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Don't throw away those eclipse glasses! Send 'em to South America

On Monday, millions of Americans watched nature's ballet play out across the Sun (excluding those of us in San Francisco, where we were fogged in). Now an appeal is going out for used glasses to be donated to charity. Astronomers Without Borders is asking people who bought proper (not rip-off) eclipse viewers to send them in …
Iain Thomson, 23 Aug 2017
Stays stable on the nose

Hey, glassholes: Google patents movement-sensing, shape-shifting specs

Keeping your glasses on the bridge of your nose as you move around is a problem for which Google has a solution. The Chocolate Factory has filed a patent for glasses which mechanically alter their shape. Much like peril-sensitive sunglasses, they monitor what you are doing and react. Unfortunately this isn't a reaction to …
Simon Rockman, 15 Sep 2015
Contact lens telescope

Wink if you want to see more of me, say Swiss boffins

Two years ago scientists from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) demoed a contact lens with a telescope built in, and they've now refined the prototype to allow the user to control its functions with the wink of an eye. "We think these lenses hold a lot of promise for low vision and age-related macular …
Iain Thomson, 14 Feb 2015

Sony looks at unpopular Google Glass, shouts 'ME TOO!'

Sony has unveiled a headset display that snaps on to a pair of glasses a la Google Glass. The entertainment giant said its Single-Lens Display Module projects images and information into the wearer's vision on one side of the specs. The hardware will sport a 640 x 400-pixel color display with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and …
Shaun Nichols, 17 Dec 2014
Samsung logo

Samsung patent points to hi-tech glasses project

Samsung is the latest technology giant to jump on the hi-tech spectacles bandwagon, with a patent was filed in Korea this month revealing designs for a pair of “sports glasses”. The electro-specs are hooked up to the user’s smartphone and display alerts for information running on the phone, according to the Wall Street Journal …
Phil Muncaster, 25 Oct 2013
The Register breaking news

Microsoft applies for patent for 'Google Goggles'-type AR specs

Microsoft has applied for a patent for its very own Google Goggles-alike Terminator-style tech, which will slap facts and figures over everything you see. Microsoft's propose "head-mounted display" Redmond's idea is for "a head mounted display with supplemental information when viewing a live event …

Japanese cellco drops veil on futuristic hands-free video phone

Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo has unveiled a pair of hi-tech video phone glasses which could finally answer the problem of dodgy web cam video calls. The hands-free specs contain six 180 degree, 720p cameras which capture the user’s face live before altering your mug in real-time to take account of close-up distortion …
Phil Muncaster, 10 Oct 2012
The Register breaking news

First, Google goggles - now the world gets self-censoring specs

The Committee for Purity in the Camp is reportedly selling spectacles that deliberately blur vision, leading wearers not into temptation. The glasses are, apparently, on sale in the more orthodox Jewish sections of Israel, for £25 or only a fiver for stickers one can attach to ones existing specs. The idea is to blur anything …
Bill Ray, 14 Aug 2012

Oakley: 'smart' sunglasses ready to shine

Sunglasses manufacturer Oakley reckons the time is ripe for 'smart glasses', and has revealed its own R&D efforts in specs technology, which could see it compete with Google's Project Glass in the not-too-distant future. "As an organisation, we’ve been chasing this beast since 1997,” said Oakley CEO Colin Baden in an interview …
Caleb Cox, 18 Apr 2012
Samsing SSG-2100AB

Hardware hacker knocks up own Google AR glasses

Google may have a pair of augmented reality goggles in the works but without an ETA, hardware hackers are already growing inpatient. One AR enthusiast has refused to wait and put together his own impressive DIY version of the hi-tech specs. DIY Project Glass by Will Powell Designer Will Powell created his own take on the …
Caleb Cox, 11 Apr 2012
The Register breaking news

Profiteers cash in on Steve Jobs' signature glasses

In the latest example of the tsunami of adulation that has followed Steve Jobs' untimely death – and the latest reminder that there's a dollar to be made from every tragedy – the eyeglasses worn by the Apple cofounder on the cover of Walter Isaacson's biography are flying off store shelves. As reported by The Wall Street …
Rik Myslewski, 4 Nov 2011
Sony HMZ-T1 3D headset

Sony's 3D VR goggles will empty your wallet

Sony's head-mounted vision goggles will hit UK shelves this December at the whopping price of £800. The HMZ-T1, which we first saw at CES 2011, apparently gives users a full 3D experience, packing 5.1 surround sound headphones and two 1280 x 720 OLED screens. According to Sony, it's like watching a 750in screen from a 20m …
Caleb Cox, 21 Oct 2011
2D Glasses

Movie-goer punts 3D-to-2D cinema specs

Are you regularly forced to sit through 3D kids' flicks in the cinema, generating inevitable headaches and eyestrain, powerless to do anything except hide behind your popcorn and cower at the daunting visuals? Next time you're dragged into such a situation, bring a pair of these along and convert films back to their regular …
Caleb Cox, 6 Jun 2011

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