phone Hailed as a world’s first, the waterproof talker will let you safely hold …
James Sherwood, 20 Apr 2009

Japan gets 3D phone

Since 3G networks and mobile phone-based wallets are run of the mill in Japan, the country’s network providers need to offer pretty advanced handsets if they want to snare more cash. So operator KDDI has unveiled a phone with a 3D display. WOOO_Ketai_H001_01 The Wooo Ketai H001 had a 3D display The recently announced Ketai …
James Sherwood, 29 Jan 2009

Nokia to become virtual network for Vertu

Nokia will this month announce its intention to launch a network services division in 2009, it has been claimed. Japanese-language website Yomiuri Shimbun has reported that the Finnish phone giant will initially launch the service in Japan during February 2009. The country currently has three main network providers: NTT …
James Sherwood, 24 Nov 2008

Mobile-based payments set to soar

Sales of digital content, such as music and TV, through mobile phones will have soared by 2013, according to the latest forecast. Juniper Research has predicted that roughly 50 per cent of all mobile phone users will have bought a digital good at least once through their mobile phone by 2013. On average, users are expected to …

Sony builds wireless data gang

Sony has signed up some friends to support its short-range radio protocol, TransferJet, as members of the new TransferJet Consortium, but has stopped short of calling the proprietary protocol a standard. The company has been demonstrating TransferJet for a few months now, pushing video between cameras and TVs as well as …
Bill Ray, 17 Jul 2008
Pound Sterling

Pay-by-phone commerce coming closer

The global trade body for the mobile industry and a European monetary organisation have signed a pact to speed up the deployment of handset payment services in Europe. The GSM Association (GSMA) and the European Payments Council (EPC), which represents 8000 banks in the EU, will now jointly co-ordinate efforts to get phones …

Japanese mobile-based bank cashing in

Japanese carrier KDDI hopes the country's mobile users will soon begin shunning physical cash, as it's created a bank of its very own, paving the way for more mobile-mediated payments. The Jibun Bank Corporation (JBC) – a joint venture between KDDI and the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ – will begin accepting applications for …
James Sherwood, 19 Jun 2008

Japan's Softbank signs up for iPhone

It's official: Japanese cellco Softbank will offer Apple's iPhone, the company said today. Like all the other carriers who've announced they'll begin selling the handset, Softbank said the iPhone would be added to its network "later this year", news agency Reuters reports. Expect it sooner rather than later. Certainly, World+ …
Tony Smith, 4 Jun 2008

Bone phone promises clearer conversations

Japanese carrier KDDI has unveiled a 3G mobile phone that lets users hear a conversation through their bones, a technique it claims can give a much clearer conversation in noisy environments. Bone_phone KDDI's A1407PT: a new take on most 'dog and bone' designs The A1407PT clamshell, which is manufactured by South Korean …
James Sherwood, 17 Oct 2007

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