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DSolar's PV concentrator concept

Supercomputer water-cooling comes to solar power

Solar power outfit Airlight Energy has borrowed technology from the world of supercomputers to make its large-scale photovoltaic collectors more efficient, on the way heating water to get a second source of energy. As explained by the IEEE, the Swiss company has created a spin-off called Dsolar to develop its dish-style large- …

THIS ONE WEIRD CHIP cuts weight from data centre power bills

A Korean scientist whose CV includes 100 Gbps Ethernet for Finisar says he's created an extremely low-power 100 Gbps clock data recovery (CDR) chip to help cut data centre communications power consumption. As we all know, data centres are power gluttons. Build one as big as the NSA, and keeping it from catching fire is a …
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Hydro fuel-cell truck built by RMIT

A group of researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne has unveiled what they say is the country’s first truck to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Since road transport – including the outback monsters that terrified participants and followers alike in the recent solar challenge race – accounts for an estimated 20 percent of …

Sod-all for tech in Australian federal budget

Australia’s IT sector is once again disappointed at a federal budget that provides few big-ticket tech items. The IT&T sector remains nostalgic for a bygone era in which every federal budget scattered funds around in the form of industry development grants and subsidies designed to attract big-name high-tech manufacturing to …
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LG to cut greenhouse gas output by 4kg per handset

Green Tech LG is to use "eco-magnesium" in future mobile phones, ending the emission of some very nasty greenhouse gases in the process. Eco-magnesium is an alloy of the metal. LG said that "practically no" sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) is released during its production - not the case with the magnesium alloy LG is currently using. "The …
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Nokia rides you hard for power

Nokia will shortly launch a bicycle-powered recharging kit for its phones, providing free power as long as you can pedal at eight miles per hour. Not entirely free of course, you'll pay for it in food energy and tired leg muscles. The kit will be available around the world later this year, and consists of the familiar "bottle …
Bill Ray, 3 Jun 2010
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California's 'Zero Energy House' is actually massive fossil hog

In startling enviro-technology news, it has been reported that an ordinary 1950s house in California has been given a "green renovation" which has apparently made it a "Zero Energy House" and won its builders an award from the state government. Zenergy Prototype House exterior. Credit: REAS Not some nasty cold, dark hut for …
Lewis Page, 28 Apr 2010
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Added green burden could ground flying cars for good

Analysis Regular readers of the Reg will be familiar with the many obstacles that lie between us and our long-desired flying cars. Unfortunately, rather than any boxes being ticked off on the checklist, it rather appears as though yet another has been added. More and more, people seem to expect their already difficult enough flying car …
Lewis Page, 4 May 2008
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VCs navigate cash vs. carnage scenario with green tech

Over the past four years, venture capitalists have tossed huge amounts of cash at "green-tech" startups. The green, er, field has become saturated with speculative funding, rivaling even the two mainstays of Valley vulture capitalists: IT and life sciences. What was once the domain of well meaning, but ultimately dirt poor …
Austin Modine, 1 Feb 2008

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