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EMC Federation working on rack scale converged architecture

EMC is working on a rack-scale converged infrastructure product. The company's head of global pre-sales Chad Sakac this week told the Canalys Chanels Forum in Shanghai that EMC feels the success of VCE – which has gone from zero to $2bn a year in revenue since launching in 2009 – shows that users hunger for converged …

EMC touts screeching Hawq SQL performance for Hadoop

EMC's Pivotal Initiative division made a big splash last week with the launch of its Pivotal HD distribution of Hadoop. This is not a normal Hadoop distribution, but one that takes the parallel guts of the Greenplum database and reworks them to transform the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) into something that speaks …

EMC morphs Hadoop elephant into SQL database Hawq

EMC has accomplished a remarkable bit of inter-species husbandry, marrying the Hadoop elephant to a Greenplum to birth an SQL-speaking Hawq. The Hadoop big-data muncher has been sitting side-by-side with relational databases used in transaction processing and data warehousing systems, but they speak very different languages. …
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Amazon opens Redshift data warehouse to Joe Public

Amazon's Redshift cloudy data warehousing service is now available for general consumption after a trial among blessed customers. The pay-as-you-go technology, which scales from around 200GB into the petabyte range, represents a direct threat to the warehousing divisions of IBM, Oracle, Teradata, and EMC (Greenplum). Redshift …
Jack Clark, 15 Feb 2013

Hungry investors sink $30m into cohabiting silo crew DataGravity

DataGravity, the data-furtling virtual-storage-tier startup led by EqualLogic execs co-founder Paula Long and John Joseph, has trousered another $30m in B-round venture funding. This comes just seven months after we learned of its existence and a $12m seed funding round. Not bad, not bad at all. The premise of DataGravity is …
Chris Mellor, 30 Jan 2013
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EMC mashes up big data, clouds, coders into SECRET crack team

The rumor mill has been buzzing that EMC and its virtualization and cloud minion VMware and its much smaller big data and programming sidekick Greenplum would be mashed up into some kind of new company group. And it turns out the rumors were right. In a blog post from Terry Anderson, vice-president of corporate communications …

EMC mixes database upstart into its Greenplum pudding

EMC has snapped up Israeli database control and monitoring software MoreVRP, and will integrate it into its Greenplum big data offering. The product was developed by privately held More IT Resources, and EMC has bought the company for an undisclosed amount. More IT Resources was founded in 2006 and VRP stands for Virtual …
Chris Mellor, 3 Dec 2012
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Greenplum opens up Big Data control freak: Chorus for all of us

Hadoop World As promised, the Greenplum Big Data subsidiary of IT conglomerate EMC is opening up the Chorus control freak that it created to span the Greenplum data warehousing database and its two implementations of the Hadoop Big Data muncher. At the Hadoop World extravaganza in New York, Greenplum is taking the wraps off the OpenChorus …

Speaking in Tech: Did Yahoo! suddenly get ... interesting?

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Host Greg Knieriemen – sans trusty sidekicks Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela – brings you a piping hot, brand spanking-new podcast wrapping up all the latest in enterprise tech in an easy-to-digest chat with a squirt of social media, lettuce optional. This week he chats to …
Team Register, 18 Jul 2012
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Big names unleash 1,000-node Hadoop stampede

Hadoop, the distributed big-data processing system named after a toy elephant, now has a group of suppliers behind it. The tech giants are collectively aiming to develop the popular big data beast with a 1,000 node cluster – dubbed the Analytics Workbench – as a laboratory. EMC's Greenplum, Intel, Mellanox Technologies, Micron …
Chris Mellor, 22 May 2012

EMC wants to be the Linux of big data

To broaden its reach in the big-data arena, disk-array maker EMC's Greenplum division, which peddles data warehousing and Hadoop appliances and software, announced that it will open source its Chorus management and collaboration tools. EMC also has acquired Pivotal Labs, experts in agile programming, to help it build better big- …
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EMC cranks Greenplum database to 4.2

Big data is not just a problem because it is big, but because it keeps swelling. That goes as much for traditional data warehouses as it does for more modern Hadoop MapReduce data munchers. And with the latest update of its eponymous database, the Greenplum division of IT conglomerate EMC has made some tweaks to its homegrown …

Big data elephant mates with RainStor

RainStor, the deduping database supplier, is bringing its analytics engine and enterprise database to Hadoop, rather than bringing Hadoop data to its engine. Hadoop is becoming a standard for storing big data but most business intelligence analytics software – such as that pushed out by GreenPlum, Netezza and Teradata – does …
Chris Mellor, 16 Feb 2012
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EMC Greenplum Hadoop elephant straddles Cisco iron

Well, that took long enough. Cisco Systems and the Greenplum big data unit of server partner EMC have finally gotten together and put the Greenplum wares on Cisco's Unified Computing System servers. In a blog posting, Raghunath Nambiar, an architect at Cisco's Server Access and Virtualization Technology Group, reveals that the …
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Show us the big data money: Isilon gets Hadooped

EMC is betting big on big data analytics and has integrated the Hadoop filesystem into its Isilon scale-out filer offering and enabled its Greenplum analytics product to use Hadoop data. Hadoop is an object-style distributed and scalable open source filesystem (HDFS) implemented across a cluster of datanodes and a single …
Chris Mellor, 31 Jan 2012
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Greenplum previews unified Hadoop biz-intel stack

Upstart data-warehousing appliance maker Greenplum said on Wednesday that it is getting set to mash up its data-warehousing software with its OEMed distribution of the Hadoop big data muncher to create a single über data platform that it is logically calling the Unified Analytics platform. But what the company did not announce …
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Greenplum appliances swing both ways

The Greenplum data analytics unit of disk storage giant EMC is tweaking its Data Center Appliances, not only offering a more modular architecture and pricing scheme that lets companies start small and grow their analytics, but also allowing for the mixing of the Greenplum parallel database with Hadoop nodes within the same …
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Upstart MapR unveils 'next generation' Hadoop

Silicon Valley startup MapR has unveiled what it calls the "next generation" of Hadoop, revealing that this revamp of the open source distributed number-crunching platform drives the Hadoop appliance recently announced by EMC. According to MapR CEO and cofounder John Schroeder, the company has rebuilt Hadoop's storage system, …
Cade Metz, 26 May 2011

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