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Cyber-crooks menacing hospitals are put under the microscope

Cybercriminals are spreading into the healthcare sector even though the price per stolen medical record remains lower than for comparable financial account crime. From hospitals becoming victims of hacking attacks to Olympic champions getting their health records leaked by hackers, the health sector has become a major target …
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2016
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IBM scores $23.6m e-health deal

IBM has secured a $23.6m dollar contract with the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) to design and build Australia’s National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) project. The government project will provide the first nationwide secure and authenticated service for healthcare organisations and personnel to …
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Lost mental hospital memory stick had health records

A USB memory stick containing personal information on patients and staff at a secure hospital near Falkirk has been found in a car park outside an Asda store in nearby Stenhousemuir. Data on the unencrypted device included names, addresses and (worse still) medical records of patients. A member of staff at the Tryst Park unit …
John Leyden, 5 May 2010
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Health records riddled with errors

The Summary Care Records scheme is not trusted by doctors because some records have serious errors. No patients have actually been harmed, but only because doctors do not trust the information contained in the database and so are double-checking information. Researchers from University College London found records which had …
John Oates, 19 Mar 2010
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Scottish doc swerves charges for snooping

A Scottish doctor accused of illegally accessing celebrities' and politicians' medical records will not now be charged with any offences. Dr Andrew Jamieson, who worked at Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline, was charged under Data Protection legislation. He was accused of accessing emergency care summary records for prime …
John Oates, 15 Jan 2010
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Tories plan health record giveaway

The Tories are today releasing more details of their plan to get Google and Microsoft involved in holding medical records. The idea is that patients will be given some control over their own records, which could then be stored online. But the Tories seem to think that it would be a good idea to have a locally stored version …
John Oates, 10 Aug 2009
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Summary care records - you might die, but they never will

Patients can decide whether or not to have their Summary Care Records included on the NHS national database, but if they change their mind afterwards there is no way to delete the record. This emerged after a concerned Hampshire doctor asked several Primary Care Trusts what their policy was using Freedom of Information …
John Oates, 9 Apr 2009
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Health trust pushing on with record sharing

West Kent Primary Care Trust is pushing ahead with a scheme which will give limited access to health records to nurses from Bupa despite privacy fears. But the Trust said it is following best practice privacy policy, and will stick with asking patients to opt out rather than opt in to the service. CareCall is a phone service …
John Oates, 18 Mar 2009
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Health department data practices are sick, frowns ICO

The Department of Health has been told by the Information Commissioner's Office and the British Medical Association to improve the way it looks after patients' records. The ICO issued a formal practice recommendation to the Department on Monday. It is the second time the ICO has imposed formal recommendations on the DoH - last …
John Oates, 11 Mar 2009
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Midwife's lost diary sparks mums and baby alert

UK public sector workers have performed a sterling job of losing sensitive digital data stored on CDs, stolen laptops and wot-not over the past year. But it’s important to note that sometimes, good old fashioned paper-based documents go missing too. The Beeb reports today that a midwife’s diary storing hundreds of names and …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Aug 2008
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In Google We Trust: Health docs depo now open to Americans

At long last, Google has asked for America's medical records. This morning, during a dog-and-pony show at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, senior vice president/company poster child Marissa Mayer officially took the wraps off Google Health - a long-awaited/long-dreaded service for storing and sharing your …
Cade Metz, 20 May 2008
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Google eyes Cleveland medical records

Google's efforts to engulf the world's medical records will begin in Cleveland. Today, the search engine cum world power announced a joint project with the Cleveland Clinic, an 87-year-old not-for-profit medical center, that will see between 1,500 and 10,000 of the center's patients entrust their personal records to Larry Page …
Cade Metz, 21 Feb 2008

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