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Vital fair use copyright defense lands – thanks to warring YouTubers

Analysis The fair use of copyrighted video content has been upheld in an important legal battle in America between two YouTubers. Ethan and Hila Klein were sued last year by Matt Hosseinzadeh over a video in which they mocked his "Bold Guy" persona and his "Cringe-tube" videos where he wins over attractive one-dimensional women by …
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Aug 2017

Read our lips, no more EU roaming charges*

The European Commission will draw up rules to help mobile network operators set limits on the amount of roaming they will allow their customers to engage in before they can apply charges to the activity, the EU's Council of Ministers has said. The Council has formally approved new EU rules that will generally bring an end to …
OUT-LAW.COM, 5 Oct 2015

DMCA takedown bots must respect 'fair use' of copyright – US appeals court

The concept of "fair use" of copyrighted images and music has been given a big boost in a decision this week by the California Appeals Court (Ninth Circuit). The court ruled that music and film companies need to take into account whether their material is being used legally before issuing DMCA takedown notices. In doing so, …
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Sep 2015
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Why are scribes crying just 'cos Google copied their books? asks judge

A US Appeals Court has suggested that authors suing Google should be pleased that the advertising giant is scanning millions of books and putting them online for all. A lawsuit to halt the tome digitising effort, brought by the Authors Guild and groups representing photographers and graphic artists, is up before the lofty …
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Republicans deny Hollywood pressure to pull copyright proposal

The Republican Study Committee, an influential caucus made up of members of the US House of Representatives, has denied pulling a policy paper calling for a reform of the existing patent system under pressure from lobbyists. The policy paper, entitled Three Myths about Copyright Law and Where to Start to Fix it, looked at …
Iain Thomson, 19 Nov 2012
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Hooper's copyright hubs - could be a big British win with BBC backing

Analysis A British copyright swap-shop may turn out to be one of the coalition government's unexpected success stories. The notion of an industry-funded and industry-led "Digital Copyright Exchange", now called a "Copyright Hub", was recommended by Prof Ian Hargreaves in Number 10's "Google Review" of intellectual property, and is …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jul 2012

Partial victory for Oracle in Java case

After deliberating over the weekend, the jury in the Oracle v. Google Java-copyright trial has returned a partial victory for Larry Ellison's crew. The jury found for Oracle in agreeing on the initial question: that Google did infringe on Oracle's copyright with the use of 37 APIs in Andorid, including nine lines of software …
Iain Thomson, 7 May 2012
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Digital copyright: Not much action, lots of talking shops

Games, music and movie industries are putting a brave face on this week's deluge of official IP announcements, while anti-copyright campaigners will be delighted a chunk of legislation passed by elected MPs has been struck down by a quango. Britain's permanent government, our bureaucracy, has dug its heels in and managed to …
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Hargreaves review 'to bring in digital rights clearing house'

Strategic leaks from the ongoing review of the UK's copyright law suggest Ian Hargreaves' team will establish a new intermediary agency he hopes will speed up digital licensing. The review was announced by PM David Cameron last October and surprised the Intellectual Property Office. Cameron said he wanted to reform UK IP laws …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 May 2011
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Google infringes copyright by displaying and linking to news site content

A Belgian appeals court has upheld an earlier ruling that Google infringes on newspapers' copyright when its services display and link to content from newspaper websites, according to press reports. The search engine giant is responsible for infringing the copyrights of the papers when it links to the sites or copies sections …
OUT-LAW.COM, 11 May 2011
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No court order against PlayStation hackers for now

A San Francisco federal judge declined to order New Jersey-based hacker Geohot to turn over the technology he used to root the PlayStation 3, saying she doubted Geohot was subject to her court's authority. The move by US District Judge Susan Illston on Friday was a blow to Sony, which argued that the 21-year-old hacker, whose …
Dan Goodin, 14 Jan 2011
Mobile Broadband - T-Mobile

T-Mobile imposes swingeing cuts on fair use data limits

T-Mobile UK is cutting "fair use" data limits on Feb 1 from up to 3GB to 500MB and has sparked furious complaints from customers, who were told by text today of the move. T-Mobile customers on "unlimited" Android monthly data contracts who contacted The Reg were particularly aggrieved. Most were aware that the fair use policy …
Caleb Cox, 10 Jan 2011
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Xbox modder can't claim fair use, says judge

A California man facing criminal charges for modifying his Xbox 360 will not be allowed to use fair use grounds to defend himself at a trial scheduled for next week, the judge hearing the case said in a ruling that could have profound consequences for other hardware hackers. Matthew Crippen of Anaheim, California, was arrested …
Dan Goodin, 24 Nov 2010

Judge blames RealNetworks for DVD-ripping ban

A US district judge has rejected RealNetworks' argument that Hollywood studios illegally joined forces to block the sale of its DVD-duplicating software, RealDVD. On Friday, judge Marilyn Patel in California dismissed Real's antitrust claims, saying the preliminary injunction against distributing the DVD copying software still …
Austin Modine, 12 Jan 2010
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Judge rebukes copyright enforcer in ringtone case

A federal judge has handed cellular carriers a decisive victory, ruling that they don't have to pay public performance licensing fees for the ringtones they sell to customers. If upheld, the decision by US District Judge Denise Cote of the Southern District of New York means Verizon Wireless won't have to pay millions of …
Dan Goodin, 16 Oct 2009
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P2P Judge: File sharing ain't fair use

In a damning indictment of the competence of Harvard Law School's Berkman Centre, a Judge has thrown out the main defence argument of P2P file sharer Joel Tenenbaum before the trial has even begun. What's noteworthy here is that Judge Nancy Gertner is an activist liberal judge and blogger who is openly hostile to record …
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jul 2009
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Judge approves AP's online news copying suit

The Associated Press can proceed with a copyright infringement lawsuit against an online news aggregation service after a federal judge ruled a century-old US Supreme Court ruling applies to the internet. In a ruling issued Tuesday, US District Judge Kevin Castel shot down arguments that the so-called "hot news doctrine" did …
Dan Goodin, 19 Feb 2009
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Watchdog eyes copyright safety for iPhones, YouTube

A landmark exemption to US copyright law allowing Americans to unlock their cell phones should be strengthened to prevent trampling on the right of companies that recycle and refurbish handsets, their attorney told the Librarian of Congress Tuesday. The exemption would apply to a provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright …
Dan Goodin, 3 Dec 2008

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