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Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in Sleeper

The Emissionary Position: screwing the motorist the European way

Feature Everyone has heard about the diesel emissions scandal surrounding Volkswagen, but finding out what really went wrong and who is to blame is not so clear cut. John Watkinson considers the culprits: mechanical, political and virtual. Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in Sleeper Wait! Don't give your filthy VW the push, the trail …
John Watkinson, 11 Oct 2015

Buy a Tesla for the good of Australia, say country's dino-burners

Australia's energy industry, overwhelmingly dominated by the burning of dinosaurs, has decided the country needs more electric vehicles (EVs). Facing something of a crisis in demand, with renewables (particularly solar power) severely denting the lavish margins wholesalers formerly expected during daytime peaks, the Energy …
Johnny Cab

Robo-taxis, what are they good for? Er, the environment and traffic

Taxi firms that move from human drivers of gas-powered cabs to automated electric taxis could cut vehicle emissions by over 90 per cent, according to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Most of these emission cuts come from shifting from oil power to electric, but the study found that autonomous taxi services …
Iain Thomson, 7 Jul 2015
Nissan Leaf

Tesla, Nissan, BMW mull all-for-plug, plug-for-all electrocar charger plan

Three of the biggest electric carmakers are thinking of teaming up on charging networks for their e-vehicles, according to reports. Now that Tesla has said its keen to share patents with its rivals in a bid to improve the popularity of e-cars, Nissan and BMW want to work with the firm on charging, folks whispered to the …
Edward Snowden's asylum documents. Source: RT

Chinese firm applies for 'Edward Snowden' trademark

A Chinese electric vehicle (EV) company has made a bold attempt to cash in on the publicity surrounding PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden by filing an application to register his name as a trademark. Beijing-based Hong Yuan Lan Xiang (HYLX) wants to register the name in both Chinese and English for its “top secret …
Phil Muncaster, 21 Aug 2013
Renault Fluence

Electric cars stall in USA, Australia

Better Place, the electric car outfit founded by spurned SAP CEO aspirant Shai Agassi, has walked away from projects in the USA and Australia, to “focus on delivering on its strategy in Denmark and Israel, where the complete infrastructure is in place and commercial operations are fully underway,” Better Place's electric car …
The Register breaking news

Japanese boffins demo EV on-the-move charging

Electric vehicles have two problems: to make them “zero emission”, they need to be recharged from “clean” sources; and range remains a challenge. A Japanese proposal would, if it worked, address the second – but probably exacerbate the first. A team from the Toyohashi University of Technology has demonstrated an electric field …
The Register breaking news

E-cars: unaffordable until 2030 (or later)

It'll take at least 20 years for electric cars to become an economic alternative to the gas-guzzling variety, according to a new study. The total cost of ownership (TCO) for hybrids and pure electrics will stay high for the next two decades – despite soaring fuel prices – because of their hefty price tag, consultancy Element …
The Register breaking news

Fort Knox military cops disgusted with solar patrol carts

US military police stationed at Fort Knox, home among other things to the United States Bullion Depository, are reportedly none too pleased at having to patrol in rather feeble solar-powered electric golf carts in line with Pentagon efforts to be more environmentally friendly. The solar powered patrol vehicle employed by the …
Lewis Page, 18 Aug 2011
Peugeot iOn e-car

Peugeot iOn e-car

Review Back in 2009, I took one of the first pre-production Mitsusbishi iMiEV’s in the UK for a spin. Spool forward to 2011 and you can now have the e-car with a Peugeot or Citroën badge on the nose. But there have been enough, albeit subtle, changes to warrant a another shufti. Peugeot iOn Peugeot's iOn: a familiar shape that …
Alun Taylor, 20 Jun 2011
Renault Twizy

Renault readies sub-£7000 e-car for Blighty

Renault is pledging to put an e-car on Britain's roads for as little as £6690. That total will undoubtedly have been calculated with the government's £5000 e-car purchase grant. Even so, it's still well below the five-figure price tag other e-cars, from the likes of Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Nissan, have been set at. There's a …
Tony Smith, 13 May 2011
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Hertz offers Londoners e-cars for hire

Hertz is to give the chance to hoon around London Town in an e-car for just four quid an hour. The catch: you have to join the rental company's Connect by Hertz pay-as-you-go club. Membership cost £50 a year even if you never drive one of the firm's cars. Hertz Connect iMiEV Eye-MiEV Sign up, though, and you can now hire …
Tony Smith, 15 Apr 2011
Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf electric car

First Look You'll either love the Nissan Leaf's look or hate it, but as the UK's first mass-market e-car - if you can call 500 or so vehicles, all pre-sold, a readily available product - it doesn't deserve ignoring for its Micra-on-the-rack exterior. Nissan Leaf New Leaf: the headlamp design reduces wing-mirror airflow noise, …
Tony Smith, 12 Apr 2011
The Register breaking news

Porsche punts e-car pre-orders

Porsche is now taking orders for its plug-in hybrid 918 Spyder sportscar, if you have €645,000 (£562,000) lying around. Porsche 918 Spyder That's before the extra 20 per cent George Osborne now makes you cough up, though he may, of course, give you five grand toward the cost of the vehicle, thanks to the government's e-car …
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2011
The Register breaking news

Tree-keen Toyota plans major e-car roll outs

Toyota is banking on a big jump in the price of oil: it said today that it plans to launch rather a lot of new e-cars by 2015. The strategy will see the Japanese car giant "expand [its] line of hybrid models, launching about ten more by 2015". "About ten", eh? Nice to see Toyota likes to be precise. In addition to the …
Tony Smith, 9 Mar 2011
Ford CEO Alan Mulally

Ford CEO talks up e-car future

Interview Ford's five-year e-car plan will see the motor maker's eco-friendly vehicles spring from its existing lines, not as new, bespoke designs, company CEO Alan Mulally has told Reg Hardware. Speaking one-on-one to Reg Hardware just ahead of his CeBit keynote yesterday, Mulally revealed that the battery powered members of Ford's C1 …
Alun Taylor, 2 Mar 2011
The Register breaking news

Australian utility evaluates EV charging kit

Queensland-based electricity utility Ergon Energy is seeking expressions of interest for companies to help it evaluate electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Earlier this month, US-based Portus announced that Ergon would run tests in the north Queensland city of Townsville to see how well Portus’s electric vehicle support …
Nissan Leaf

Britain takes delivery of first Nissan e-cars

The first batch of Nissan's Leaf battery powered e-car have arrived in Blighty. Not that our allocation is a large one - just 67 of the zero-emission motors, Nissan admitted. It said some 270,000 27,000 of the cars have been reserved by punters around the world The company describes the Leaf as "the world’s first affordable …
Tony Smith, 4 Feb 2011

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