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Oculus Rift tech-specs 'many months away' from hitting the shelves

The CEO of Oculus reckons his virtual reality upstart is sorta getting close to flogging a Rift headset that's ready for normal people to use. Speaking at a web tech conference in Ireland on Tuesday, Brendan Iribe said the techno-specs will be on general sale within months rather than years. A Rift headset for software …
Shaun Nichols, 4 Nov 2014
Photo of Google Glass version 2

Google Glass GOES GLAM, grabs Gap guru

In a move that could signal a looming consumer-market push for Glass, Google has hired former Gap and Calvin Klein executive Ivy Ross to lead its augmented-reality project. Last serving as CMO of, Ross brings to the project an extensive résumé from the fashion and design worlds. The Harvard-educated exec has held …
Shaun Nichols, 16 May 2014
Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma

Ten... gaming headsets

Product Round-up I wish I had my own flat, but I don’t. Cue Slayer Reign in Blood thundering from upstairs. Six hours into a raid and my housemate comes home and turns the volume up on their shitty boombox above my head and I have completely lost any sense of immersion. Yes I could get into a ‘speaker-off’ with them but luckily I have some of …
Lucy Orr, 30 Aug 2011
Native Union Moshi Moshi 03i

Native Union Moshi Moshi 03i

Txt Take Reviews in 140 characters... Native Union Moshi Moshi MM03i Pictures Native Union Moshi Moshi 03i Native Union Moshi Moshi 03i Native Union Moshi Moshi 03i Native Union Moshi Moshi 03i Want our Txt Take on your gadget or accessory? Just send it in to Reg Hardware. Details here. ® Native Union Moshi Moshi 03i
Tony Smith, 3 Feb 2011
Jabra EasyGo

Jabra EasyGo budget Bluetooth headset

Txt Take Product reviews in 140 characters... Jabra EasyGo Pictures Jabra EasyGo Jabra EasyGo Want our Txt Take on your gadget or accessory? Just send it in to Reg Hardware. Details here. ® Jabra EasyGo
Tony Smith, 2 Feb 2011
Doro HS1910 DECT Headset

Doro ProSound HS1910 Dect

Review The Doro Prosound HS1910 may look like your average wireless headset, but this one stands out from the crowd. Not merely a headset, it's a cordless Dect phone in its own right. Doro HS1910 DECT Headset Doro's ProSound HS1910 Dect: ready to receive calls The HS1910 comes with its own basestation ready to be hooked up to an …
Alun Taylor, 28 Apr 2010
Plantronics Voyager Pro UC

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC

Review Judging from the photos on Plantronics’ website, the system requirements for its Voyager Pro headset include a goatee (recommended) or some carefully cultivated designer stubble (minimum). Fortunately, we were in unshaven mode when the box landed on our desk and it seemed to work just fine with a basic two-day growth. …
Cliff Joseph, 16 Feb 2010

First solar-powered noise-cancelling headset launched

The world’s first solar-powered Bluetooth headset featuring noise cancellation technology has been launched, helping callers reduce their carbon footprint while out and about. solarvoice_01 SolarVoice: solar-powered noise cancellation Solar-powered headsets aren’t new – the first launched back in 2007 — but the SolarVoice …
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Openstream implores you: Talk to your mobile browser

Feel a pressing need to shout at your phone even when no one's listening? Openstream's Cue-me browser, launched yesterday, implements the latest draft of the W3C Multimodal Interaction Activity, allowing you to do just that. The browser runs on Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry devices, with the inevitable iPhone version …
Bill Ray, 22 Aug 2008

Apple posts iPhone-friendly iTunes, accessories

With just hours to go before the iPhone officially goes on sale, Apple has paved the way with a new version of its iTunes jukebox software and a barrel-load of iPhone accessories. The latest version of iTunes, 7.3, allows the handset to synchronise music, videos and personal information data with a Mac or PC. It also allows …
James Sherwood, 29 Jun 2007

Nokia turns on to Bluetooth cans

Nokia has launched a trio of Bluetooth headsets: a pair of standard mobile phone extensions and a full-size pair of wireless cans for music fans. Nokia BH-803 Bluetooth headset   Nokia BH-602 Bluetooth headset Nokia's BH-803 and BH-602: sleek and stylish The BH-602 and BH-803 are both very similar in size and style, …
James Sherwood, 19 Jun 2007

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