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Force10 cranks Ethernet switches to 40 Gigabits

The race to sell 40 Gigabit Ethernet switches for data center backbones and high-speed networks has begun, and Force10 Networks is getting out there early to stake its claims. The company is announcing the Z9000 distributed core switch, which tops out at 40Gb/sec speeds but also supports a large number of 10Gb/sec ports if …
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Force10 cranks rack and core switches to 40GbE

Force10 Networks said back in the spring that it wanted to be in the pole position as the Ethernet switch racket ratcheted up to 40 gigabits per second. On Tuesday, the company makes good on that promise. The new top-of-rack and core Ethernet switches buzzing along at 40GbE speeds should make bandwidth-constrained and latency- …

Force10 adds rack-topping Gigabit switch

Force10 Networks has been flattening out and speeding up networks since its was founded over a decade ago, and today it is fleshing out its product line with a server virtualization–friendly top-of-rack Gigabit Ethernet switch called the S60. There are plenty of Gigabit Ethernet switches out there, but Steve Garrison, vice …

HP-Cisco split allows competitors to pick up pieces

Fighting is ongoing in the aftermath of Cisco stripping HP of its favoured partner status. We even heard, inaccurately as it happened, that HP has discontinued the Cisco switch for the C series blade chassis. Support of Cisco gear in HP accounts is an opportunity as far as Comtek is concerned. It provides IT repair services …
Chris Mellor, 24 Feb 2010

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