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Magpie Apple plunders the competition for cosmetics, as egos run wild

Comment If you're an AAPL shareholder, there are reasons to be deeply troubled by last night's WWDC announcements of new Macs, OS X 10.9 and iOS 7. It was widely believed that "Apple was unmanageable" after its mercurial, driven co-founder Steve Jobs departed in 1985 - without Jobs, egos ran rampant and chaos ruled. Apple in 2013 is …
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Jun 2013
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Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us

Opinion Despite including the biggest changes to an Apple line since the iPhone launch, the fruity giant's iOS 7 is basically a series of odds-and-ends first seen on competitors' devices - and glossed with some Cupertino sparkle to make it shine. It's easy to poke fun at Apple when its designers refer to "a whole new experience of …
Bill Ray, 11 Jun 2013
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Apple design bloke Ive finally honoured properly - with Blue Peter badge

The Apple products he designs have high-cost premium components, but Jony Ive fondly remembers making a paintbrush holder out of an old detergent bottle after watching a Blue Peter episode during his childhood in Essex. Sir Jony told Blue Peter presenter Barney Harwood in a show to be aired this Saturday that he "remembered …
Anna Leach, 18 Feb 2013
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Forstall ousted from Apple after refusing to apologise for Maps

iOS chief Scott Forstall was ousted from Apple because he wouldn't say sorry for Maps, the WSJ reports. Forstall, who oversaw the production of iOS6 and its Apple Maps app, apparently refused to sign the official apology later offered by Tim Cook to customers for the poor quality of the navigation product. According to the …
Anna Leach, 30 Oct 2012

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