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Microsoft opens playpen for 'unstable' web standards

Microsoft has unveiled an online sandbox where developers can experiment with unfinished web standards you won't find in its Internet Explorer browser. After years of cold shouldering the web standards movement, Redmond has taken a very different approach with Internet Explorer 9, now available in beta. And with the …
Cade Metz, 21 Dec 2010
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Google questions tests that praise IE's bad website blocker

The methodology of tests that found IE is tops for blocking a particular type of malware attack have come under fire from Google. NSS Labs was commissioned by Microsoft to access the ability of browser to block socially engineered malware attack URLs. The exercise focused on the effectiveness of in-built browser technology to …
John Leyden, 16 Dec 2010
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Internet Explorer info leak festers for 2 years

For almost two years, Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has been vulnerable to attacks that steal digital security tokens and other sensitive data, a security researcher said recently. Researcher Chris Evans said he alerted Microsoft to the information disclosure vulnerability in IE in December 2008. As of October 21, it …
Dan Goodin, 1 Nov 2010
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Microsoft's IE9 'nearly finished'

PDC 2010 Microsoft opened its Professional Developers' Conference by announcing IE9 Platform Preview 6, saying the IE9 Release Candidate - the final cut - is almost finished. Platform Preview 6 incorporates improved performance, quality, and support for HTML5 and CSS3 2D and it comes six weeks after Microsoft released the IE9 beta. …
Gavin Clarke, 28 Oct 2010
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Opera: Can someone free Korea from IE?

Opera is quite pleased with the state of the European browser market, now that the EU has ordered Microsoft to give users a fair choice on Windows. But it still bemoans Internet Explorer's ongoing stranglehold in other parts of the world, most notably Korea. According to Opera chief technology officer Håkon Wium Lie, the …
Cade Metz, 14 Oct 2010
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IE 'Twitter rolling' attack trivial to launch

Updated An information disclosure threat in Microsoft's Internet Explorer affects all supported versions of the browser and, among other things, makes it trivial for attackers to force victims to post attacker-dictated messages on Twitter, a security researcher said this week. The “Twitter-rolling” attack, which was first described …
Dan Goodin, 1 Oct 2010
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Microsoft U-turns on WebKit extension for Mobile IE

The Microsoft team building Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 7 has U-turned on plans to add an extension from WebKit to their browser. The company will only offer a Microsoft-specific prefix to scale text using the next CSS in its mobile phone browser, and it won't add support for the -webkit-text-size-adjust CSS selector …
Gavin Clarke, 12 May 2010

Mozilla detects insecure plugins for IE, Chrome, Safari

Updated Mozilla has introduced a service that checks plugins for the Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, and Safari browsers to make sure they don't contain known bugs or security vulnerabilities. The page builds off a feature rolled out last year that checked only for out-of-date plugins for Firefox. At the moment, the service offers …
Dan Goodin, 11 May 2010
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MS to release emergency IE fix on Tuesday

Microsoft has announced plans to release an out-of-sequence patch, designed to resolve a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer. A cumulative update to Internet Explorer (MS10-018) plugs a security hole in IE 6 and IE 7 exploited by hackers over recent weeks. The latest version of Microsoft's browser, IE 8, is not …
John Leyden, 29 Mar 2010
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Germany warns surfers against Firefox

German's official cyber-security response team is advising surfers not to use Firefox pending the release of a patch to defend against a critical unpatched vulnerability. BürgerCERT, a division of the German federal government's security in information technology (BSI) department, warned surfers to steer clear of the open …
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2010
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IE9 - the big questions and Microsoft's half answers

“HTML5 will enable a new class of applications,” says Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft's Internet Explorer general manager, speaking to the press at the company's Mix10 conference in Las Vegas. But exactly what parts of HTML5 will the company support? And what will happen when changes are made as the standard evolves? Hachamovitch …
Tim Anderson, 17 Mar 2010
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Microsoft pushes temporary security fix to IE laggards

Microsoft has released automated workarounds designed to immunize users against a critical vulnerability in earlier versions of Internet Explorer, which criminals are already exploiting online. The "Fix It" updates were released over the weekend for people who still use IE versions 6 and 7. The fixes are by no means foolproof. …
Dan Goodin, 15 Mar 2010
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IE code execution bug can bite older Windows

Microsoft's security team is investigating a security vulnerability in older versions of Windows that allows attackers to execute malware on end user machines. The bug combines scripts based on Microsoft's Visual Basic language with Windows help files for Internet Explorer. It makes it possible for an attacker hosting a …
Dan Goodin, 1 Mar 2010
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MS probes bug that turns PCs into 'public file servers'

Microsoft has begun investigating a flaw in IE that most affects older versions of Windows, and turns vulnerable systems into a "public file server". The vulnerability means that hackers might be able to access files with an already known filename and location, providing they can trick users into visiting a maliciously …
John Leyden, 4 Feb 2010
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Emergency IE patch goes live as exploits proliferate

Updated Microsoft released an emergency security update for all versions of Internet Explorer on Thursday as attacks exploiting a critical vulnerability in the widely used browser spread to hundreds of websites. The patch fixing the IE vulnerability used to penetrate the defenses of Google and other large companies came as anti-virus …
Dan Goodin, 21 Jan 2010

Opera and Firefox downloads soar after IE alerts

After Microsoft confirmed that a hole in its Internet Explorer browser was used in the December cyber attacks on Google and at least 33 other outfits, a trio of security-conscious nations - Germany, France, and Australia - went so far as to warn their citizens against the use of IE. And that led to a very good week for the likes …
Cade Metz, 20 Jan 2010
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Last patch train of the decade rolls in from Redmond

A critical update addressing a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer starred among the six bulletins published by Microsoft on Tuesday, as part of Redmond's last Black Tuesday update of the decade. Microsoft closed out 2009 with six security bulletins - three rated "critical" and three classified as "important" - …
John Leyden, 9 Dec 2009
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New hacker peril for older IE versions

Internet Explorer users are at risk from a newly discovered and unpatched vulnerability in older versions of Microsoft's browser. A security flaw involving a dangling pointer in Microsoft's HTML Viewer (mshtml.dll) creates a possible mechanism for hackers to crash the browser and inject malware, providing they can trick marks …
John Leyden, 23 Nov 2009

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