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IBM launches zEnterprise 196 'data center in a box'

IBM has launched its next-generation System z mainframe, the zEnterprise 196. Now we will get to find out, in the next few quarters or so, if the mainframe business still has some legs and can grow or the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009 has permanently knocked it down a peg or two. At the launch event today in New York, IBM's …
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Much ado about IBM's mainframe monopoly

Comment The business and trade press has been abuzz with the news that the US Department of Justice had opened up an investigation of IBM's monopolistic practices with regard to the mainframe market. While it is always a welcome sight to see the DoJ at least interested in making sure monopoly power is not abused, it is a little late …

IBM general managers play musical chairs

ComputerWire logo IBM chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano is starting to move around the captains of various business units, writes Timothy Prickett Morgan. Last week, Al Zollar, who has been general manager of the Lotus unit within Software Group, was tapped as general manager of the MidMarket Server Division within IBM's Server …
ComputerWire, 10 Jan 2003

IBM fights Fast400 with OS/400 small print

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence For months now, IBM's OS/400 systems programmers have been playing a game of cat and mouse trying to defeat the Fast400 green-screen governor buster program that helps 5250 applications get around artificial performance barriers imposed on AS/400 and iSeries hardware, Timothy Prickett …
ComputerWire, 06 Jun 2002