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ITV preps pay TV service

ITV is expected to launch a pay-TV service that'll include a new channel and high definition versions of its current selection. ITV The broadcaster is in talks with BSKYB to supply HD versions of ITV2, ITV3 and ITV 4 as satellite channels, according to yesterday's Sunday Times (behind a paywall so no link love). New CEO …
Caleb Cox, 2 Aug 2010

Five pulls out of Project Canvas

Channel Five has pulled out of Project Canvas, a bid to define a standard framework through which hardware manufacturers can implement internet TV services. Five isn't making money, and when asked to cough up £16m toward the £112m that Project Canvas is expected to cost to finalise, it apparently said no. Five chiefs said: " …
Tony Smith, 12 Jul 2010
Sony Internet TV

WTF is... Project Canvas?

The BBC Trust announced on Friday that it had approved Project Canvas, the internet-connected TV specification that’s backed by the BBC along with the other public service broadcasters, plus telcos Talk Talk and BT, and transmitter overseer Arqiva. Project Canvas The Project Canvas partners The decision follows months of …
Nigel Whitfield, 28 Jun 2010
Freeview HD logo

Freeview HD launches, gets Channel 4

Freeview has formally launched the HD service it's been highlighting on its website for months and which has been broadcasting for even longer. Central to the launch is the arrival of Channel 4 on the free-to-air terrestrial service. Channel 4 HD will today join BBC HD and ITV 1 HD on Freeview HD. Channel 4's Welsh-language …
Tony Smith, 30 Mar 2010
Sky teaser 75

ITV HD World Cup matches to be shown on Sky, Virgin

Virgin Media and Sky viewers will get to watch ITV's HD channel on 2 April. That's good news for footie fans who subscribe to either service. They will now be able to see all of this summer's World Cup games in HD. All but eight early-stage World Cup matches will be shown on BBC HD and ITV1 HD. VM and Sky subscribers can …
Tony Smith, 15 Mar 2010
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FriendsReunited sale cleared

The Competition Commission has cleared ITV's sale of FriendsReunited to Brightsolid - a subsidiary of DC Thomson the publisher of the Beano. The competition concerns were not about comics but genealogy - Brightsolid owns find my and the 1911 census site while FriendsReunited runs Genes reunited. Combining the two …
John Oates, 18 Feb 2010

ITV reaches for remote by cutting loose techies

Techies at ITV face an uncertain future after the company's management told staff about plans to "rationalise" and "centralise" the team as well as outsource some IT services. Workers at the loss-making commercial broadcaster were given the bad news on Friday 16 October by ITV's technology boss Richard Cross. One anonymous …
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Oct 2009
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British TV firm dumps Silverlight

In a blow to Microsoft, ITV has switched the technology powering its web streaming service from Silverlight to Adobe's more widely installed Flash. It's understood the move, quietly carried out on Friday, was motivated by a simple need for the commercial broadcaster to reach the greatest possible number of web viewers. The …
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Dennis the Menace buys FriendsReunited

ITV has sold Web1.0 social networking site FriendsReunited to DC Thomson, publisher of the Beano. DC Thomson's subsidiary brightsolid is paying £25m for the websites which include dating and genealogy services. Genealogy is big business online and brightsolid owns which claims 650m family records. The firm also …
John Oates, 6 Aug 2009
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CGI Thunderbirds sadly not go

Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson says ITV has pretty well scuppered his plans to offer a CGI remake of the classic series - despite his insistence he can raise the £15m needed to bring the Tracy family back to the screen. Gerry Anderson and Lady Penelope. Pic: BBC Anderson, 80, told the Daily Mail he's engaged in "a bitter …
Lester Haines, 24 Jun 2009
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Electronics giants raise ruckus over Project Canvas

Project Canvas, the joint venture of the BBC, ITV and British Telecom, must be up to something good considering that some makers of consumer electronics (CE) gear are squealing "foul". The UK's Intellect Technology Association, whose members include Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba and Pace, said in a submission to the BBC …
Faultline, 8 May 2009
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ITV to sell Friends Reunited, axe 600 jobs

Broadcaster ITV is slashing 600 jobs and looking to sell its Friends Reunited and Scoot websites after reporting a net loss of £2.55bn last year. “Current conditions in the advertising market are the most challenging I have experienced in over 30 years in UK broadcasting,” said chairman Michael Grade. “This is reflected both …
Kelly Fiveash, 4 Mar 2009
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ITV 'could dump' Friends Reunited

ITV is reportedly considering selling off Friends Reunited, the social networking site it paid £175m for in 2006. It's unlikely a sale now would achieve even half that. The broadcaster is implementing a series of cost-cutting measures as it attempts to shore up its struggling TV business and cope with massive debt and pension …
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Competition regulator kyboshes Project Kangaroo

Updated BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4's web video on demand plans were sunk by competition regulators this morning, who said their proposed joint venture "Project Kangaroo" would have too much market power. In its final report on the proposal, the Competition Commission said Project Kangaroo would have control over too much of the …
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ITV to write down Friends Reunited value, says report

Friends Reunited could see its carrying value slashed by ITV when the television channel releases its year-end review of past acquisitions. The Sunday Times reported that the review, which is undertaken by ITV CEO John Cresswell, is expected to conclude that Friends Reunited is worth less than when the firm bought it in …
Kelly Fiveash, 5 Jan 2009

BBC, ITV propose 'open' TV-over-net platform

Having had their plan to combine their broadband TV services kyboshed by the Competition Commmission, the BBC and ITV today said they plan to do it anyway - but this time to open up the infrastructure to all comers. The two broadcasters, along with BT, said they want to foster a "common industry approach" that's "open for all …
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2008
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Sky and BBC in iPlayer deal

The BBC and Sky are today trumpeting a new arrangement that will see the latter stuff links to iPlayer shows into its own web TV service. And... er... that's pretty much it. Given the Sky Player's weedy traffic*, the move is likely to have negligible impact on usage of iPlayer. Meanwhile, Sky offering categorised links to …

Ofcom confirms three Freeview HD channels 'by end of next year'

The BBC, ITV and Channel 4 will each offer a Freeview high-definition channel over an upgraded terrestrial TV platform by the end of 2009, broadcasting regulators said today. Viewers who want to watch the new services will have to buy a new set-top box compatible with the as-yet incomplete DVB-T2 standard, and with MPEG-4. The …

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