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The view from the QE II conference centre

Less than four weeks till DevOps' finest assemble in London

Events There's just four weeks till we throw open the doors for Continuous Lifecycle London 2017, so if you want to enjoy three days of the best in DevOps, Containers, Agile, CD and more, act now. We've got a fantastic lineup of speakers and workshop leaders joining us at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre from 17-19 May. …
Team Register, 20 Apr 2017
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DevOps, Containers, and three days in May

Events If you want your software operation to keep up with the outside world, DevOps and Containerization must be on your agenda. Thankfully, both are at the top of the agenda for Continuous Lifecycle next month, giving you the chance to give both theory and tools a good going over, whether you’re just starting out, or already deep, …
Team Register, 12 Apr 2017
The view from the QE II conference centre

Continuous Lifecycle: Over 40 reasons to secure your place

Events If you’re asking yourself how to get your boss to sign off on your ticket for Continuous Lifecycle London in May, the answer is 42. That’s how many top notch speakers and workshop leaders we have confirmed on the programme right now. From our keynote speakers, through our conference presenters, to our workshop leaders, we’ve …
Team Register, 3 Apr 2017

DevOps hype? Sometimes a pizza really is just a pizza

Opinion Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Four friends are sitting on a sofa, and one says to the others, “I’m hungry, I want to learn how to make pizza.” The first friend responds: “90 per cent of my fiends who ate pizza in 2016 were 80 per cent less hungry.” The second: “I can make you pizza, 30 per cent quicker and 10 per …
John Clapham, 28 Mar 2017
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CoreOS Tectonic shift: Now you can run it on Azure and OpenStack

CoreOS is extending Tectonic, its enterprise Kubernetes platform, beyond Amazon Web Services and bare metal environments to run on Microsoft Azure and OpenStack cloud infrastructure. Mackenzie Burnett, head of product at CoreOS, in a phone interview with The Register, observed that while support for Azure and OpenStack is …
Thomas Claburn, 23 Mar 2017
Javascript photo via Shutterstock

JS package catalog npm frees its team software for open source devs

npm Inc, the company behind the Node.js package manager and command-line utility known by the same three letters, on Wednesday plans to make its developer collaboration tool known as Orgs free for open source projects. Those using npm to manage private packages still have to pay. "This lets us decouple the paid features from …
Thomas Claburn, 22 Mar 2017

Splunk and New Relic say they're now friends with benefits

Operations people are often quite fond of Splunk, because it gives them bucketloads of useful data about the performance of the kit they tend. Developers are often quite fond of New Relic, because it gives them bucketloads of useful data about the performance of the code they tend, and its impact on the user experience. So …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Mar 2017

Docker donates core container code to DevOps world's DMZ

As it promised in December, Docker has bestowed containerd, its core container runtime, upon the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, putting an important piece of container infrastructure under neutral governance. The open source software component – a "daemon" or automated process – controls runC, the container runtime that …
Thomas Claburn, 15 Mar 2017
Containers photo via Shutterstock

Intel's Clear Containers creep toward being useful: Now plays nicer with Docker, Kubernetes

Intel has tweaked its Clear Containers software so that it is compatible with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes orchestration. Virtual machines, governed by a hypervisor, enforce data isolation in hardware; containers, while less secure, can be launched and deployed faster and offer flexibility in terms of portability across …
Thomas Claburn, 14 Mar 2017

Wow, did you see what happened to Veracode? Oh no, no, it's not dead. It's been bought by CA

Investors in the cloudy app security biz Veracode are going to be celebrating after CA Technologies agreed to buy it up for $614m in cash. CA announced the buy on Monday and said that it wanted to add Veracode's application security testing to its security lineup and devops business, as well as keeping its cloud apps more …
Iain Thomson, 7 Mar 2017
Continuous Lifecycle London 2016 logo

Continuous Lifecycle: Final Countdown for early bird tickets

The clock is ticking on our early bird offer for Continuous Lifecycle, our three-day dive into all things DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Containers. You’ve got until Sunday to save hundreds of pounds on both our two day conference programme on May 17-18, and our day three lineup of all-day workshops, all of which happens at …
Team Register, 6 Mar 2017
Docker CTO Solomon Hykes

Docker looks big biz in the eye: It's not you, it's EE – Enterprise Edition

Docker has extended its product line by adding two E's, for Enterprise Edition, a version of its container software tuned to the demands of businesses. Docker EE takes the firm's container runtime, mixes it with orchestration (managing clustering and scheduling), security, and administrative tools, then wraps it up in images …
The view from the QE II conference centre

Continuous Lifecycle: Early bird tickets ready to fly

You’ve got less than two weeks to snag early bird tickets for Continuous Lifecycle London and save yourself a packet on three days of the best in DevOps, Containers, Continuous Delivery and Agile. There are savings on both the conference sessions on May 17 and 18 and for the all-day workshops on May 19, all of which take place …
Team Register, 28 Feb 2017

Big Blue's big blunder: IBM accidentally hands over root access to its data science servers

IBM left private keys to the Docker host environment in its Data Science Experience service inside freely available containers. This potentially granted the cloud service's users root access to the underlying container-hosting machines – and potentially to other machines in Big Blue's Spark computing cluster. Effectively, Big …
Thomas Claburn, 21 Feb 2017
Linus Torvalds at Open Source Leadership Summit

Talk of tech innovation is bullsh*t. Shut up and get the work done – says Linus Torvalds

OSLS Linus Torvalds believes the technology industry's celebration of innovation is smug, self-congratulatory, and self-serving. The term of art he used was more blunt: "The innovation the industry talks about so much is bullshit," he said. "Anybody can innovate. Don't do this big 'think different'... screw that. It's meaningless. …
Thomas Claburn, 15 Feb 2017
Binary data/big data conceptual illustration. Illustration via Shutterstock

With nearly 1m users on its books, DigitalOcean touts load balancers

DigitalOcean on Tuesday plans to begin offering load balancers to help its customers distribute online traffic across their infrastructure, at a cost of $20 per month. Load balancers ensure that DigitalOcean servers can handle surges of online traffic and represent an essential safety mechanism for online businesses. They …
Thomas Claburn, 14 Feb 2017

Clusters f**ked: Insecure Hadoop file systems wiped by miscreants

Administrators of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) clusters have evidently not heeded warnings that surfaced last month about securing software with insecure default settings. Attacks on Hadoop clusters have wiped the data of at least 165 installations, according to GDI Foundation security researchers Victor Gevers, Niall …
Iron Man image

Docker polices secrets, in Iron Man suit no less

Secrets management can present problems for those working in containerized environments. Storing secrets – API keys, SSH keys, TLS certificates and other sensitive data used for authentication and authorization – within a container image may be the path of least resistance but doing so is insecure. Anyone with access to the …

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