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Artists impression of the X-33. Pic: NASA

Space elevators, vacuum chutes: What next for big rocket tech?

Pic special We recently suggested that even the most advanced rocket currently slipping the surly bonds of Earth is nothing more than glorified V2, over 70 years since Hitler's Vergeltungswaffe 2 first lifted off the pad at Peenemünde. Today, we'll have a look at some technologies that may one day allow us to escape V2 designer Wernher …
Lester Haines, 12 Apr 2013
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Playmobil punts bank-heist set to wide-eyed kiddies

El Reg's fave toy manufacturer Playmobil has provoked a miniature rumpus by punting a bank-heist set to children. The Playmobil bank set, complete with armed robber The "Bank with Safe" ensemble boasts a working cash machine although nippers are encouraged to make over-the-counter withdrawals via a pistol-waving blonde …
Lester Haines, 11 Feb 2013
Medal of Honour

EA kills Medal of Honour arms deal

EA has ceased the promotion of its charity fundraiser 'Project Honor', after public outcry over its decision to advocate the sale of actual weapons featured in the game Medal of Honour. All for a good cause, you understand, right? The publisher joined forces with a number of weapons manufacturers this year for the launch of …
Caleb Cox, 20 Aug 2012
id Software Doom

Reloaded Doom 3 shoots onto shelves this autumn

iD Software's Doom 3 is to be rereleased as an "enhanced version" this autumn, bringing the classic first-person shooter to PS3 "for the first time", and once again to the Xbox 360 and PC. Dubbed the Doom 3 BFG Edition, the game comes bundled with two previously released expansion packs, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost …
Caleb Cox, 20 Jun 2012
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'Kindness of America' snapper shot himself in 'act of self-promotion'

The hitchhiking photographer who captured the hearts of a nation after being shot while researching "The Kindness of America", has admitted administering the lead supplement himself and making the rest of the tale up. Authorities in Montana are considering whether to charge Ray Dolin over the whole sorry saga. Dolin was found …
Joe Fay, 18 Jun 2012
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'Zombie bullets' fly off US shelves after wave of undead attacks

Special ammunition optimised for fighting zombies is selling like hot cakes in the USA, according to reports, following sensational media coverage of incidents involving flesh-eating and similar undead-esque behaviour. In particular, fears of an imminent zombie plague were stoked by the recent case of Rudy Eugene. The 31-year- …
Lewis Page, 11 Jun 2012
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Gatwick Airport security swoops on 3-inch rifle

A Canadian tourist has admitted Gatwick Airport security operatives "successfully protected the free world from the threat of terrorism" after relieving him of a deadly three-inch plastic rifle. Ken Lloyd was about to jet home packing a nine-inch tall replica of an armed British soldier in his hand luggage. The innocent £135 …
Lester Haines, 28 Jan 2011
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Masked Santas disarm Swedish royal guard

Two masked men dressed in Santa hats robbed a royal guard of his automatic weapon in Stockholm last night. The pair mounted a successful surprise attack on the guard, The Local reports. "This is serious. I have a hard time believing it is a prank. It might be premeditated," said appropriately-named local police commander …
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Renew your firearms licence via your iPhone

Sussex Police plan to allow gun owners to renew their firearms licences using an iPhone app. The app will be part of a suite allowing the public to access news, appeals and other services form their iPhone. The technology push is intended to save £3m, freeing up valuable cop time, but means firearms applicants won't have to …
Robert Blincoe, 18 Jun 2010
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Packing heat gets you shot, say profs

Medical researchers in Philadelphia have conducted a study which indicates - according to their interpretation - that carrying a gun causes people to get shot more often. "People should rethink their possession of guns," say the medics. “This study helps resolve the long-standing debate about whether guns are protective or …
Lewis Page, 4 Oct 2009
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Oz woman demands chihuahua at gunpoint

A Sydney woman has been charged with attempted robbery after she demanded at gunpoint that a police officer hand over a chihuahua, ABC News reports. The 26-year-old dog lover had apparently arranged to buy the puppy and duly turned up at the cop's Kellyville home to collect the mutt. For reasons which are not clear, she then …
Lester Haines, 28 Sep 2009
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Royal Navy warship almost fires on UFOs

A Royal Navy warship may have come within seconds of opening fire on Unidentified Flying Objects above Merseyside, possibly narrowly avoiding the precipitation of an interstellar war and the extirpation of humanity by testy aliens. Reports have it that the UFOs - speculated to have been visiting spacecraft from beyond the solar …
Lewis Page, 3 Jun 2009
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US firm says handheld puke ray is ready to go

A US industrial laser company says it has developed a functional puke-ray system, ideal for use by cops or military personnel wishing to take down their opponents without shooting them. The firm proposes to issue the "non lethal light fighting technology" in two form factors - light-sabre/torch and blaster-pistol. The so- …
Lewis Page, 1 Jun 2009
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Summer debut for Judge Dredd computer smart-rifle

US Army officials have announced that the high-tech XM-25 computer smartgun, intended to let soldiers shoot at and hit enemies hiding around corners, will enter field trials this summer. The "counter defilade" gun, similar in size to existing infantry weapons, is expected to reduce the number of controversial airstrikes used in …
Lewis Page, 27 May 2009
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Victoria Principal 'pulled pistol' on maid

Move over Naomi Campbell: Former Dallas star Victoria Principal has demonstrated just how to deal with unsatisfactory domestic staff by allegedly pulling a pistol on her maid. The unfortunate lackey, Maribel Banegas, apparently incurred the wrath of the 59-year-old thespiatrix after taking too long to walk her dog (a "Shih Tzu …
Lester Haines, 6 May 2009
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'Let me use poo-flinging Roman siege engine against burglars'

A colourful businessman who says he is being harassed by burglars and arsonists has deployed a modified Roman siege engine to protect his premises. For use as a non-lethal security measure the catapult is loaded with chicken excrement, but even so its use has been forbidden by the police - apparently resulting in more break-ins …
Lewis Page, 15 Apr 2009
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American Stereotype™ walks Google's mean Street View

We're fully aware that some of our UK readers have pretty well decided that the average American wears a baseball cap, Harley-Davidson sweatshirt, jeans and cowboy boots and walks the mean streets of the Land of the Free with a hunting rifle while swigging from a bottle of hard liquor. Nothing, of course, could be further from …
Lester Haines, 30 Jan 2009
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R2-D2 robots with frikkin lasers on them in development

Momentous news from the world of rayguns today. While the keenly anticipated hat-mounted laser cannon for pool sharks has yet to hit the consumer market, the Reg can reveal that the US military is working on a deadly beam weapon mounted on an R2-D2 robot. The Phalanx robotic gun-turret in action Not all that much like R2-D2 …
Lewis Page, 23 Jan 2009

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