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Venus BELCHES solar wind in shock weather explosion

ESA's Venus Express spacecraft has spotted the planet blowing back million-mile-per-hour solar winds in weather explosions similar to what happens outside Earth's magnetic shield. Solar winds bombard the Earth every day, but the torrential gales are stopped about 44,000 miles away from the planet when they hit the magnetic …

Blast at Apple gear factory hurts 61

An explosion at an Apple supplier's factory injured 61 workers and put 23 of them in hospital. The blast shook a Ri Teng Computer Accessory plant in Songjiang in Shanghai at 3pm on 17 December, according to a filing with the Taiwan stock exchange by Ri Teng parent Pegatron. "While the cause of the explosion is under …
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San Diego Baywatch rules out exploding dead whale

A dead beached whale in San Diego is going to be sticking around for another few days as authorities wait for better tides to help them shift the 50-foot (15m) cetacean. The fin whale, which was discovered on Saturday at 2pm local time by workers from the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant, probably won't be shifted until …
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Robot cop tackles mystery tinfoil poo-bomb bandit

Toronto residents were hastily evacuated from homes and businesses in the city yesterday as police feared that tinfoil-wrapped packages of human excrement found beneath a car might explode, flattening an entire neighbourhood in a devastating poo-based blast horror incident of some type. Understandably reluctant to tackle the …
Lewis Page, 3 Nov 2011

Foxconn reports $17.6m 1st-half loss as robot legion grows

Foxconn International, which makes components for Apple, Motorola Mobility and Nokia products, has seen considerably reduced first-half losses this year, though its outlook is still uncertain. The unit of Taiwanese electronic components conglomerate Foxconn Technology Group reported an unaudited loss of $17.6m, compared to a …
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Rogue software consultant's vast stash of DIY explosives

A software consultant in California has been sentenced to 30 years in federal prison after he embarked on a spree of armed bank robberies and amassed a huge stockpile of homemade explosives at his home, residues from which blew up and injured a local gardener and necessitated the total destruction of the building on grounds of …
Lewis Page, 15 Jun 2011
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Foxconn closes iPad factory after explosion deaths

Part of a Foxconn factory that produces Apple's iPad device has been closed, after three workers at the plant were killed in an explosion blamed on combustible dust in a duct last Friday. According to Reuters, the manufacturer's parent company Hon Hai Precision said in a stock exchange filing that it had temporarily shut down …
Team Register, 24 May 2011
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National Grid blames BT for gas explosion

National Grid is blaming dodgy building work by BT for a gas explosion in Shrewsbury that injured 12 people, according to a report. The BBC said it has seen legal correspondence from National Grid's solicitors that names the cause of a crack in a gas main at a town centre junction as a concrete "chamber", constructed on top by …
Team Register, 27 Sep 2010
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'Rock star' spewed guts after emitting vast pearl necklace

The equivalent of a "rock star", having lived a "fast, flashy life and died young" apparently exploded with unimaginable violence in the year 161,000 BC and spewed "guts" across an enormous area. The exploding prehistoric luminary had previously ejected a "string of pearls", according to investigating boffins. The 'String of …
Lewis Page, 3 Sep 2010
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Outrageous new means of megastar demise spotted

Most big old stars at the end of their lives tend to go out in a fairly mundane way - either exploding with incredible violence as supernovae, or collapsing into ultradense universe-warping unfeasiblo-gunge as a black hole. But now astronomers say they have seen evidence of a long-hypothesised third path for a large star; that …
Lewis Page, 5 Jan 2010
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Bumbling NJ firemen, cops blown up in 'huge fireball'

Firemen and police officers in New Jersey blew themselves up last week in an "orange mushroom cloud of fire and debris" which created a "deafening boom felt miles away". The unfortunate public-safety operatives had been attempting to light a bonfire at a high-school rally. According to the South Jersey Courier-Post, kids at …
Lewis Page, 30 Nov 2009
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Airbed-fixing German blows up mattress flat

Some light airbed-fixing DIY ended badly for a Düsseldorf man when he blew up his flat instead of the inflatable mattress he was attempting to fix. According to Spiegel, the 45-year-old patched the leaky bed earlier this week with some "tyre solvent", and left it overnight. The next day, a spark from the mattress's electric …
Lester Haines, 16 Jul 2009
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DHS tests bomb-proof CCTV by blowing up bus

Depressing news for extremist privacy lovers today: a cheap CCTV camera which can reliably survive a large bomb explosion with video recordings intact has been developed. It's no longer possible to cover one's tracks by simply blowing everything up. News of the new cheapo bombproof surveillance cams comes to us courtesy of - …
Lewis Page, 1 May 2009
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Exploding mobile phone kills Chinese man

A Chinese man was reportedly killed at a computer shop last Friday after the cell phone in his chest pocket exploded, severing a major artery in his neck and leading to massive blood loss. According to local news reports, the man worked as a shop assistant at the store. An employee at a neighboring 7-11 convenience store told …
Austin Modine, 3 Feb 2009
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Ares I manned rocket section explodes in testing

NASA has announced a successful test related to its new Ares I astronaut-carrying rocket, the planned successor to the space shuttle. A key part of the structure, critical to safe parachute recovery of the discarded first stage, successfully blew itself up last week during a trial on the ground in Utah. The Ares I/Orion stack …
Lewis Page, 2 Feb 2009

HP's answer to the information explosion - more information

HP mounted an information explosion round table in London on Tuesday, saying there needs to more attention paid to information management, that paper documents should be digitally captured, and that unstructured information put in archives where better use can be made of it. The pitch is that the quantity of digital …
Chris Mellor, 6 Nov 2008
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Mobile broadband: What's it for?

In the next few weeks (hint: CTIA is in three weeks) I'm expecting mobile operators to be offered a new tool, which will allow them to work out what on earth their mobile broadband customers are doing. The mystery, however, is not "what is this tool, Guy?" - all will become clear quite quickly. What is mysterious is the answer …
Guy Kewney, 26 Aug 2008
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YouTube pros cash in on deaths with fake vids

Last Sunday morning in Toronto there was a huge explosion at a propane storage depot which resulted in two deaths and 12,000 people being evacuated. The dramatic mushroom-shaped fireball lit up the night sky and was filmed by several Toronto residents. A search on YouTube finds over 300 videos of the explosion. So far, so Web …
John Oates, 20 Aug 2008

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