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New iPad sales hit 3 million in first 4 days

The glow-screened 3.1million pixel iPad has been flying off shelves even faster than either of the two previous iPads on its opening weekend. Apple has announced sales of 3 million new iPads in the four days since the tablet's launch in 12 countries on 16 March. It took the first iPad seven weeks to reach sales of 1 million. …
Anna Leach, 20 Mar 2012
iFixit iPad 3 take-apart

Apple iPad 3 packs LAPTOP battery

The iPad 3 contains an 11,560mAh battery, the first take-apart of the third-generation Apple tablet has revealed. Indeed, the new gagdet is packed with power storage behind its - Samsung-made, seemingly - 2048 x 1536 "retina display". iFixit iPad 3 take-apart Source: The autopsy, conducted by iFixit, shows a …
Tony Smith, 15 Mar 2012

Apple hands iPad screen contract to rival Samsung

Apple has handed the manufacturing deal for iPad screens to its patent spat rival – Samsung – after LG Display and Sharp failed to deliver on the ultra-high-res screens needed for the new tablet. The new iPad's 3.1 million pixel screen is its biggest selling point. But it seems as if Samsung is the only company capable of …
Anna Leach, 14 Mar 2012
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Apple's App Store parades surprise new Catalog model

Apple has launched a new App Store category called Catalogs in what could be a tantalising glimpse of something bigger to be unveiled tonight at the next-gen iPad launch. The outing of the Catalogs section (in some places spelled "Catalogues" presumably for Brits) seems to be a little premature - certain apps are listed in it …
Anna Leach, 7 Mar 2012
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Samsung celebrates iPad 3 day by suing Apple AGAIN

Samsung Electronics has filed yet another lawsuit against arch-rival Apple, this time in Seoul's Central District Court, claiming the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 infringe three of its patents. "This lawsuit is separate from the proceedings filed against Apple in Seoul in April 2011 regarding infringement of telecommunications …

Steve Jobs' death clears way for '7.85-inch iPad prototype'

Sample screens for a seven-inch Apple iPad have been delivered for testing, according to Taiwanese manufacturing bible Digitimes. That means that production lines could start knocking out baby fondleslabs as early as June. Citing unnamed "industry sources", as it usually does, Digitimes states that the 7.85-inch iPad will be …
Anna Leach, 1 Mar 2012

iPad 3 launch news pushes Apple shares to $500bn high

Apple's share value hit an unprecedented $500bn in pre-market trading this morning, making the company worth more than Poland and many other things. The spike followed just hours after the firm sent out an emailed invite to the iPad 3 launch. Anticipation over the new fondleslab, due to be unveiled on 7 March, sent speculators …
Anna Leach, 29 Feb 2012
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Apple pledges 'something to see' at iPad 3 launch

Apple has mailed out invitations to its eagerly awaited iPad 3 launch on 7 March, telling World+Dog it has "something you really have to see". That's undoubtedly a reference to the new tablet's 9.7in, 2048 x 1536 display, which will offer a higher pixel density than even the 10.1in, 1920 x 1280 panel Asus announced this week …
Tony Smith, 28 Feb 2012

Secret high-security Chinese shipments point to iPad 3 exports

Fresh paperwork uncovered in China points to an early March launch for the long-awaited Apple iPad 3 - and apparently batches are already shipping to the US from assembly plants in the People’s Republic. The unnamed deliveries on a logistics form revealed by over the weekend are said to be for international cargo …
Phil Muncaster, 27 Feb 2012
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iPad 3 chip leak squeaks dual-core tweaks

Apple's next tablet offering will feature a dual-core A5X system-on-a-chip, if snaps of a supposed iPad 3 logic board that surfaced on-line are anything to go by. The Cupertino giant is predicted to announce an upgraded processor for its forthcoming fondleslab, with an A6 chip the logical step. This was cast into doubt …
Caleb Cox, 20 Feb 2012
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Snaps confirm new CPU for Apple iPad 3

Apple's iPad 3 will not have the same processor as its predecessor. Snaps of Apple's iBoot bootloader programming tool in action covertly emailed to BGR reference the model code 'iPad3,1'. They also refer to an ARM chip dubbed the S5L8945X. The iPad 2's Apple A5 chip was the S5L8940X, while the iPad's A4 processor was …
Tony Smith, 2 Feb 2012
Apple iPad 2

iPad 3 out in March/April say part maker moles

The next iPad will be out in three to four months' time after going into production in January. Component makers are already shipping parts. So say a variety of moles in Asia, by way of DigiTimes. Their timeline puts the iPad 3's release in March or April 2012 - a year on from the shipment of the iPad 2, and two years on from …
Hard Reg, 12 Dec 2011
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Rumoured iPhone 5 'will have 4in screen' against Jobs' wish

iPhone 5 will grow 8mm in length to accommodate a new 4in screen, according to rumours on iLounge that conjure the shape of the next Jesus mobe out of the mists of speculation. According to the site's sources, the iPhone 5 is likely to have the same flat edges as the 4, which means that we won't get the teardrop-style tapered …
Anna Leach, 21 Nov 2011
Apple iPad 2

Battery deal points to thinner, lighter iPad 3

Apple's upcoming iPad 3 - now expected in February 2012, or thereabouts - may be rather thinner than the current model. Apple has allegedly chosen battery units for the iPad 3 that are thinner, lighter and last longer than the ones in the iPad 2. Like the latter, the new batteries are made by Taiwan's Simplo and Dynapack, …
Hard Reg, 7 Sep 2011
Apple iPad 2

Apple delays 'retina display' iPad 3 to 2012

Don't expect an iPad 3 with a "retina display" this year: Apple's screen supplier(s) - LG and Samsung - can't make enough 9.7in, 2048 x 1536 panels to ship the tablet before 2012, it has been claimed. Making such a screen is no small technological achievement, and there's a price to be paid for being at the leading edge: low …
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2011
Apple iPad 2

iPad 2 to gain double-res display - but not until 2012

Another day, another iPad 3 rumour, this time that while the gadget will indeed sport a display with a higher resolution than the iPad 2 has, other specs will not change. According to analyst Craig Berger of US investment house FBR Capital Markets, what World+Dog is calling the 'iPad 3' will in fact be the 'iPad 2 Plus'. That …
Tony Smith, 7 Jul 2011
Apple iPad 2

Mole maintains iPad 3, iPhone 5 out this year

Evidence continues to dribble in that Apple is planning to launch not only the iPhone 5 but also a new iPad this year. The iPad was last upgraded as recently as March, but we're hearing from a well-placed source within the UK's biggest satellite broadcaster that a further - presumably pre-Christmas - iPad update is on the …
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2011
Apple iPad 2

iOS 5 files restoke iPad 3 retina display rumour

Evidence has emerged that a future iPad will sport a massive 1536 x 2048 resolution, though hopes that the next one will may be premature. Apple's new Twitter framework iOS 5 contains graphics files that extend to 2048 x 1536 pixels, reports website Techunwrapped. Newsstand, a special folder that corrals newspaper and …
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2011

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